March 31, 2022



Your mind may very well be buzzing with new ways you and your romantic or business partner can take your investment portfolio to the next level as the week begins. Tackle all the busywork that’s on your plate at the moment, then put your heads together to design a winning new game plan. Later, you're feeling sensitive and want to spend your evening swept up in romance and escapism. Set aside any preconceived plans and see where the moment takes you. It can be purely magical! 




In the beginning of the week, you’ll be consumed with wanting to address personal desires that you’re afraid you’ve put on hold for far too long. You’ll be focused on putting in the work and owning your personal power in order to achieve your bold dream. Later, you’ll be drawn to brainstorming and trading imaginative ideas with colleagues. Dealing with hard-hitting facts and solid data might not be your best bet at the moment, but batting around pitches that are seemingly too wild can be a productive task.




Although you’re prone to going nonstop socially and professionally, it might be time to take a time-out at the beginning of the week. You might feel like you’re on the brink of burnout and need to spend solo time resting and recharging. There’s no shame in self-care. It might even make it easier for you to hit the ground running when you get back to business. Later, you might struggle to get a grip on the exact facts you need on hand to make professional progress. It might also be tough to get a good read on your intuition, so wait until the confusion has passed before taking action. 




When the week starts, you can expect to feel empowered to reveal what’s in your heart, perhaps in a playful, fun-loving way. You’ll have an easier time putting your relationship-oriented thoughts into words now. Your mind might even be buzzing with all the different angles you want to discuss. Zeroing in on the most impactful ones can get you on the same page with that special someone. Later, you might be reflecting on how you fit in with and contribute to a particular community. Whether it’s of colleagues or neighbors, feeling like you’re supported and supporting this group can be fulfilling. 




At the outset of the week, you might need to step into the spotlight to make a presentation or take the reins on a crucial project. You might be concerned about the impression you’ll make on higher-ups, but trust in your ability to command the stage and put in the day-to-day work that will make the moment successful. Later, the cosmos makes it tough to get a grip on the reality of your current partnership or a possible connection. Having faith in yourself and focusing on your own needs now might your best bet until you can gain more clarity. 




At the start of the week, your mental energy is on fire. Take advantage of it by brainstorming and having intellectually stimulating conversations with your colleagues and friends. What you come up with could set the stage for an exciting opportunity. Later, feeling like you’ve put your wildest dreams on the back burner for too long might have you itching to get out and explore uncharted territory. You’ll be able to find what makes you feel good and take your pleasure seriously. 




When the week starts, you’ll be swept up in creative idea generation and letting your mind run wild, inspired to consider all the moving parts of potential cash-flow-boosting projects . Try not to get too caught up in the details and specifics right now, because it’s an opportunity to dream before reining it in and getting pragmatic. Later, you might find yourself feeling angry or frustrated by an interaction with a higher-up. You’d do well to deal with it head-on as opposed to brushing it under the rug.




When the week starts, you’ll be meditating on how to fulfill your needs while ensuring that the needs of a significant other or business partner don’t fall by the wayside. The theme of reciprocity is key now, and if it’s lacking within your closest bonds, you might have to contend with a reality check. Later, if you’ve been debating whether or not to take a trip or class that could help you hone your skill set and advance your career, look forward to later in the week. Your intuition and mind should be in sync, making it easier to pinpoint your next move.




In the beginning of the week, your mind might be going a mile a minute around deep, psychological matters. If you can apply this energy toward something healing and productive (think going to a meditation class or learning more about another mind-body practice), you’ll make the most of the current cerebral and spiritual vibes. Later, you might be craving changes to your rigorous schedule and a tighter focus on work tasks that are in line with your values. Now is a brilliant time to reflect (maybe even journal) on the ways you can steer toward a more ideal schedule. You can trust your internal compass to guide the way. 




All the to-dos you’ve been so diligently focused on may have been curbing your ability to relax and have fun, but you’ll be beyond ready to let loose early this week. Allowing yourself a break from professional responsibilities and ambitious projects to kick back with a lover or friends can help you rest and come back to everything on your plate with a fresh, invigorated perspective. Later, you might be more inclined to share your fantasies with your partner or a potential match. The conversation can make for a magical chemistry boost. 




You might be inspired to research a passion project and share all of your findings with colleagues and higher-ups early in the week. Stepping up, commanding the spotlight, leading a group conversation, and strategizing with others all feel empowering. It might also set you up for a professional win down the road. Later, you may be feeling torn between responsibilities to loved ones and work, causing you to crave a better balance between the two. Taking a stand, thinking of pragmatic routes for creating change, and beginning to make moves now will serve you well now and down the road. 




At the week's start, you might find it’s not as easy as you had hoped to connect with a colleague on a creative project or make a play for more responsibility by having a pleasant chat with your manager. In turn, you might suffer a blow to your self-esteem. Taking a break to do something you love (like a long walk or meditation) can bolster your mood. Later, your head and your heart are bound to be in sync. What you want and what you absolutely should pursue is an opportunity to broaden your horizons and spend time with people who make you glow from the inside out. 

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