March 24, 2022



Working alongside colleagues or friends and possibly also your significant other on a crucial project can prove especially gratifying early in the week. You’ll have the confidence and drive to collaborate and check major to-dos off your list. Leaning on others’ abilities while asserting your strengths feels incredibly invigorating. Later, you’ll be craving an imaginative, transformative experience with someone special. Making your desires known while allowing yourself to be vulnerable is the first step toward fulfilling bliss. 




You’ll be ready to step up to the plate and make a play for your most ambitious career goals when the week starts. You might be proposing and negotiating how various tasks can be met regularly with higher-ups. Taking a progressive, balanced, even creative approach can earn you recognition. Later, you’d do well to schedule a special date night. The mood is right for sharing your most deep-rooted emotions and connecting with someone special in a spiritual, emotional way. 




Tensions with a lover or potential partner might be tough to avoid in the beginning of the week. You might be butting heads due to a disagreement rooted in jealousy, a power struggle, or some other control issue. Let the dust settle before attempting to find common ground. Later, the cosmos makes it easy to pitch a creative idea alongside a close colleague. You’ll feel like you’re in sync when it comes to your vision, and the more of a team player you can be now, the better you look to the higher-ups. 




Getting out of your comfort zone and exploring your wildest fantasies might be your top priority at the start of the week. Hit the highway for an impromptu road trip or send that super-flirtatious text. The thrill of the moment sets up major fireworks with someone special. Later, taking a social approach to a major professional project might be in your best interests. Brainstorming with colleagues comes more naturally, as does landing on creative ideas. Stay open-minded and you could land on an exciting idea!




Having a crucial heart-to-heart with your significant other, a dear friend, or a close colleague could come more easily in the early part of the week. You’ll be feeling focused, assertive, and extra aware of your desires and vision for the path forward. Make this clear and you’ll be one step closer to getting in sync with your counterpart. Later, the cosmos amplifies your need for security and deep, meaningful connection. You’re also more apt to feel centered and calm emotionally. Make the most of the moment by spending one-on-one time with someone special. 




At the start of the week, you’d do well to take a risk on a possible moneymaking opportunity that’s caught your eye. You’ve got extra power to make a winning case for yourself and show the higher-ups that you’re focused and ready to take on the challenge on an ongoing basis. Later, the stage is set for a sweet, blissful time with someone special. If you can spend a night in, cuddled up and watching your favorite movie or cooking a delicious meal can feel particularly pleasurable and bond-building. 




Clashing with a loved one might be inevitable at the start of the week. Although your aim might be to avoid confrontation at all costs, there could be a controlling dynamic at play that is creating an imbalance and needs to be addressed. Tackling it now can help you identify a healing path forward. Later, the cosmos gets your wheels turning around opportunities to step up your cash flow in a way that feeds your creativity and imagination. Dream big and bold. You deserve it! 




Your appetite for playful fun with someone special is bound to fuel your every move at the start of the week. It might even be a beneficial time to put work on the back burner so you can enjoy a spontaneous, magical time that unfolds organically. It’s sure to fill your heart with joy! Later, you’ll want to bring your most creative approach to the table while working on a professional project. From there, you can collaborate with colleagues to land on a truly winning way forward. 




You’ll feel particularly empowered in a group setting with colleagues or friends at the week's start. Exchanging ideas and batting around potential business proposals makes you feel alive and intellectually stimulated. Consider turning one of these brilliant ideas into reality! Later, the cosmos amps up your desire to connect in a significant way with your sweetheart or a potential partner. Putting yourself out there and sharing how you really feel, speaking directly from your heart, can lay the groundwork for taking your bond to the next level.




Working with colleagues on a crucial undertaking might not be easy, per se, but you’ll be on the same page when it comes to putting your heads down and getting it done when the week starts. Diligent, persistent, cooperative work is the key to making your collective dream a reality. You’ve got this. Later, the cosmos encourages you to plan a special night in with a loved one. Your appetite for pleasurable but private experiences, like having a deep, meaningful conversation or sharing a bath or delicious meal, is elevated now. 




Breaking free of your ordinary routine might be your top priority in the beginning of the week. You’ll also be fired up to assert your needs and go after your deepest desires. Whether that’s planning a long-distance trip or taking a class to hone your skill set, go for it! Later, the cosmos fuels your artistic drive and interest in bringing that into your current professional activities. Make a play to take the reins on a creative project or pitch your most imaginative proposal to higher-ups.




Settling for surface-level physical affection might feel out of the question at the start of the week. You want spiritually transformative experiences and expressions of love, even more than usual. This might mean passing on a possible match with whom you lack this deep chemistry or carving out more one-on-one time with your love. Later, it’s a fortunate time to have vibrant conversations with colleagues and higher-ups about your big-picture aspirations. The more open you can be about your vision, the closer you’ll be to making it happen.

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