February 03, 2022



You might feel a need to shake up your daily work and streams of cash flow when the week begins. Your inclination to strike out on your own and act impulsively is even stronger than usual, and you might even get the sense that if you don’t make your move now, you’ll have trouble doing so down the road. Gather the facts before diving into a whole new venture. Later, you're inspired to carve out time with your nearest and dearest VIP. You’ll be a glowing magnet for affection.




A burst of confidence makes you want to open up about your sexiest desires at the start of the week. Being assertive and self-assured comes more naturally, so make a point to open up to your significant other or a potential partner now. The direct communication can be followed by sultry, spark-provoking action. Later, the cosmos offers you a unique opportunity to connect with colleagues, brainstorm, and pitch passion projects that could lead to a new stream of cash.




Playful, lighthearted, and fun self-expression comes naturally when the week starts. Take advantage by flirting up a storm with the object of your affection or putting work on the back burner temporarily to enjoy the company of dear friends. Later, while you’re feeling optimistic about a big project on the job, you might need more information. You’d do well to hold off on taking major action until you have all the facts at hand. 




When the week begins, you’ll do well to look back on any self-reflection you’ve had in the last few months about the boundaries in your relationships. You’ll now be able to apply what you’ve been thinking about to everyday life while also putting your nose to the grindstone to get ahead on joint projects with your romantic partner or a business colleague. Later, you feel like you can take on just about any uphill battle, especially when working alongside someone you trust.




You’ll be feeling especially generous and warm-hearted at the start of the week. Take advantage of it by going with the flow instead of making stringent plans, opening up your heart to loved ones, reveling in their company, and maybe even showering them in small, thoughtful, or even extravagant gifts. This vibrant, passionate moment was made for you. Later, the cosmos shores up your confidence around major undertakings on the job. If you want to make a play for a raise, more responsibility, or an exciting new gig, simply asserting yourself should lead to a win. 




At the week's start, your drive for physical and emotional connection is at an all-time high, and you’re sure to want to share this with someone special. Whatever you’ve been daydreaming about, you can make a reality. Just speak your truth! Later, you might need to map out time when you can work on an artistic endeavor by yourself. That’s because there’s an increased possibility that you might have to deal with miscommunication and negativity while working with others now. Embrace the solo time and you’ll come out on top. 




Relaxation, romance, and excitement come naturally early in the week. You can make the most of the moment by enjoying one-on-one time with your significant other or a potential partner, ideally doing something unusual like taking an impromptu weekend trip. Later, disagreements and misunderstandings with loved ones might give you quite the headache. The best way to cope is to take time out to work alone toward personal goals and endeavors that are close to your heart. Once you’ve made a bit of progress, you can rejoin the group and hit a more harmonious note together. 




The start of the week is an ideal time to work with your significant other or friends toward an ambitious goal. Whether you want to raise money for charity or throw a party, you’ve got this. Later, you might be inspired to propose a lofty project to higher-ups but run into a bit of confusion along the way. You have an opportunity to embrace your wildest, most imaginative ideas, but it could be tough to nail down specifics and a step-by-step game plan at the moment. You’d do well to revel in your fantasy for the time being. 




You’ll be looking back on any money-related lessons you’ve learned over the past six months when the week begins. You might very well have your priorities more in check now than you did back then, so bear that in mind as you push ahead on your most ambitious hustles. Later, you might be compelled to plan a special get-together with loved ones or want to dive into an involved project related to your home. But your tendency now is to take on more than is realistic at the moment and potentially fail to see specifics that can make or break the end result. You'd do well to wait until you have more clarity before plowing ahead. 




You've likely been reflecting on your progress on personal goals, and at the start of the week you could feel a bit of pressure to get back to work. Make sure you don't push yourself to take on more than is reasonable. Your work ethic is always on point, which makes it even easier to turn your vision into reality. Later, you might want to sign up for a class or plan a long-distance trip you've been dreaming about. Go for it. It could help you advance your career. 




You might be caught off guard by an intense craving for a deep physical and emotional connection with your significant other or a potential partner early in the week. Sharing your needs with your special someone can set the stage for sexy sparks to fly. Later, you could be driven to take on work you've never done before but that feels like a positive challenge for you mentally. The catch is you'd do best to work on your own, because not only are you craving solo time right now, but attempting to accomplish your goals with the help of others could prove especially frustrating. 




Prioritizing one-on-one time with your special someone can be extra satisfying for you emotionally and physically when the week begins. Stay close to home if you can and revel in exchanging the details of your deepest desires. Later, getting a grip on the facts related to an important project might prove especially challenging. Although you feel fired up and excited about all the moving parts of this endeavor, confusion and misunderstandings might reign supreme in the moment, so you might need to wait until you have the clarity to gain momentum.

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