March 10, 2022



Early in the week, the stage is set for fantasies galore. You’re happy to get swept away by whimsical, wild daydreams that you’re content to keep to yourself or share with a lover when the mood is right. Later, you’ll be feeling fired up about taking action in your love life and enjoying the company of your significant other or someone else special. Taking the initiative in your existing or a new relationship comes even more naturally than usual, and you’ll have an easy time expressing your deepest emotions in a passionate, physical way. 




The desire to break free of your usual grind could be burning in your gut as the week starts. It might be difficult not to daydream about traveling or taking a class to expand your skillset. Later in the week is a brilliant time to set an intention related to beginning a major undertaking with your significant other or business partner. Whether you’re trying to set a new romantic tone, save up for a joint investment, or get the ball rolling on an important proposal, allow yourself the time to really key in to your vision as a team. One-on-one teamwork plus passion can lay the groundwork for an exciting win. 




When the week begins, the cosmos amplifies an inclination to be playful, flirtatious, and spontaneous with your lover or a potential significant other. Your confidence is on fire, and you feel like you’re glowing from the inside out. If you’ve been dreaming about a certain kind of date night or making a particular fantasy come true, now’s your moment. Later, it’s all systems go for setting goals related to fitness and clean eating. You’ll be inspired to try a new workout routine or experiment in the kitchen. Even if you begin by taking a small step, you’re right on track. It’s all about the details now! 




If you’ve been dealing with a challenging situation in your relationship, consider having that tough heart-to-heart talk at the start of the week. You’ll have the clearheadedness and sensitivity to find common ground. Later, diving into a project that allows you to express yourself creatively can feel even more fulfilling. At the same time, any activity that feels pleasurable will be your priority, whether that’s getting a massage, taking an impromptu weekend road trip, or putting work aside to enjoy a sweet date with a special someone. Making the most of this time can set a fun-loving tone for you moving forward. 




Talking through concerns on the job with your colleagues and higher-ups comes naturally when the week begins. You’ll be more willing than usual to take a microscope to challenging issues that arise on a regular basis and to solve problems alongside others. Together, you can land on a solid solution. Later, you’ll want to put your family first and prioritize domestic activities that make you feel happy and secure. Whether you’re baking, playing board games, or simply having a heart-to-heart talk, boosting your closest bonds will be your aim. 




At the week's start, you might be surprised by how assertive and confident you are in all manner of conversations, from those that are professional to others that are intimate and personal. Take advantage of this by pitching that business proposal you’ve had on the back burner or talking to a romantic partner about the areas of your relationship that could use more reciprocity. Later, the cosmos sends a lightning bolt into the way you tackle cash flow. Your confidence is on fire when it comes to taking the initiative and going after your professional goals. Own this powerhouse mode and you can’t help but win. 




You might be feeling like sharing your most passionate desires in a far more direct way than usual early in the week. You’re also more in touch with your feelings and sex drive than usual, so expressing how you feel with a special someone is sure to set off fireworks. Later, you’ll be focused on setting bold financial goals. Make sure to do a self-check to ensure that the moneymaking game plans you’re considering are in line with your big-picture aspirations. Instead of looking solely at the bottom line, you’ll do well to commit yourself to opportunities that feel transformative and resonate emotionally now. 




At the beginning of the week, you have the power to make your mark in a major way with others, especially if you’re in tune with your self-image. This is also a good time to express yourself openly. If you’ve been wanting to make the first move toward hitting a long-term professional goal or take your fitness routine up a notch, now is an amazing moment to get started. Later, you could be focused on reinventing yourself in a thrilling way. Whether you’re planning on making a shift in your professional path or experimenting with a style makeover, any intentions you set now will carry extra powerful weight. You have a clear path for making your most fervent dreams a reality. 




At the start of the week, you might be feeling like spending more time on your own, plotting out steps related to your professional track or other big-picture dreams. Tuning in to your intuition and trusting it to guide the way will allow you to make the most of this transit. Later, the cosmos bolsters your drive to take the reins on a team project. After stepping into a leadership role, you might want to make sure that everyone is bringing their strengths to the table. The more balanced the cooperative effort, the more everyone will benefit from the final results. 




At the week's start, spending more time with friends and colleagues can be inspiring and help you make significant progress on your goals. Don’t be afraid to lean in to opportunities to turn a solo project into a team one! Later, you might be feeling frustrated with higher-ups who seem to be hell-bent on standing in the way of your goals. As you push forward, it might feel like you’re only facing more resistance. Instead of fighting the tide, you might do well to stick with the projects that are already on your plate and hold off on an aggressive approach until the tone has shifted. 




Early in the week, the cosmos bolsters your ability to tackle deep-rooted, psychological topics with your lover or someone else near and dear. Being unafraid to open up with one another can strengthen your bond. Later, you might find yourself strategizing a whole new approach to your big-picture professional aims. This is the time to think about what you really want and what you need to do to own it. Taking on more responsibility or sitting down with higher-ups to make a case for a raise or promotion might be in your best interests now. 




At the beginning of the week, you’ll feel like you want more out of life than what your typical day-to-day schedule can offer. You want to see more of the world by traveling or even experience more of what your neighborhood has to offer (think visiting museum exhibits or taking classes at a meditation studio). Any opportunity to expand your mind and learn can have you feeling more fulfilled. Later, the cosmos boosts your appetite for a soulful, physical connection with a lover. Give in to the urge to be completely open in your exploration of this. You deserve the intense, blissful outcome. 

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