January 27, 2022



Early in the week, you might experience a burning urge to stay in and spend time alone. Meditation, journaling, and restorative yoga are all activities that can help you make the most of this time. Although part of you feels like you need to get out and be social, this period is about practicing self-care and tuning in to your intuition so you can recharge and be your most vital self. Later, the cosmos inspires you to connect one-on-one with your SO or close business colleagues on creative projects. Finding a power balance makes for a win/win. 




Your imagination should be firing on all cylinders at the beginning of the week. Whether you’ve been wanting to take an impromptu weekend trip with your lover or friends, or you want to propose taking on a major, exciting project to higher-ups, now is the time to make your pitch. Your passionate delivery is sure to be especially convincing now. Later, you’ll be apt to propose team projects, plan get-togethers, and find various ways to enjoy others’ company while tackling your to-do list. In turn, your reputation for being a peacemaker and team player can soar. 




You’ll do well to have a meaningful heart-to-heart conversation with a loved one when the week begins. Putting your deepest emotions into words comes even more organically now, and the discussion can lead to a harmonious, healing experience for you both. Later, you might be called upon to head up a major project or make a crucial presentation. Basically, you can’t escape the spotlight and you won’t want to. The more you can step up to the plate now, the more likely you’ll impress higher-ups. You’d also do well to run with your most imaginative ideas even if they seem impractical at first.




You might find yourself having intellectually stimulating, animated conversations early in the week. Exchanging ideas with friends and your partner can prove satisfying for you mentally as well as emotionally. The experience of connecting in this way can also bolster your bond. And if you’ve been feeling burned out or bored with your current work, you might find yourself itching to get out of your comfort zone later in the week. You'll be inspired to put your usual routine on the back burner for a while so you can explore new ventures and embrace any opportunity to broaden your horizons. The vibe of the moment encourages you to let your fantasies lead the way for a change. 




At the start of the week, you might want to experiment with pushing boundaries in your closest relationship. This moment is an opportunity for you to get especially clear on what you need while also respecting what your partner or dear friend needs. You’d do well to be open to swimming in some fairly deep emotional waters while you figure out how to strike a balance. Later, exchanging intellectual ideas and enjoying curious, playful banter with friends, colleagues, your partner, or a potential SO can have you feeling even closer to one another and provide plenty of opportunities for shared learning.




You’ll be inspired to express your deepest, sweetest emotions at the week's start. Writing your partner a love note, another loved one a heartfelt e-mail, or journaling about recent relationship experiences can feel especially therapeutic. As long as you’re letting your intuition and heart guide the way and leaning into any creative impulses you have, you’ll feel like you’re right on track. Later, the cosmos urges you to write and pitch your most artistic, exciting business proposals. Simply having passionate conversations with colleagues and friends about your vision can help you get the wheels in motion and ultimately deliver financial rewards. 




At the beginning of the week, you’ll be feeling especially magnetic and interested in prioritizing self-care routines. It also wouldn’t be unusual for your focus to turn to all the ways you can bolster and enjoy your most intimate relationships. You’ll want to plan gatherings with your friends and find time for special dates with your significant other or a potential partner. This can serve to strengthen your bonds and have you feeling amazing inside and out. Later, you're inspired to consider a holistic mind-body routine (like using a meditation app). The more the practice takes your mental wellness into consideration, the better the overall results.




You could have a burst of energy that makes tackling a group project feel like a breeze early in the week. Fully embracing the challenge lands you on top. Later, you might be frustrated if it feels like your outlets for creative or loving self-expression have been blocked recently. This stagnated feeling could push you to rebel against your current circumstances and take a stand, putting in a request for vacation days, enjoying a midday rendezvous with a romantic partner, or diving into an artistic project that you feel particularly passionate about. Trust your gut to lead the way. 




When the week begins, you'll be compelled to share your most imaginative ideas with colleagues and higher-ups. Make sure these are the proposals that are nearest and dearest to your heart, because others will pick up on your enthusiasm and want to get on board! Later, your focus shifts to an ongoing emotional issue with a loved one. Now is the time to take on this concern with all your heart. Just do your best to strive for sensitivity when you’re hashing it out, because not everyone is as comfortable as you discussing tough topics in an unfiltered way. 




It’s easy to find yourself feeling overwhelmed by minor, everyday, but quickly mounting to-dos when the week begins. Whether you’re returning e-mails, submitting invoices, running errands, brainstorming with colleagues, or connecting with loved ones through nonstop text marathons, you might feel positively stretched to your limit. The best fix is to make it a priority to carve out time for self-care. Even one evening spent taking a soothing soak or meditating can do wonders to calm your nerves. Later, the cosmos urges you to take a more social, creative approach to your to-dos. Feel free to let your imagination run wild! 




Early in the week, language and intellectual conversation are even more of a turn-on for you than usual. Enjoying a thought-provoking experience with your partner or a potential SO (like a sound bath or museum exhibit) can prove enlightening for you both and set the stage for you to get even closer mentally, emotionally, and physically. Later, you might struggle to get all the information you need to make an important move to boost your income. You’ll be ready to dive in emotionally but lack the necessary paperwork or numbers to seal the deal. Do your best to remain patient. The dust will settle after the intense energy of the moment dissipates.




At the start of the week, you might feel energetically drained and struggle to get ahead on projects you’ve been focused on for the past couple weeks. You might also be aggravated if you feel like your efforts aren’t being recognized. Cope by doing a grounding ritual that helps you get in touch with your truest needs and emotions. By feeling more centered, you’ll be able to soar through this challenging moment. Later, you'll crave a deep, intense connection with your partner or a potential SO. You'd do well to make your desires known while taking your loved one's needs into consideration as well. 

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