December 02, 2021



At the start of the week, it will be easy to find yourself daydreaming of connecting with someone special or your dearest friends in a playful, lighthearted way. You’ll also be more driven than usual to various creative forms of self-expression. Go ahead and wear your heart on your sleeve, because it could set you up for emotionally fulfilling results. Later, you might feel distressed if your efforts on the job aren’t being properly recognized and you have to go back to the drawing board on a project. But getting through this rough patch will only make you stronger. 




Early this week, you’ll crave tranquil downtime with your loved ones more than usual. Doing whatever you can to set up and maintain a sense of comfort, security, and peacefulness in your home is your top priority, so give in to that urge to redecorate your family room or put work on the back burner for an evening in order to bond with family. You won’t regret it! Later, the cosmos could trigger confusion with colleagues, perhaps on a collaborative creative project. If you feel like you can’t trust the information at hand, wait until you have clarity before making a major move. 




At the week's start, you’ll want to connect with your significant other, a potential partner, or your closest friends on an intellectual level. Enjoying fun activities that stimulate your mind (like visiting a museum or reading a new novel) together can lay the groundwork for fulfilling this desire and bolstering your bond. Later, you might feel like it’s challenging to see eye to eye with an authority figure. At the same time, you might not feel like you’re seeing the situation clearly. Wait until the dust settles to draw a definitive conclusion.





At the start of the week, you’ll be primarily focused on stepping up your professional game and hitting financial goals. You’ll be especially motivated by the idea of bolstering security but also being able to afford specific material possessions or experiences (like a summer vacation) you’ve been dreaming about. Later in the week, you could feel overworked and, in turn, experience tension with a close colleague or your significant other. Doing your best to stick to the task at hand and avoid unproductive arguments can help you cope.




At the week's start, you’ll get a burst of energy that you can put toward hitting your most ambitious personal goals. There’s so much you feel ready to accomplish that the greatest danger is in potentially spreading yourself too thin, so make sure to prioritize. Later, the cosmos boosts your appetite for connecting with someone you care about. You’ll absolutely radiate from the inside out and find yourself daydreaming about treating yourself to anything from a spa day to a luxurious weekend trip. Go for it! Prioritizing activities you love, especially with your nearest and dearest, can make for sweet memories and bolstered bonds. 




If you’ve been feeling burned out by work and the daily grind, you’ll get an opportunity early this week to take a back seat and focus on resting, recovering, and, most importantly, meditating on where you’ve been and where you want to go from here. You can enjoy being in planning mode during this time, tuning into your intuition to guide your exact next steps. Later, you might feel like you’re speaking a different language than a close colleague. This could create frustration if you want to get ahead on a joint project, but hold off until you’re on the same page.




As the week starts, your calendar is bound to be even more packed than usual. From happy hours with colleagues to meetups with friends and even spontaneous plans with new connections, you’ll be the ultimate social butterfly. Take advantage by collaborating on a meaningful project, perhaps for charity. Later in the week is a wonderful time to open up to a special someone about how you feel. Trust what’s in your heart to help you find the right words. Your connection will be stronger for it! 




Early in the week, you're inspired to get even more imaginative with your approach to hitting your professional goals. At the same time, tapping in to your most self-expressive and creative instincts is what will help you get ahead now. The more unique vision you can present, the more likely you’ll be recognized by higher-ups. Later in the week, you could struggle to discern reality from false beliefs when it comes to your closest relationship. Do your best to be patient. You’ll gain much more clarity just around the corner. 




At the beginning of the week, you’ll feel like packing your bags and hitting the road or jetting off to an exotic destination. Although a vacation may not necessarily be in the cards, you’d do well to take advantage of any and all opportunities to broaden your horizons now because it can benefit your heart, soul, and mind. Later, the cosmos turns up the volume on your confidence to express how you feel to your significant other or a potential partner. The more playful and spontaneous you can be, the more of an impression you’re sure to make and the more memorable the experience will be for you both. 




Early in the week is an ideal time to connect with a colleague on a project that's close to your heart. You’ll have the power to put your unique vision into words and figure out how you can make it a reality as a team. If you’ve been wanting to connect on a deeper physical and emotional level with your romantic partner or a potential lover, you can anticipate even more steamy romance later in the week. Don’t shy away from sharing exactly what you’ve been dreaming of. Being confident and communicative can help get you in sync and satisfied.




At the start of the week, you’ll have a burning desire to connect with someone special, be it your significant other or a potential mate. Whether you’re working together on a shared goal or simply enjoying one another’s company, your efforts as a one-on-one team allow you to get ahead and can serve to strengthen your relationship in a heartwarming way. Later in the week, you could hit a wall on an artistic project on the job, perhaps due to a lack of concrete information. Wait for the dust to settle and more details to emerge and then you can pick it back up.




At the beginning of the week, you’ll feel more empowered to go after your boldest fitness goals. Whether you’ve wanted to try a new workout plan, check out a different class, or train for a race, you’ll have the wind at your sails to make it happen and keep it up! Later in the week, your efforts to have a meaningful conversation with a loved one could be thwarted by the sneaking feeling that you’re not grasping the truth of the matter or your perception is off. There’s no harm in taking a time-out until you feel more assured of your view. 

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