February 10, 2022



When the week starts, you’ll be drawn to checking off things on your to-do list that can be accomplished best with your significant other, a close work colleague, or your best friend. Although you trust your own instincts and abilities, you feel working one-on-one to cross the finish line can provide a more fulfilling experience and end result now. Later, you'll be especially sensitive and feel like a bit of a homebody. Enjoying quiet time close to home with loved ones can do wonders to help you rest and recharge. 




You could suffer from a tendency to want to enjoy yourself a bit too much at the beginning of the week. You can have flirty fun with your special someone and maybe even shrug off your daily grind by seeing where the moment takes you, but make sure to do it in a measured way to prevent burnout. Later, you might be inspired to research then take on a whole new approach to an ongoing wellness concern. Though you could be especially drawn to self-care strategies that promise aesthetic benefits (like facials or lymphatic drainage massage), you’ll do well to go with something that is focused on bolstering mind/body balance above all else (like acupuncture). 




You'll have a burning desire to get in touch with your most playful, carefree side at the week's start. Consider activities that make you feel like a kid (like dancing) or like you're falling in love again (like visiting a particular date spot), and find a way to weave them into your schedule. Giving in to these urges has you feeling fulfilled emotionally. Later, the cosmos compels you to open up about your deepest feelings to your significant other or a potential mate. You will want to put all your cards on the table.




When the week begins, you might find yourself fantasizing about planning a long-distance trip and meeting a potential lover or sharing a whole new experience with a current sweetheart. Let yourself revel in these imaginative thoughts, because you could very well manifest them into reality. Later, you’ll want to spend quiet time close to home. You might be feeling meditative, reflecting on the relationships and activities that boost your sense of security. Doing what you can to nurture these aspects of your life now can serve to strengthen your emotional well-being in the weeks ahead. 




You’re sure to notice an uptick in the sheer volume of messages and invites you receive early in the week. You could be torn between putting your social butterfly networking skills to use and feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the noise, wanting to crawl into your cave to take care of yourself above all else. Just be sure to be prudent about the conversations you have and the invites you accept and you can strike the right balance. Later, you could get carried away in a cinematic moment with a special someone. The vibe is right for making sweet memories. 




You could be inclined to tackle a major undertaking with loved ones as the week starts out. Whether it’s a family party you want to plan or a redecorating project, your tendency could be to take on too much in a short period of time. Striving for a more measured approach can keep everyone firing on all cylinders. Later, the cosmos provides an ideal opportunity to brainstorm new forms of cash flow and ideas to make money. Whatever resonates now is a seed you’ll do well to plant and watch grow. 




A burst of confidence and energy makes it easier to pursue bold wellness goals in the beginning of the week. Although you might want to do everything from stepping up your workouts to eating cleaner and meditating more, and anything you want to achieve is possible, you’ll do well to zero in on the aims you feel most passionate about. Later, you might turn your focus to a big-picture professional desire. You know it's going to take a lot of work to fulfill, and in the face of that you feel compelled to lean on loved ones for their support. Explain just how important the end game is to you and they'll get on board. 




Proposing a grand-scale pitch to higher-ups might be in the cards at the start of the week. You’ll be feeling especially confident and fortunate, which can translate to a winning presentation. Later, you’ll do well to take a step back from the daily grind to reflect on your needs and dreams, reassessing whether your goals are still relevant. Allow yourself to do this soul-searching, and make sure not to judge any messages that come up. You don’t necessarily need to take action either. This moment is about exploring emotionally and mentally to bolster self-awareness. You’ll soon know how to proceed. 




You might gravitate to group projects and bouncing creative ideas off of friends and colleagues at the week's start. Collaborating with others fuels your imagination, and it can feel like there’s really no limit to what you can achieve if you’re working alongside passionate people who are on the same page in terms of their vision. Later, you might find yourself daydreaming about enjoying a steamy night in with a lover, bonding over a home-cooked meal, and spending time between the sheets. Once you make it happen, you’re sure to enjoy pure magic. 




When the week starts, the stars are infusing your closest relationship with an urge to open up more, sharing big-picture dreams and desires. Allow yourself to get carried away creatively as you exchange ideas. You could very well end up taking your connection to the next level. Later, you’ll be fired up to take your existing professional path to the next level. Mapping out your next steps, strategizing, and even checking in with your intuition to make sure you’re on track can serve you in turning your most colorful vision into something concrete and incredible. 




As the week begins, you could get caught up in daydreams related to shifting gears on the job or pursuing a dream venture. Allow yourself to be playful and imaginative, then write down a game plan. It might not be as wild as you initially thought. Later, you'll do well to set an intention related to honing your skill set. Whether you're thinking about skills that can help you develop your side hustle or advance your current professional path, you'll be reflecting on the talents you're most passionate about and then taking a step in whatever direction allows you to develop them further.




At the week's start, find time to bolster your emotional and physical bond with your partner or a potential significant other. Not only are you craving this kind of deep connection building right now, but you have a new sense of confidence that makes it even more possible to share what you want, ensuring you’ll receive and delight in it. Later, the cosmos bumps up your desire to take on more responsibility and bigger-scale projects. Higher-ups are sure to notice your enthusiasm and creativity.

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