March 31, 2022

By Danny Bakewell Jr.

Executive Editor


March 31st will officially bring a close to 2022 Women’s History Month. 

But, just as we should never bring to a close the celebration of “Black History,” we should never bring to a close the continuous celebration of the millions of Black women who have and continue to forge our history and our community forward each and every day.

We must continue to reflect and honor the ways that Black women have continuously risen above the challenges of racism, prejudice, gender inequities and overt sexism - all while also enduring the everyday challenges that every woman faces on a daily basis.

When reflecting on the many ways that Black women have contributed to the cultural landscape of our community, I am in awe of how Black women have often been left out of the history books, memorials, and even social media feeds without it ever being given a second thought.


Not only today, but during centuries of historical brutality and racism, Black women have witnessed Brown and Black bodies brutalized and families torn apart.


While our communities and families have suffered as a result to these tragedies, it is often Black women who lead us with their tenacious courage and endurance.


They have strengthened not only our bodies, but have provided emotional guidance, spiritual direction, psychological support, and emotional comfort for the benefit of us all.



Therefore, I encourage everyone, every day, to celebrate the Black women in your lives - the women who uplift our businesses, our homes, our families and our lives. 


Let us carry this momentum into the weeks, months and years ahead, knowing that our work will never be complete until racial inequality and gender inequality have been eliminated. 


Until then, it is our responsibility to uplift and celebrate the Black woman every day, every month of every year.

Category: Opinion