February 17, 2022



When the week begins, you might find yourself itching to make significant progress on a shared goal with your partner, a dear friend, or a close colleague. You’ll enjoy the give-and-take of collaborating as well as the opportunity to put your individual strengths to work. The experience can bring you closer. Later, you’ll do well to think back on the ways you’ve been reframing your current professional path. Make sure you’re being honest with yourself about the changes you want to see, especially those related to acquiring more power. You’ll soon be on your way.




At the week's start, you’ll do well to initiate any potentially deep or challenging conversations with your partner or a close business partner. Letting ideas flow freely, especially around some of your most deep-rooted emotions, can feel productive and relieving. Later, the cosmos amplifies your motivation to hit your wellness goals. If you’ve been thinking of adding in an extra workout per week, joining a gym or class, signing up for a meal delivery service, or taking your daily routine to the next level in another way, now’s the time. 




If you’ve been wanting to pitch an impressive idea to higher-ups, make sure to take advantage of the vibe in the early part of the week. You are feeling especially imaginative, emotional, and creative, setting the stage for exciting, whimsical ideas that are sure to be a hit. Later, the cosmos bumps up your appetite for flirtation, fun dates, and time with friends. If you're in a relationship, you’ll be craving even more fun-loving time with your partner. Allowing yourself to put work on the back burner so you can give in to this need can be hugely restorative for mind, body, and soul. 




Getting out of a rut and exploring uncharted terrain with your current partner or a potential significant other might be at the top of your mind as the week starts. Whether you hit the road and drive out of your neck of the woods to enjoy a romantic weeknight dinner or take a new workout or meditation class, doing something extraordinary together is key. The moment might make you feel like you’ve just met, and sparks will fly. Later, the cosmos prompts you to seek greater work/life balance. Trust your heart.




At the beginning of the week, the cosmos elevates your need to connect with loved ones who live both near and far. You’ll do well to nail down definitive plans for regular catch-up chats and connect with loved ones. The more you can bond with people who feel like home, the more centered and secure you can be now. Later, the stars light up your need to take the initiative at work or volunteer opportunities. You’ll be drawn to giving presentations and engaging in passionate debates, which can elevate your success.




Opening up about your most deep-seated, passionate emotions with your significant other or a close confidant comes naturally early in the week. Letting yourself get carried away by how you feel and maybe even allowing it to inform your creative self-expression can be both therapeutic and relationship building now. Later, the cosmos urges you to step up your efforts to bring in new sources of cash and be more diligent and goal oriented when it comes to your budget and investment strategies. Though you might be tempted to take on everything all at once, a realistic, balanced approach will serve you best. 




As the week starts, you’ll be fired up to hit all your major personal goals whether they’re related to your career or your wellness. Your desire to nail down concrete results will be running high, but allow yourself to play a bit, experimenting with various group workouts you can do with your friends or allowing for creative brainstorming before delivering that ambitious work proposal. Later, the cosmos fuels your interest in sharing your biggest moneymaking ideas. You’ll do well to schedule important meetings, interviews, or other opportunities related to your cash flow soon. 




When the week starts, you get the green light to pitch fanciful ideas on the job or dive into an art project you’ve been inspired to work on. Bringing your whole heart to the table can make the effort even more successful. Later, you might be feeling more verbal than usual about your feelings and needs. For this reason, you’ll do well to prioritize sit-downs with your partner, colleagues, or higher-ups to discuss your short- and long-term visions for success. Do your best to tackle crucial conversations as soon as you can. 




You might start to feel like it’s time to enact changes around the way you bring in money early in the week. Make sure to reflect on psychological and emotional lessons that have played out over the past several months, because everything you’ve learned can help inform your next moves. Later, you're inspired to research methods for exploring and bolstering your emotional and mental wellness. Therapy, meditation, and journaling are all strategies that might be particularly appealing and useful during this time. 




You’re always on a mission to boost your personal growth, but early in the week you’ll have even more wind in your sails to create bold, impressive changes that will strengthen your self-image. Think back on the past several months to map out the shifts you know in your gut you need to make. Later, the cosmos infuses your professional drive with even more fire and energy. Whether you want to apply for a new job, ask for more responsibility or opportunities in your current position, or take the lead on a major project, stepping into the spotlight now can earn you the recognition and rewards you deserve. 




Early this week, you're inspired to initiate a more vibrant conversation about big-picture ideas. You’ll also be driven to do even more deep-dive research than usual, as long as the endgame is making professional dreams a reality. The more you can express yourself and connect with others on your goals, the closer you’ll be to a win now. Later, you’ll want to take a bolder approach to fitness, travel, and learning. Check in with your intuition to pinpoint the best way to exploit all this curious energy. 




At the start of the week, you’ll be craving connection on a transformative and deep physical, emotional, and spiritual level with your current significant other or someone special. Making your needs known and having direct, powerful, intense conversations about how you can satisfy one another can lead to true and lasting fulfillment. Later, the cosmos amplifyies your interest in honing your professional skill set. Signing up for a class or planning a long-distance trip to attend a conference might be wise right now and help shape your career moves down the road. It’s all systems go!

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