December 09, 2021



Early in the week, it's easier to connect with loved ones without feeling like you’re speaking two different languages. Apply any recent lessons you’ve learned around relating to one another in a healthier way. It can promote harmony. Later, it's a sweet time to plant seeds related to a heartfelt wish you want to see come to fruition. You’d do well to spend time meditating on your ideal lover or next relationship step. Then set an intention and take even a small step toward making it reality. 




At the start of the week, you could be inspired to throw a party, plan a weekend trip, or dream up another heartwarming opportunity to connect with beloved family members. While you’re interested in taking advantage of this mood, it’s also an ideal moment to bond with your nearest and dearest and set a whole new, loving tone. Later in the week, you could take a serious step with a significant other or dear friend, such as plan a long-distance trip or decide to move in together. 




At the beginning of the week, you should be able to see momentum on moneymaking projects that were recently stalled. Finding the time to go back over budget and cash flow details serves you well now too. Later, you're inspired to brainstorm and have other intellectually stimulating, productive conversations with friends and colleagues. Don’t be too quick to dismiss possible pitches as too wild or unrealistic. This is a wonderful time to take your boldest ideas seriously. Paired with just the right amount of self-confidence, they could result in a major win. 




As the week begins, you feel more focused and organized when it comes to making progress on personal goals, and perhaps you feel even more understood by friends and colleagues. Be sure to carve out time to reflect on the ways you’ve become more self-assured and focused in recent weeks despite how chaotic things may have felt at times. Later, you could feel growing excitement stemming from a potential job opportunity or investment strategy you’ve been researching. Double-check the facts before diving in, but know that if it feels right in your gut, you’d do well to make a significant move soon. It could truly pay off. 




At the week's start, you feel like the world's your oyster. Key is zeroing in on a bold, big-picture goal that you feel deeply about hitting. Once you have your intention in mind, map out a step-by-step plan. It makes it all seem more real, not to mention achievable. Later, you could be frustrated if you’re getting pushback on a creative idea on the job. You want to strike out on your own and stand up for your vision. As long as your heart tells you that it’s right, go for it! 




At the start of the week, you could feel like a weight has been lifted, and it’s easier to connect with just about everyone in your social circle from colleagues to best friends. Take advantage by diving into that group effort you’ve had on the back burner. If there’s a philanthropic aspect to the project, even better! Later, the cosmos fuels serious, loving conversations with a loved one or significant other. By being compassionate and diligent, you can tackle even the most challenging emotional situation now. 




When the week begins, if you had to put an ambitious project on hold or hit a variety of roadblocks while trying to get ahead on the job, you can now create momentum and experience less resistance. Apply patience and persistence and you could earn the recognition of the higher-ups. Later in the week, you’ll want to be musing about ways to reconnect with old friends and perhaps even make new ones. You’d do well to hold your goal in mind and then embrace your most social instincts. Throw a party or check out that class you want to take! 




Early in the week, you feel strongly that it’s time to take certain steps to advance your professional standing. Whether this means applying for a new opportunity, asking for more responsibility at your current gig, or striking out on your own, you have the confidence and vision to make whatever you’re dreaming of a reality. Believing in yourself is most of the battle now. Later, a friend or acquaintance could come to you for advice. By having an open dialogue, you’ll be able to share valuable words of wisdom while potentially learning and thing or two yourself. 




At the start of the week, you have an easier time connecting and discussing tough, emotional topics. Keep the conversation going, because it’s the key to growing even more in sync with loved ones. Later, you’ll be reflecting on ways you can hone your skill set to advance your career. Taking a class or a business trip could be exactly the kind of eye-opening, horizon-broadening experience you need to hit the ground running. 




At the week's start, it’s possible you’ve been struggling to connect with your significant other or a dear friend, missing one another’s calls or truly feeling like you’re not on the same page mentally. Thankfully, you can now experience more open lines of communication and enjoy the chance to tend to your bond. But you may very well want to shake things later in the week. Getting out of your comfort zone with someone special can help you feed a desire to strike out against routine.




When the week begins, you’ll finally be able to gain some momentum on your wellness routine. If you feel like you’ve been dealt a setback recently and struggled to keep up with your workouts, you’ll be able to dive back in feeling rested, rejuvenated, and ready to see concrete results. Later in the week, you’ll want to initiate positive changes in your closest relationships. Having a heart-to-heart talk with your significant other, a potential partner, or a dear friend could be the beginning of a meaningful, satisfying new chapter. 




Early in the week, the cosmos inspires you to spend time meditating on your current fitness and healthy eating plan. If it doesn’t feel like it’s exactly what you need right now, making small but significant changes should come easily and set you up to feel amazing in a more consistent way. Later in the week is a productive time for working with others on important projects that are close to your heart. Prioritize collaboration and promote the sense that everyone should feel free to share how they feel. It can set everyone up for a team win. 


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