November 25, 2021 



Early in the week, the cosmos could shake up your professional path in a meaningful way. You might want to make a play for more responsibility or recognition, feel empowered to lay out all your cards with higher-ups, or be tapped to take on a major project. The spotlight will be yours! Later in the week, you could reconnect with loved ones you haven’t bonded with in a while, have a family reunion, or revisit emotional issues now so that you can work together to find a healing path forward. The key is tuning in to your heart and then expressing yourself genuinely. 




Although you’re a creature of habit, you might have a burning desire to get out of your comfort zone and take a bold leap of faith, perhaps in regard to your career or a major personal goal early in the week. Given the intensity of the moment, you could feel a bit nervous about what the future holds once you make this daunting move. But as long as it feels right intuitively, you can rest assured that you’re on track. Later in the week, you might have to contend with confusion when working with colleagues and or relating to your friends or romantic interest. Patience preempts any stress.




As the week begins, you’ll be considering issues of give-and-take within your closest relationships. You might also have to discuss difficult joint money concerns. You’ll do well to express your needs, while respecting a loved one’s need to express theirs. Later in the week is an ideal time to brainstorm and let your imagination run wild. There’s no limit to the colorful, unique, and potentially lucrative ideas that you can come up with now. Given the social energy of the moment, sharing them with colleagues can make for even greater rewards. 




Facing critical issues with your significant other, business partner, or a close friend could feel imperative at the beginning of the week. You’d do well to open up about how you really feel, then see how you can find a balance between your needs and theirs. Later, the cosmos signals a sweet time for romance and relaxation. If you find yourself getting swept up in your daydreams, planning a trip, or thinking about another eye-opening experience you can enjoy with someone you care about, there’s no reason to rein it in! 




Facing a harsh reality related to your wellness and coming up with a realistic game plan that you can implement into every day life may be necessary at the start of the week. If you haven’t been putting your nose to the grindstone to work out, eat clean, or prioritize self-care that bolsters your emotional well-being, you might be feeling a setback now. Thankfully, you’ll have the energy and focus to make significant, meaningful changes. Later in the week, it could be tough to see any progress on your personal goals. Tuning in to your intuition now can make for momentum down the road. 




Being tapped to take on a major creative project or finding yourself craving fun, magical, lighthearted time with someone special could very well be your focus early in the week. Either way, the moment calls for you to tap in to your natural ability to express yourself and open up about what’s in your heart. Later in the week is a prime time to reconnect with former colleagues, casual acquaintances, or dear friends. By catching up over happy hour or an impromptu phone call, you could muse about the past and even pinpoint promising ways to work together in the future. 




Early this week, you might have to address an ongoing emotional conflict with a loved one. Or you could find that it’s time to consider shaking things up with regard to your home, kicking off a major redecorating effort or even planning for a move. You can trust your gut to lead the way. Later, the cosmos could throw a wrench in ongoing professional endeavors and create confusion in communications with higher-ups. You might need to go back to the drawing board on a project you thought was completed. Doing your best to take it in stride can help you cope. 




You might be stressed if you feel like you’re not being heard in the way you’d ideally like to be early in the week. Check off all those minor chores on your to-do list so you can reflect on and take action on these big-picture questions. Later in the week, you're inspired to get carried away with one of your wildest fantasies. If you’ve wanted to hit the road with your significant other, dive into a bold, artistic project, or declare how you feel to a potential partner in a dramatic way, this is the perfect time to do it! 




At the start of the week, you could be reflecting on what you're willing to give in order to receive something of value (think in terms of your time for money or contending with power struggles in your work relationships). Zooming out and looking at the big picture helps you gain clarity. Later in the week, the cosmos requires that you take special care to express your desires to your partner or another someone special. You would also do well to go back over the details around your joint resources, getting reorganized and finding common ground on financial disagreements. Then you can both move forward in an even more rewarding way. 




At the beginning of the week, you could be feeling emotionally sensitive, especially when it comes to how others are perceiving you and other self-image-related issues. You’ll want to carve out time to prioritize self-care, maybe even putting other responsibilities on the back burner temporarily. Doing your best to think about the current situation in relation to your big-picture goals puts it all in perspective. Later, your focus turns to an unresolved conflict you may have with your significant other or a close friend or colleague. You’d do well to focus on compassionate solutions that serve you both in the short term and the long term.




At the beginning of the week, you could feel very strongly that you need to spend time decompressing from the stresses of everyday life. You could feel like you’ve been maxed out physically and emotionally, so a time-out for self-care is warranted. Later in the week, your attention could be drawn to areas of your wellness routine that could use bolstering. Whether you’ve been paying for a gym membership that you rarely use or you feel like it’s time to get back to the basics by upping your veggie and water intake, now is the time to take a microscope to the situation and address it in a creative, proactive way. 




Early in the week, you could be enlisted to work on a significant and meaningful group project. If there’s a way you can give back to your community through your work, so much the better! You’ll feel strongly that collaboration now can advance your own personal goals later. Later, you’ll be drawn even more than usual to fun, artistic activities and spontaneous, flirtatious dates. Events will have a way of playing out exactly as they’re meant to, as opposed to how you envision them, so going with the flow will be the best way to enjoy this magical time. 


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