December 02, 2021

By Amanda Scurlock

Sports Writer


The Netflix series “Last Chance U: Basketball” will once again feature the East Los Angeles College (ELAC) men’s basketball team for a second season. Viewers get another chance to witness the dynamic coach John E. Mosley as he leads the second-best junior college program in the state.

“A lot of people got a chance to see what some of our student athletes are going through,” Mosley said. “What are some of the student athletes that are really, really good playing at the highest level.”

Mosley sees “Last Chance U: Basketball” as a means to elevate the stories of his student athletes and the issues they face while they contribute to the contending junior college basketball team.


As a devout Christian, Mosley attributes his success to a higher power and desired for their authentic story to be told.


“The core of everything I do, my purpose is for ministry,” Mosley said. “I say “Lord, I just allow you to do your work again.” I wouldn’t say yes unless that was my first intention.” 

One of the many players that were featured was Joe Hampton, a former division I prep athlete who missed out on an athletic scholarship to Penn State due to injuries. He also had run-ins with the law. Throughout the series, Hampton has emotional outbursts during games or in practice if he faces adversity. Mosley handled him with patience and understanding; his actions were also not a distraction to the team.



“I don’t have a problem with whatever baggage or issue any student has that wants to come,” Mosley said. “With [Hampton], what’s interesting is we saw him act out, we saw the way he was, but everybody loved him, they loved the player he was.”

Hampton has since earned a scholarship to Long Beach State University and recently led the team in scoring with 22 points in their 85-76 victory over Wright State.

Team captain Deshaun Highler competed while grappling with the loss of his mother. His efforts earned him a roster spot on the Sacramento State men’s basketball team. Former Westchester standout Kaelen “KJ” Allen found refuge at ELAC when he did not have the grades for a division I scholarship. He currently competes for the Texas Tech Red Raiders.

 Mosley, who was a dual-sport athlete at Washington Prep and a star point guard at ELAC, is understanding to the socioeconomic backgrounds of his players.

The docuseries also showed the lack of resources the basketball program was given. The ELAC men’s basketball team had not received new uniforms in five years, according to Mosley.

“The numbers are gonna stay the same for the most part at most community colleges,” Mosley said. “They don’t use athletics as a marketing plan.”

Because of the docuseries, ELAC received a donation of five new uniforms.

Since the airing of “Last Chance U: Basketball,” the players have earned a new level of fame and support.

The new Name, Image, and Likeness policy for college athletes also was an asset.

“Those guys have been able to benefit off of that,” Mosley said. “They were able to brand themselves and sell their brands which is unheard of at the junior college level.”

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