January 06, 2021



During the first part of the week, you might struggle to express how you feel to a loved one. This could lead to confusion and disappointment in the way the situation plays out, but take heart that you can find clarity and harmony soon. Later in the week, the cosmos infuses playfulness into the conversations with the object of your affection. Expressing your emotions in a lighthearted, flirty way breathes new life and fun into your connection.




Early in the week, astrological influences stir up a hunger for change and fuel your independent streak. If you’ve been feeling weighed down or bored by your professional path, you might be tempted to make a sudden move that will get you headed in a new direction. If it feels right in your gut, go with it. Later in the week, you could be inspired to reach out to loved ones and have crucial heart-to-heart talks. You may be paying special attention to discussions that address old wounds. Leaning into these conversations may not be comfortable, but it could allow you to find healing and ultimately move forward.




As the week begins, you’ll be on fire brainstorming creative ideas, collaborating with colleagues, and meeting up with friends and loved ones for catch-up sessions. Working through the details of well-established ideas serves you best during this time. Later in the week, astrological influences indicate that you might not trust your feelings related to a significant professional project. It might also be hard to pinpoint exact data or information that makes it easy to forge ahead. Waiting until you have more clarity can make for greater productivity.




Early this week, you’ll be fired up to go after your boldest ideas while simultaneously dreaming up new ways to bring in cash. Bear in mind that this may be more of a research and development phase than time to take concrete action,  but trust your gut and work alongside others to hit your goals, and you’ll be right on track. Later in the week, the cosmos could give you some intense dreams that have you feeling a bit off and veering a bit into existential crisis mode. You’d do well to engage in a grounding practice (like meditation) that can feel emotionally centering and allow you to see the truth of the matter.




During the start of the week, you’ll feel more empowered to express your ideas and, in turn, have game-changing conversations with higher-ups, colleagues, and loved ones. You’ll do well to focus on personal goals and projects you’ve already started work on as opposed to kicking off a brand-new undertaking now. Later in the week, you could be itching for a shake-up in how you’re approaching your professional goals. You might pitch an ambitious idea or apply for a new position on a whim. If it speaks to you and feels right, then it’s worth pursuing now.




As the week begins, you could be especially drawn to reflective practices like journaling or learning new meditation techniques. Making sure you’re carving out time to take care of yourself and process your emotions in this way boosts your wellness overall. Later in the week, the cosmos indicates that diving into learning experiences and opportunities for growth can feel easier than usual. You’re not only willing to put your nose to the grindstone to hone your skills and broaden your horizons, you’re likely to have a blast doing it.




Early in the week, your social calendar is sure to be even more packed than usual with networking opportunities and meetups with friends and loved ones. And don’t be surprised if you have a plethora of reunions, both planned and impromptu, with people from your past. You’re sure to enjoy reconnecting. Later in the week, the cosmos fuels a desire to do something completely unusual and out of the blue with your partner or a potential lover. Trusting your instincts and being adventurous and spontaneous is sure to make the sparks fly.




As the week begins, you may find you’re more likely to lead presentations, call important meetings, and express your long-term goals with higher-ups. That said, if you struggle to kick off brand-new initiatives now, there’s no need for concern. Tying up loose ends on projects you’ve already started will set you up for a win. Later in the week, having hard-hitting, emotional conversations with your partner or a close friend can come more easily now. Put your mind to making progress on shared goals and fostering better understanding of one another and you’re sure to succeed.




During the week ahead, you might feel torn between your needs and your wants within your closest relationship. You might also be reflecting on what you want to put more energy toward: having lighthearted fun versus nurturing a deeper bond. You’d do well to set aside time to tune into your heart for clarity in order to figure out how best to move forward. Later in the week, the cosmos fuels your need to get out of your comfort zone with your wellness plan. Whether that looks like taking a class you’ve never tried before, cooking new, exotic, healthier recipes, or experimenting with aromatherapy, go with your instincts. The result could be an exciting and healing new routine.




As the week begins, you might hit a wall with your wellness plan. Although you may feel like you’re not making the progress you’d like to see, take this time to practice a bit of compassion for yourself. You might not have clarity about the big picture and all your efforts right now, but you will in time. Later in the week, you could find that you’re drawn to bonding with your partner or a potential lover through deep, intense conversations. Exploring your most deep-rooted desires and sharing them with one another could not only build your relationship but serve as steamy foreplay.




While communicator Mercury is in your seventh house of partnership from June 26 to July 19, you could be craving intellectual stimulation and connection from your mate, a close friend, or colleague. Trade ideas back and forth and map out game plans for achieving your shared goals. Sharing information and working as a team makes you even more successful now. On June 27, a moon-Uranus conjunction in your fourth house of family life inspires you to make changes to your sanctuary space. You might want to do some impromptu organizing or even consider looking to move. If you feel in your gut that it’s the right time to make a major move, go for it. No dream is out of reach now.




As the week gets underway, you might struggle to see eye to eye with a loved one. You could both feel like you’re falling short or simply having trouble understanding one another, leading to a general gloominess. Wait until you have a clearer perspective on the subject before attempting to find a harmonious solution. Later in the week, you might want to research new solutions to an ongoing health concern. Talking to experts and confidants, checking online reviews, and trading notes with friends proves useful in designing a game plan that feels fresh, effective, and sustainable.

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