December 30, 2021

Thomas Parham

One only needs to take a walk through the campus of Cal State University Dominguez Hills (CSUDH) to see the lasting impact that President Thomas Parham has brought to the campus.  Dr. Parham does not hold back when he says he wants and plans for CSUDH to become the leading educational institution for Southern California’s Black, Brown and students of color.

He has transformed the campus opening 2 new educational building and new housing facilities on the campus.  He has increased enrollment by over 40% and has made the college a “first choice instead of a backup choice” for students all over the nation. 

With the help of State Senator Steve Bradford, Parham was able to build and open the new Science and Innovation Center as well as a new business school on the campus. 

He has launched a social justice speaker series which included speakers such as Cornell West and Angela Davis.  His continued work towards being a 1st class learning institution makes Dr. Thomas Parham one to watch in 2022


Karen Bass

Congresswoman Karen Bass is not only one of the most popular and productive members of the U.S. Congress, but is also one of the most popular elected officials in all of California.  On September 27 she announced her candidacy to become the next mayor of Los Angeles and the city’s 1st Woman to lead America’s most populous city.

With overwhelming support from a broad coalition of supporters Karen Bass is definitely deserving of being a woman to watch in 2022.


Isaac Bryan

Assembly member Isaac Bryan has only been in office for 6 months.  But, the newly elected freshman assembly member has proven to be a mighty advocate for the 54th District as well as the underserved throughout the state. 

He has been appointed by the Assembly Speaker to Chair the crucial State Election Committee as well as was a vital voice in getting Governor Newsom to sign legislative bill AB-1043 to address the housing crisis throughout California.

Bryan has been active throughout the community during the COVID pandemic passing out food, clothing and assisting in providing vital resources to those in need.


Tiffany Haddish

Actress Tiffany Haddish has transitioned from stand up comedian to Mega TV and Movie Star. 

But while her acting success alone would make her one to watch in 2022, it is her commitment to advancing and building businesses within the South Los Angeles Community that makes her a superstar far beyond the entertainment world.

Tiffany is envisioning a community grocery store chain right here in her own community.  She strongly believes in and is investing both her time and money in creating more opportunities for her South-Central Los Angeles neighborhood by opening “Diaspora Markets”, knowing that this direct investment will have a direct effect on the economy, jobs and opportunities within her community.


Rex Richardson

The Long Beach City Councilman has long been a major influencer throughout the South Bay, and his leadership.

In Long Beach has been applauded by local residents as well and business and labor leaders for years.

Now with Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia announcing that he is running for Congress. 

Rex Richardson has quickly become the most likable and likely candidate to lead Southern California’s 3rd largest city.

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