March 17, 2022



You might feel like you’re speaking a different language than your partner or a love interest early in the week. Instead of trying to chart new territory together, you’d do well to stick to tried and true ways of connecting, which can keep your chemistry harmonious through this tricky time. Later, you're inspired to hone your skills around creative and self-expressive endeavors and seek experiences that broaden your horizons. You’d do well to embrace any opportunity to travel or trade notes with someone from an entirely different background, because it can offer you a valuable new perspective. 




You can look forward to a beautiful connection between your head and your heart when the week starts. What you want to say and what you feel will be very much in sync, allowing you to open up to your partner or someone special in a way that is sure to resonate. Later, the stage is set for impulsivity and volatile moods on the job. If you’re feeling in any way limited by higher-ups, you might be tempted to take a stand. But you’d do well to think it through before making a move that you might later come to regret.




Trying to stick to your regularly scheduled programming might be especially challenging at the start of the week. Being open to last-minute changes in plans or different ways of checking things off your to-do list can help this rocky moment feel less stressful. Later, you’ll be craving extra one-on-one time with a special someone. In addition to fun, flirtatious, relationship-building experiences, now is a lovely time to put in the work on any unspoken emotional issues. Do your best to open up and hear one another out, then come up with a plan you can tackle together. Feeling like you’re making progress as a team can be particularly fulfilling now.




As the week starts, you can look forward to a sexy, fun-loving tone that’s perfect for sending flirtatious messages, sharing witty banter, and enjoying impromptu fun with someone special. The more intellectually stimulating the activity (think going to a museum or watching a thought-provoking film), the more memorable and bond-bolstering it will be. Later, the cosmos inspires you to find and lean on workout buddies to hit your most ambitious fitness goals. Connecting with others who share similar health aspirations not only offers you accountability, but it can also help you feel supported, which can further fuel your motivation. 




In the beginning of the week, you might feel compelled to take a microscope to the current personal path you’re on, as well as your closest relationships. You’d do well to have heart-to-heart talks related to any emotional issues that were put on the back burner and revise any game plans that have stagnated related to your home life. This is a wonderful opportunity to tie up loose ends and bolster clarity around goals and bonds that are closest to your heart. Later, you can expect a boost in your appetite for strengthening the magic with someone special. Allow any one-on-one time to play out organically and let yourself get carried away! 




Early in the week, your curiosity is high, as is your thirst for enjoying intellectually stimulating moments with your love interest. Talking about the issues of the day or brainstorming creative ideas that you can take on together might serve not only as a form of foreplay but also strengthen your mental and emotional connection. Later, you might feel pummeled right and left by confusing e-mails, eyebrow-raising texts, and conversations that simply leave you confused. At the same time, you might feel like you’re spread too thin and constantly having to readjust your schedule. Prioritizing self-care can help you stay centered.




When the week starts, you might have to contend with confusion around moneymaking projects or technical glitches related to cash flow. You’d do well to double-check paperwork like receipts, paychecks, and invoices while also taking advantage of the opportunity to go back to the drawing board on any previously paused endeavors that might elevate your earning potential. Later, the cosmos amplifies your need to get out and be social with a special someone. Find ways to spend time with a variety of people in your network while also enjoying the moment as a pair. 




Meditating on how you present and see yourself might be your focus when the week starts. You’ll be conscious of your self-image and the relationships that you feel define you. Working on your self-awareness now and considering how that dovetails with your most heartfelt, long-term aspirations can prove productive in the long run. Later, you’ll be inspired to talk about your most brilliant moneymaking ideas with colleagues and friends. Collaboration, especially with people you feel close and connected to, is emphasized now, so consider how you might pair up with others to hit your most ambitious financial goals. 




You’re in for a treat as the week begins. Pleasure-seeking vibes bump up your appetite for self-pampering, whether that means getting a massage, enjoying an impromptu road trip, or spending an evening cooking and sharing an exotic meal with your love. Giving in to your urge for adventure and indulgence when you can will surely ramp up your joy. Later, there's a sense of restlessness when it comes to your current daily fitness protocol. You’ll want to shake things up and try something new, but you’d do well to gather as much research as possible before diving in. 




In the beginning of the week, you might be caught off guard when colleagues or friends from the past resurface to reconnect. Or you might need to put your nose to the grindstone on a group project you'd previously paused. Either way, it's all about rediscovering the power of joining forces with others and improving your team spirit. Later, the cosmos takes your closest relationships underground. You might be drawn to covert scenarios like enjoying a secretive rendezvous with your partner or partaking in sexy texting sessions. Owning and sharing your most deep-rooted desires and entrusting them to your lover might feel particularly satisfying now.




Early in the week, the tone is set for a joyful time spent with friends, neighbors, or colleagues. Whether you’re attending a party or mingling with acquaintances, connecting with others feels fulfilling. Later, you might find that a wrench is thrown in your aspirations to take on more responsibility or apply for that exciting new job opportunity. Either significant delays or technical issues could make it difficult to get a grip on the path forward. Do your best to stick to the business you’ve already established, perhaps approaching higher-ups and initiating a review of your accomplishments. You’ll ultimately get the recognition you deserve. 




At the start of the week, the cosmos stimulates your desire to share an eye-opening, horizon-broadening experience with someone special. Don’t discount your wildest daydreams or most out-there fantasies related to travel or another learning opportunity. Instead, putting them into words, even if it’s just on a journal page for now, can help turn them into heartwarming reality. Later, discussing and even pitching your big-picture ideas to higher-ups serves you well. Your passion and creativity are palpable, encouraging those in positions of power to feel good about green-lighting your most ambitious proposals. You might be excited by the prospect of involving colleagues and initiating team projects as well. 


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