February 24, 2022



When the week begins, your creative instincts kick into high gear. You’ll be feeling more imaginative and more private, so you’ll do well to lean into self-expression that feels therapeutic. Think of enjoying a favorite artistic outlet like journaling or painting. Later, it's challenging for you to get on the same page as your mate or a business colleague. It might feel like your game plans are at odds with one another. You may also be feeling moody, irritable, short on patience, and possibly even angry if it feels like you’re speaking two different languages. Your best bet is to rely on diplomacy and patience, which can bolster harmony. 




At the start of the week, you might find yourself craving even more one-on-one time with your significant other or dearest friend. Working together toward a shared goal, ideally one that allows for socializing and creative self-expression, can be especially productive and fulfilling during this transit. Later, you might need a time-out from the daily grind to focus on self-care. The thing is that you might actually be on the verge of burnout, so do your best to avoid feeling guilty if you’re caring for yourself in this way. It’s key to preserving your morale, motivation, and energy. You’ll be back to business in no time.




Do your best to insulate yourself from other people’s sensitive projections and outbursts early in the week. Confusion reigns supreme, so you might do well to take a step back from interpersonal and professional situations that are getting way too dramatic. It’s okay to focus on your own needs at the moment. Later, you might have to make a last-minute change to your hectic schedule. The unexpected turn might be an effort to preempt illness or tackle your anxiety around a previous commitment. Either way, it’s a moment in which you can tune in to your heart and trust it to lead the way. 




In the beginning of the week, you’ll want to find a way to put work on the back burner intermittently in order to prioritize playful, pleasure-seeking activities. Your instincts are to express what’s in your heart and spend time going with the flow with loved ones now, so the more you can do that, the more fulfilled you’ll feel. Later, the cosmos causes you to feel torn and pressured by expectations of family versus work. You’ll do well to focus on checking major to-dos off your list, then turn your attention to a fitness routine you love in order to cope with stress.




You might feel tense and struggle to focus early in the week. This can be frustrating because you’ll want to tackle both professional and personal tasks, but nervousness only serves to make it tougher to get ahead. See what you can to slow the pace of your daily grind now. Taking a step back might seem counterintuitive, but it could be exactly what you need to keep your energy up in the long term. Later, you’ll want to get innovative and imaginative with how you think about and pursue your wildest fantasies. Give in to your desire to escape the humdrum of everyday life and get carried away.




When the week starts, you’ll be even more fired up than usual to exchange ideas with others and seek intellectual stimulation from friends, lovers, and colleagues. You might also enjoy going on short trips and connecting with siblings. Schedule a weekend getaway to an exciting nearby location, or make it a point to brainstorm creative ideas with colleagues to make the most of this vibe. Later, you might become very aware of areas in which you’re lacking reciprocity in your closest relationships. Making a point to address that now can set up a more satisfying bond going forward. 




At the week's start, the cosmos amplifies your desire and ability to bring a more creative, personable approach to your work. One way this might play out is working with colleagues on a whimsical project. If you can blend your enjoyment of socializing with your professional goals, you’ll take your earning potential to the next level. Later, you might be feeling irritable while interacting with your partner or a close friend. Physically working through your feelings, either through a tough workout or an aggressive romp between the sheets, can offer an eventual sense of calm.




In the beginning of the week, you’ll be drawn to self-pampering activities like getting a massage, taking your favorite yoga class, and planning a spa trip with your friends. At the same time, wanting to look and feel your best might be at the top of your mind, so you’ll do well to try that hair makeover or shop for new clothes. You'll be more magnetic than ever. Later, you might be fed up with a stalemate related to your wellness and want to find a way to step up your day-to-day routine so that it better supports your goals. 




When the week starts, privacy and solo time might feel more precious to you. You could feel like bowing out of those events you initially said yes to or spending time at home on a Friday night instead of hitting the town with your partner. This might seem somewhat foreign to you because you’re generally the life of the party, but focusing on you this time is integral to continuing to fire on all cylinders. Later, the cosmos amplifies your desire to open up to loved ones about sweet, heartfelt feelings. This can bolster bonds all around. 




Spending time with loved ones, colleagues, and other members of your inner and outer social circles might be particularly appealing when the week starts. In addition to sharing an intellectually stimulating conversation that brings you closer, you could bat around brilliant ideas that lend inspiration to your next big professional project. Later, your attention turns to your work/life balance, or the lack of it. Emotional issues with loved ones or to-dos around the house might require your focus, and you run the risk of feeling spread too thin. If you need to take a time-out from work to recenter yourself, there’s no shame in that.




You’ll want to take advantage of opportunities to pitch your most creative ideas early in the week. Higher-ups will be impressed by your unusual, innovative takes. Another way to make the most of this moment is to spend time with colleagues, share your ideas, and collaborate. Harnessing the powerful social energy can lead to a professional win. Later, you might be torn between your need to spend time alone and others wanting to connect. It might even push your buttons in a way that you weren’t expecting. Cope by focusing on a physical activity you enjoy or dedicating time to meditation or journaling. 




When the week starts, you’ll be itching to expand your horizons mentally, physically, and emotionally. Signing up for a class or taking a trip that opens your eyes to uncharted territory is your priority now, and it can have you feeling spirited and alive in a whole new way. Later, you’ll be focused on the give-and-take of your work. If a particular aspect of your professional journey doesn’t seem to be offering you enough security, sense of empowerment, or emotional fulfillment, now is the time to reassess. Meditate on the needs your job should fulfill and how that dovetails with the demands of the job.

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