December 16, 2021



You could find yourself feeling exceptionally curious, wanting to put your head down and learn as much as possible about a hobby or side hustle early in the week. This could also mean connecting with friends and colleagues, brainstorming, or answering nonstop flurries of e-mails and texts. Keeping busy and gathering as much information as possible now could pave the way for exciting collaborations down the road. Later, there are good chances for sharing special, peaceful, harmonious moments with loved ones. Make the most of this by planning a memorable family meal, which you can all pitch in to cook, or taking an evening walk with your partner or dear friend.  




At the start of the week, you’ll be stirred to make pragmatic moves around your finances, whether that means exploring new moneymaking opportunities and investigating potential earning opportunities. Research and action steps you take now could set the tone for growth down the road. Later, you're urged to reflect on aspects of your inner wiring and motivations that might be less than comfortable to look at. But getting clear on what drives you to seek power and, perhaps even more specifically, recognition can lead to a realization that could help you to move past old wounds and put an even more effective game plan in place.  




You’ll have your annual opportunity to meditate on new ways you’d like to present yourself and pursue your goals early in the week. Astral influences indicate that sudden opportunities could crop up. The more willing you are to get out of your comfort zone and broaden your horizons now, the greater the possibilities! Later, your tendency to daydream is strong, and you might want to brainstorm big-picture proposals. Just try to ground these ideas in pragmatism as much as possible and you could have a winning pitch. 




Early this week, you could be taking more time to yourself to practice deep breathing techniques, journal, take long walks around your neighborhood, and just generally look backward in order to move forward. This is a period of rest and reflection, but it’s not a total snoozefest, given that the realizations you come upon now could help inform power moves you’ll make down the road. Later, circumstances could require you to take a cold, hard look at the roots of your most intimate relationships. Insights can make for even more fulfillment.  




If you’ve been meaning to touch base with a higher-up about taking on more responsibility or send out a proposal that could allow you to take your professional path to the next level, you’ll do well to get the ball rolling early in the week. Later, it’s time to go beneath the surface of your ongoing health routines and figure out what’s really lighting a fire beneath you. If your motivations feel dark or off in some way, this period of time can be productive for pulling those weeds from your garden and planting new seeds that will allow you to transform yourself inside and out.




Connecting with new and old colleagues and friends is sure to be at the front of your mind early in the week. Vibrant, intellectual conversations could be happening more organically than usual, and you’ll be mapping out new ways to collaborate in order to achieve a common goal. Fostering these relationships can have you feeling truly supported. Later, trading information or brainstorming with a close colleague or significant other could lead to ambitious professional plans. Do your best not to take on more than what feels reasonable and legitimately manageable.  




You’ll be opening your eyes to exciting opportunities to hone your skillset and advance your career at the beginning of the week. Whether that looks like a retreat or a class you can take online, welcoming new experiences and information and shaking off tried-and-true routines can prove enlightening. Later, you'll want to reflect on the underbelly of your most intimate love relationships and what brings you pleasure. If you’ve been suppressing your needs or spending time on a problematic romance, it could be time to switch gears on behalf of your emotional well-being. Give yourself time to reflect, then make your move.  




You could be compelled to connect with your significant other or loved ones on a more spiritual level at the start of the week. Opening up about your most heartfelt emotions and having what might feel like at times challenging conversations about the deep-rooted dynamics could ultimately help you take your bond to the next level. Later, look once more at the foundation of your most intimate relationships and the things that bring you a sense of security. If there’s a psychological aspect of your home life or the way you’ve been balancing work and home that could use a deep clean, now’s the time.  




Early this week, you’ll do well to join forces with a dear friend, significant other, or colleague. You could be putting your heads together to tackle an issue that has cropped up at work, to develop a business proposal together, or to design a game plan for achieving a shared goal. Either way, one-on-one collaboration allows your individual strengths to shine and bumps up your chances for success. Later, you have more opportunities to feel more connected and romantic with your significant other or a potential partner. Being more willing to share your soul now can set a lasting, bond-bolstering tone.




At the start of the week, you’ll do well to tune into your underlying motivations for pursuing particular moneymaking opportunities or spending time on a specific job. If it feels like the thing that’s driving you isn’t actually all that in line with your values, you might want to rethink, revise, and reframe how you’re going about pursuing your professional path. You’ll come out stronger for it. Later, the stage is set for a heartfelt moment with your significant other or someone who has the potential to become one. You’ll benefit the most from embracing emotional vulnerability and letting the moment play out organically. 




Early in the week, you’ll feel confident and joyful about your closest connections—from a romantic relationship to your closest platonic bonds. The mood sets the stage for sharing your dreams and wishes with your VIPs. Their feedback inspires you to get a move on, while their support has you feeling the love. Later, it's tough for you to determine concrete facts and figures while tackling a group project. You might need to allow this confusing wave of energy to pass before finalizing any specifics.




Setting a new tone with loved ones and in your home comes naturally early in the week. It’s a time for tapping into your intuition to explore the aspects of home that bring you a sense of security and how you can further foster those details of your life. This could mean carving out more time to connect with relatives both near and far, or devoting more time to ensuring the aesthetics of your home reflect your sense of style. Later, the cosmos bumps up your confidence, making you feel more vital, and urging you to dive into any opportunity that will allow for more self-expression. 

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