April 07, 2022

By Devyn Bakewell

Staff Writer


The Neighborhood Talk is a news platform that will keep readers up to date with all of the celebrity updates one’s hear desires. Founded and owned by CEO Kyle Anfernee, this multi-million-dollar business works to update people on what’s going in pop-culture and entertainment in a way they can understand and enjoy.

Kyle Anfernee started his journey in this industry on platforms such as The Shade Room and Nicki Minaj’s QUEEN Radio. While working as Senior Editor and Red-Carpet Correspondent for the Shade Room in 2018, Anfernee started The Neighborhood Talk and later branched out on his own.

“I didn’t have time to wait to build myself up after The Shade Room,” Kyle told the Los Angeles Sentinel. “I had to take what I learned, and my own skill set, and just try to go for it and do it on my own.”

Unlike other gossip blogs, The Neighborhood Talk has a mission to try to be one’s friend.

“[The Neighborhood Talks] is very black-centered and for the culture. The terminology we use is also what people say on the streets, which helps with engagement with our followers.”

He continued with, “We try to word things like how you’d talk to a friend. We’re very conversational, so we turn news that may be hard to understand and explain it in a way where you can learn A to B, and then bring it to another person.”

Running a blog and news platform is no easy task. Anfernee shared with The Sentinel, his job takes hours of continuous work. While he enjoys the privileges of creating his own schedule and working from home, it can also be the most challenging part of the job.

“It’s hard to have a social life,” said the CEO. “I’m so busy on this page and trying to push it.”

Working in celebrity news is a job that’s constantly going. As an entrepreneur, Anfernee shared that he sometimes struggles maintaining a work and life balance. “I’ve gone through periods of depression because working from home can weigh on you. It’s not good staying inside for too long, and it’s important to go out.”

For those looking to get in the industry, Anfernee’s advice is to watch who you keep on your team.

“Working with family can be messy,” he shared.

Anfernee also advised people in this industry to “stay humble”. This is a key that he shared played a large part in the development of his career.

“Through all the trials and tribulations, appreciate everything and don’t beat yourself up. God has other things in store you, so when one door closes, another one opens.”

For those looking to follow in his steps and join the industry, Kyle opened up about not genuinely needing a college education to make it.

“You don’t need a journalism degree. We live in an era where you don’t have to go to school to be a journalist. You can make a social media page and just start. Maybe get a business degree, and minor in journalism. It’s an open field.” 

As The Neighborhood Talk continues, Kyle Anfernee sees it going beyond a blogsite and a podcast.

“You never know. I see us as more than just on Instagram. We have merch coming out, and I’m working on a talk show.”

With almost a million followers, Anfernee also shared that The Neighborhood Talk will soon be looking to expand their team.

Throughout 2022, the CEO will work to push his platform in hopes to take it beyond what even he can imagine. Anfernee also stated that one of his big focuses this year is prioritizing his mental health.

“I will say, during this whole process [of starting his business] my mental health has taken a toll. I’m very focused on going to get that in check and working on me.”

One can keep up to date with Kyle Anfernee’s juicy celebrity news on https://tnhtalk.com or on his Instagram platforms @theneighborhoodtalk and @kyle.anfernee.

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