January 20, 2022



Getting to the bottom of a wellness concern might prove frustrating at the start of the week. That’s because it could be particularly tough to pinpoint what’s real and what’s not. Patience and postponing any action for the time being serve you well. Later, the cosmos urges you to consider new ways to broaden your horizons, hone your skills, and pursue your professional dreams. Cast a wide net while researching your options and you could land on a particularly exciting opportunity.




A blast of creativity could inspire you to work with colleagues on brainstorming and artistic endeavors at the week's start. Consider whether or not you feel drawn intuitively to a project. If so, it’s the one you should move on. Later, you might have an increased sense of clarity around your current partnership or what you want from your next intimate bond. You might also do well to spend one-on-one time with the object of your affection, because the mood is right for expressing your emotions in a deep, physical, and passionate way. 




At the beginning of the week, you might find a way to weave more self-care into your day. You'll be especially in tune with your intuition around this time, so make sure to trust what it's telling you, and let that guide your next steps. Later, if you’ve wanted to enjoy more one-on-one time with your significant other, closest friend, or a potential mate, the cosmos brings a perfect time to enjoy one another’s company, work together toward a shared goal, and even take your bond to the next level. 




Consider having that important conversation with your partner or close colleague early in the week. You’re able to connect intellectually, stick to the facts, and get closer to hitting a shared goal through hard work. Later, you could be feeling especially optimistic about a new fitness or healthful eating plan you’d like to try. Dive into researching all the details, and consider whether or not it will fit into your daily life. As long as you feel like it’s the right routine, and the right time to try it out, you’ll set yourself up for success. 




When the week begins, you might be prepared to pitch a bold, imaginative idea to higher-ups. Your sense of fun and playfulness comes through, but you might run the risk of being a bit too optimistic and overestimate just how much you can take on. Trying to lead with a more measured approach can help you stay on track and follow through. Later in the week, it's a beautiful time to connect with your partner or someone you’ve had your eye on. Be spontaneous, let the moment lead wherever it shall, and you’ll boost your chemistry in a magical way. 




You might find it’s easier than ever to work closely with a colleague or a friend on a project that’s close to your heart early in the week. Bouncing ideas back and forth and then leaning into one another’s strengths can turn a wild dream into reality. Later, you’ll be feeling passionate, joyful, and intently focused on new ways to express yourself with those you love. Let yourself revel in the moment and fully embrace your instincts to write or have colorful, flirtatious conversations. This can attract new opportunities and possibly even people who boost your happiness. 




You’ll be one seriously happy social butterfly when the week begins. Not only will you be feeling jovial, but you'll be having a blast with friends, loved ones, neighbors, and colleagues. You’ll be feeling optimistic about your existing relationships and psyched to meet and greet people outside of your circle to foster new connections. Later, the stage is set for confusion and misunderstandings that could have you feeling mentally and physically exhausted. Employing your favorite stress-management techniques (deep breathing, yoga, aromatherapy) can help you navigate this rough patch without compromising your well-being. 




You might be feeling especially whimsical and loving early in the week. Make a point of sharing how you feel with your partner or someone else special. Anything you’ve been fantasizing about now can easily be turned into reality if you’re willing to let yourself get swept away in the moment. Later, it's an ideal time to connect with colleagues, higher-ups, or potential business partners and share your biggest, boldest ideas. Don’t hold back from pitching that idea you’ve been afraid is a pipe dream. It could be your best bet! 




Setting an ambitious personal goal might very well be at the top of your mind when the week begins. You feel like you can take on the world and easily level up your day-to-day game so that you’re able to make long-term dreams a reality. The more you can connect with others on what you want to achieve, the more successful you’ll be! Later, it could be more challenging than usual to strike that elusive work/life balance. Part of the issue is not having all the facts at hand to make definitive plans. Once you gain clarity, you’ll have a better shot. 




Progress on a long-term professional goal is within sight at the start of the week. You'll be ready to get to work applying for a new opportunity or signing up for training that will allow you to hone your skill set. If it's time for you to make an important decision that could have reverberating effects on your career, you'll feel ready to make your move. Later, you're inspired to expand your mind in a way that feeds your brain and your heart. Working with an expert like a Reiki practitioner, attending a sound bath, or learning tarot might be exactly what your soul is craving now. 




At the beginning of the week, you might struggle to get on the same page as your partner or close loved one when it comes to a crucial financial matter. The issue is that you don’t have all the information you need. Wait until the haze passes and you’ll land on a solution. Later, you can gain clarity about your closest bonds and how they’re serving you. You’ll do well to open up about your deepest, most intense emotions, because it can bolster a feeling of connectedness with others and simultaneously help you better understand how you feel. 




Early in the week, you could be fantasizing about planning an exciting, long-distance trip or taking a class that allows you to expand your artistic skills and broaden your perspective. Allow yourself to bask in these thoughts, then consider which ones your heart is calling you to turn into concrete goals. If it feels right intuitively, it’s worth pursuing. Later, the cosmos steps up the warmth and joyfulness in your romantic and platonic bonds. A group date, party, or other opportunity to enjoy the company of loved ones can feel incredibly comforting. 

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