March 31, 2022

By Betti Halsell

Staff Writer


Actress Lauren London and the iconic shoe company, Puma, partnered with Foot Locker L.A. to create a nurturing space for mothers supported by the TheRareOproject. Young women between the ages of 15-25 and dedicated to making a better life for their children and themselves were invited to an event that focused on their journey and provided tools to assist in self-love and mental health.

In honor of Women’s History Month, Foot Locker L.A. hosted the special event at their Crenshaw location, focusing on young women who are participants of the nonprofit organization, TheRareOproject.

This nonprofit organization looks to “nurture, motivate, and support teen moms.”

Last month, Foot Locker Crenshaw celebrated its grand opening.

The space was designed for community-focused events and connecting women of TheRareOproject to elite resources is a prime example on how this location was made for the community.

On Friday, March 25, approximately 20 women from diverse backgrounds gathered on plush pillows surrounded by the greenery of plants. They sat eye-level to actress Lauren London and master wellness educator, Devi Brown.

London created a line with Puma, labeled “Forever Stronger,” amplifying the power of overcoming any type of adversity.


The young women were given an opportunity to speak their truth and discuss ways to focus on self-love and individual evolution.

Before attending the event, women from TheRareOproject had access to professional coaching and received guidance in building their resume for future job opportunities.

The Foot Locker Crenshaw space was transformed into a sacred room of vulnerability, providing a restorative energy for these young women to see themselves in a different light.

After Brown led the group through meditation exercises, London discussed “Making a Seat for Yourself at the Table,” and together they talked about healing baths and slowing down throughout the day.


Also, all of the attendees shared the fears that they had as mothers. Afterwards, the young women had the opportunity to get professional headshots done on-site by noted photographer, Jasmine Baeza.

There was also an affirmation wall storing wooden heart keepsakes that was available for the participants of the TheRareOproject.

After the event, the young women were encouraged to take home a complimentary yoga mat, tote, guided journal, and other gifts.

Crenshaw-based business Hot & Cool Café donated light refreshments and beverages.


According to the Centers for Disease and Prevention (CDC), more than 10 percent of California’s birthrate involves teen mothers (2017). TheRareOproject wanted to address that statistic head on.

Their core values listed on the official website states, “Our mission is to empower young mothers to remain encouraged through obstacles faced as a new mom and we are here to support them through the process.”

TheRareOproject founder, Brittany Daniels, shared her thoughts on the impact of this event provided by Puma and Foot Locker L.A.

She stated, “This event was a first for our organization and community of teen moms that we serve.




As the founder, it meant so much to me to be a part of this opportunity and to help create this space of connection, empowerment, love, and light for my girls.”


Daniels continued, “I have been very vocal since starting TheRareOproject, an organization geared towards giving back to the teen mom community that my mission is bigger than providing our bi-monthly baby essential giveaway events -- although there’s a huge need in our community for it and it helps tremendously, but more importantly for me, it’s about creating opportunities that will help them prevail in their own personal and professional goals.”

The founder of TheRareOproject closed with the following statement, “Allowing them to be a part of this Puma event centered around women empowerment gave them that sense of hope.


I am extremely grateful for how everyone a part of this moment poured into them and made them feel valued as a new mom but also as a woman.”

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