April 07, 2022

By Margrira

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It’s always a great honor to introduce up-and-coming talent, especially those that can hold the attention of an entire audience in a one-woman play.

This is the very case with actress Felicia Curry who will step into the Queens Girl in the World, a one-woman play written by Caleen Sinette Jenning where she will play the protagonist, Jacqueline Marie Butler.

Queens Girl in the World looks at one young woman’s journey of self-discovery during the Civil Rights era following Butler as she morphs from a protective, middle-class upbringing in 1950s Queens to a progressive, predominantly Jewish private school in Greenwich Village.

Queens Girl in the World opens at Theater Row on April 10th in a production led by director Paige Hernandez along with Mika Eubanks (costume design), Daisy Long (lighting design), Lisa Renkel (projection design), and Teresa Williams (set design). The show runs (in theater 5) from April 9 to May 1, 2022.

Paige Hernandez, who has worked with Curry said, “Felicia has been a tremendous gift in the DC theater community for many years now. It's only fitting that her Abingdon debut is with a piece that will highlight so many of her strengths. You don't want to miss the chance to watch this star rocket launch to the next level”.

Please let me know your thoughts as I would love to chat to see if we can do something to support Felicia and her role in Queens Girl in the World. I have attached the press release below for your perusal. Thank you so much for your time and I look forward to hearing back from you!

Here is what Felicia Curry from the one-woman show Queens Girl in the World, opening April 9 in a limited run at Theatre 5 in Theatre Row to May 1st, had to share about the play and her role.

L.A. WATTS TIMES: Ms. Curry, please describe your role in the one-woman play, Queens Girl in the World?


FELICIA CURRY: I play Jacqueline Marie Butler, a young black girl who is coming of age in the midst of the civil rights movement. She is navigating life in two different worlds, her neighborhood in Queens, NY, and her new school in Greenwich Village. Through her journey, we are introduced to the folks and situations in her life that help her mature, grow up, and slowly discover her place in the world.

LAWT: What challenges do you experience in being in a one-woman play?

FC: Having a conversation with myself! That’s one of the biggest challenges but it is also the thing that excites me about this work. The challenge of discovering how to transform my body and my voice in a way that creates characters that you truly believe in is what I love about this process.

LAWT: The play looks at a young woman’s journey of self-discovery during the Civil Rights era, is there any connection with you on a personal level?

FC: Absolutely. The story of trying to find your place in a world where you constantly feel like an outsider is a story I completely understand. As a young girl growing up in a New Jersey suburb, I was one of a handful of black students at my school. Figuring out who I was and how to relate to my classmates was a constant battle, as was the struggle to find my place among my black friends. Like Jackie, I often felt like I was two different people trying to survive in two different worlds. Jackie’s story is one of growth, discovery, and learning, and I believe that’s a story we can all

Limited run at Theatre 5 in Theatre Row from April 9 to May 1.

Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased at the link below:


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