December 30, 2021



The beginning of the week is the perfect time to muse about your wildest dreams and fantasies and then share them with loved ones and dear friends. Connecting over these major goals can help you sharpen your focus on what you want to achieve while boosting your bond all around. Later, the cosmos shores up your determination to dive into an ambitious fitness plan that you’ve been mulling over for some time. The more research you can do and details you can gather now before forging ahead, the better the results you’ll get once you make the plan part of your daily routine.




At the start of the week, you could find yourself itching for change, even going so far as to overhaul an entire project or game plan for an upcoming trip or major personal undertaking. You want to march to the beat of your own drum. Trust that instinct! Later, you’ll be fantasizing about enjoying plenty of lighthearted, flirtatious time with your significant other or someone who has the potential to become a long-term partner. Your best bet for making your dreams a reality is shrugging off any instinct to land on concrete plans and allowing magical moments to play out organically. This breezy approach sets the stage for even more sparks to fly.




At the week's start, you might feel like laying low and being a homebody more than usual. You’ll want to prioritize quality one-on-one time with relatives and close friends while putting additional mental and emotional energy toward beautifying your home. These low-key activities might feel a bit foreign when compared to your usual busy-bee agenda, but they can be tremendously restorative for your soul and relationships. Later, you could experience irritation or anger but want to hold yourself back from expressing it. Talking about it in a measured, grounded way could prove more productive. 




You’ll have a burst of motivation and confidence to research new ways to promote work/life balance early in the week. Think big and bold, then dive into information gathering to get the details that can help you create a step-by-step action plan. You’ve got this! Later, the cosmos stimulates your need for intellectual sparks with your partner or a potential significant other. Enjoying an activity that gets your wheels turning, like seeing a thought-provoking documentary, reading an engrossing book, checking out a museum exhibit, or heading out on an eye-opening weekend getaway, can bring you even closer. 




You could be connecting with your partner on a flirtatious, lighthearted, and intellectual level early in the week. Opening up to one another about big-picture wishes can feel energizing and as though it’s fueling your connection. The more you can cheer one another on now, especially through supportive language, the more fireworks you’ll set off! Later, you have a burst of take-charge energy to go after whatever you feel drawn to. If you want to propose a large-scale project or take on more responsibilities in your current position, you have the energy and focus to make it happen now.




You’ll be feeling more magnetic and upbeat early in the week, and your inner circle can’t help but notice and comment. You can take advantage of this moment by amplifying your self-care routine (think treating yourself to a massage or a new type of yoga) in a way that feels good to your heart and body. It’s also natural to crave more time with your partner or a potential partner. Express your desires, then go for it! Later, you’ll have even more drive to pursue professional goals. Pinpointing exactly what you want, writing it down, and believing in the power of manifestation can be surprisingly effective. 




At the beginning of the week, you’ll have a burning desire to switch things up in the bedroom or pursue a fantasy you’ve previously kept under wraps. Owning your needs and then expressing them has you feeling empowered and ultimately fulfilled. Later, you might want to press pause on your usually packed agenda in order to spend more time reflecting and reassessing personal goals and just generally recharging. Though you could feel torn in several directions, give yourself this well-deserved time-out. It can help you plant the seeds that will have you feeling even more vital and productive in the weeks ahead. 




You could find it’s easier to pinpoint a way to pursue your big picture professional goals on a more regular, day-to-day basis at the start of the week. Tweaking your schedule ever so slightly in this direction could make for major success. Later, you can expect your calendar to be packed with events, networking opportunities, lunches, and other social commitments. Although you’ll want to RSVP yes to just about everything that comes your way, figuring out which invites are the most pertinent can keep you feeling happy and healthy as you navigate a busy time.




Early in the week, sharing joyful, carefree moments with your loved ones and love interest is your priority. You’ll feel like sharing exactly what’s in your heart, sans filter, and you absolutely should. Being forthcoming now can boost your confidence and help make your relationships even stronger. Later, you’d do well to work with colleagues on a detail-oriented project. Allowing everyone to have their say and bring their individual strengths to the table can set up a group win, while your contribution could earn you well-deserved recognition from higher-ups.




You’d do well to have that heavy but important conversation with your lover or someone you’ve been seeing early in the week. As long as you’re being true to your needs while acknowledging your partner's position, you’ll be on a productive track. Later, that ambitious game plan you’ve been mulling over, like adopting a new business model or attending a career-building conference, could very well take center stage. You’ll have the positive outlook and energy to throw yourself into every moment along the way. Just double-check that all the details sit right with you before you make your initial move. 




Working with colleagues on a major project can prove especially rewarding at the beginning of the week. From brainstorming to actually working through the details, it feels like everyone’s in sync. However, later, you might struggle to get on the same page as your significant other or someone you’ve recently connected with and feel a bit aggravated. Instead of keeping your lips sealed, reflect on the roots of why you feel the way you do. Then do your best to open up about it. Going this route can feel like a major relief. 




Connecting with co-workers during a group social event could prove both intellectually-stimulating and boost your collegial bonds early in the week. Plus, creative ideas that arise from your conversations could end up being the foundation of an exciting and lucrative team effort. Later, you’ll be motivated to work toward joint goals with your significant other or a dear friend. Serving as one another’s accountability buddy while leaning on one another’s strengths can help you realize that you’re stronger and more successful when you collaborate one-on-one. 


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