December 23, 2021



Although it might run counter to your independent nature, you’ll be craving a sense of camaraderie early in the week. Work with your colleagues to get an ambitious project across the finish line or spend time with an organization or club you feel connected to. The experience can be emotionally gratifying and lead to a successful result. Later, you’ll get a burst of confidence and energy to pursue ambitious fitness goals. Paying special attention to the details (like drinking enough water or balancing intense workouts with adequate rest) will be key in delivering the result you’ve been envisioning. 




All your hard work should pay off early in the week. If you’ve been putting your nose to the grindstone on a major project and feeling like you haven’t been receiving well-deserved recognition, that’s about to change. Higher-ups can’t help but notice your work ethic. And the more forward thinking you can be now, the better the result. Your appetite for flirtation, sensual physical play, old-fashioned gestures like flowers, and magical date nights are all elevated later in the week. You’ll have the energy and desire to give just as much as you want to receive, so make your needs clear to your partner or a potential significant other, and you’ll get to experience major fireworks.




Early in the week, you’re more than happy to follow through on your work responsibilities but you’re itching for a shake-up. You’re in need of an eye-opening experience. Putting in for vacation time and investing in a course to hone your skill set and ultimately advance your career are just two routes you could go. Now is absolutely the time to follow your gut. Later, you’ll be dealing with an onslaught of frenetic messages and energies that make you want to crawl under the covers. Taking time-outs for self-care, even occasional, quickie deep breathing sessions, can help you feel centered in the midst of all the buzz. 




A burst of creativity and social energy makes it easy to take a work project to the next level early in the week. If you’ve been feeling stuck, this momentum boosts your confidence. Share and celebrate your success with colleagues! Later, you’ll be reflecting on how you can best balance your wants and needs with your partner’s or a potential significant other’s. This intense but balance-boosting transit is all about ensuring there’s reciprocity in your closest bonds. If there isn’t, you might need to have a tough conversation in order to move in a healthier direction. 




At the start of the week, the spotlight shines on you in a warm and lovely way, making you feel radiant, charismatic, and especially attractive. You’ll want to get out of your comfort zone and enjoy quality bonding time with best friends and your lover, or, if you’re single, put yourself out there in a way that could lead to meeting someone special. The sweet sparks you’re enjoying at this moment will likely continue to burn and glow! Later, the cosmos is fueling your efforts to step up your side hustle or take on new clients or projects. As you launch your dream, you’ll have an extra burst of confidence, energy, and drive on your side. 




When the week begins, meditation, journaling, taking a sound bath, or enjoying your favorite self-care routine comes easily. You’re perfectly content to spend time alone, reflecting on and caring for your emotional and mental well-being. This quiet, restorative moment can have you feeling like you’re glowing from the inside out and put you in an even stronger position for hitting your professional and personal goals. Later, it could feel easier to pursue an ambitious health routine. When it comes to sticking to your workout routine or prioritizing your mind-body wellness, you’ve got extra oomph and focus to stay on task and get the vitality-boosting results you seek. 




As the week starts, you’ll be itching to express yourself in a creative, perhaps even quirky way to your partner or a potential lover. Letting go of any premeditated plans and going with the flow can make it easier to communicate how you really feel and, in turn, strengthen your connection from an incredibly genuine, sweet place. Later, you have a more gung-ho approach to your mind-body practices. Whether you’ve been wanting to explore an alternative therapy like lymphatic drainage massage or cupping or simply stick to a morning yoga practice, you can make it happen with the extra drive you have now. 




At the start of the week, you could feel like it’s finally time to set solid boundaries on the job in order to achieve better work/life balance. While pinpointing the best way to do this, and then actually getting it done, might initially feel intimidating, your motivation is high because you know you’re on the brink of physical and emotional burnout if you don’t make concrete changes now. Later, you can anticipate your calendar being packed with client meetings, happy hours, major social events, and casual hangouts with friends. You’ll want to hit them all, but prioritizing can keep you firing on all cylinders.




Heading out on a road trip or planning an adrenaline-pumping date (think rock climbing or an amusement park) could be all you’ve been dreaming of early in the week. Giving into your desires now can boost the chemistry with your love or, if you’re unattached, lead you to someone exciting. Later, your list of everyday tasks, chores, and urgent messages to respond to might feel never-ending. The energy of the moment makes it easy to get overwhelmed by everything on your plate, but take a deep breath and then take it all one step at a time.




Early in the week, you’ll be focused on how you can best address your personal needs and still fulfill your responsibilities on the job. You could come to a tough but necessary realization: the assumption that work must come first is no longer serving you, and you deserve to take a long-overdue time-out to focus on routines that boost your well-being. Later, you’ll feel driven to take a business trip or enroll in a course that will broaden your horizons. Moving beyond the daily grind, taking in a variety of sights and sounds, all while making important new connections, can prove motivating and empowering. 




If you feel like others haven’t been recognizing your hard work and how much you’ve been juggling lately, you might find you’re feeling a bit moody early in the week. You’d do well to toot your own horn, showcase your most creative work, and celebrate your accomplishments in a more vocal way. Others are sure to take note, and you deserve the accolades! Later, your appetite and energy for a physical connection could be amplified in a profound way. Take advantage of the moment by getting clear on your fantasies, and then open up to your partner. From there, the sky’s the limit. 




Taking a new workout class or inviting friends to join you in working toward a major fitness goal could be a smart move at the start of the week. You’ll be feeling especially focused and driven to boost your vitality and excited to bring friends along for the ride. Their company and support has you feeling like you can hit that finish line and then keep on going! Later, you might feel like prioritizing rest, relaxation, and self-reflection. By hitting pause on your daily grind, you’ll get a chance to recharge and feel even stronger and more focused in the days and weeks ahead. 

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