April 07, 2022



You’ll be aching to connect with your significant other or someone special in a sensual, transformative way early in the week. Your desires are amplified, and you are hyperaware of your most animalistic needs right now. Make sure to own that and explore exciting new ways to ensure that you’re fulfilled. Later, the cosmos turns your attention to acquiring new knowledge and skills that might allow you to go after new opportunities on the job. You’ll want to put yourself out there socially and by traveling outside of your usual, comfortable radius in order to have eye-opening experiences. 




You’ll find it’s easier to get on the same page as your significant other, business partner, or dearest friend early in the week. Take advantage of this by putting your heads together on the game plan for a shared goal. You’ll get into a flow by exchanging ideas and knock your strategizing out of the park! Later, lucky energy can influence your deepest physical, emotional, and spiritual bond-building. Make a point to kick back and enjoying quiet time devoted to sensual pleasures with someone special. It could translate to a truly transformative moment. 




You can look forward to extra harmonious vibes with your significant other, a dear friend, a business partner, or all of the above when the week starts. Your interest in fostering one-on-one bonds is elevated now, as is your craving to be in sync with your nearest and dearest VIPs. Later, your head and your heart should be in sync when it comes to your fitness plan. You’ll feel razor-focused and fired up to get after your most ambitious goals, potentially mapping out a new workout schedule, trying different classes, and building self-care practices into your daily routine. 




Making plans with your sweetheart or closest friends should get much easier than it has been over the past few weeks when this week begins. Although you might feel frustrated by any professional or relationship-related roadblocks that have popped up recently, but you can take heart in the fact that smoother waters are ahead. Later, the cosmos amplifies your interest in self-care and pursuing your big-picture health goals. Researching and experimenting with new mind-body routines (like acupuncture or meditation) might prove particularly revitalizing now. Just make sure to check in with your intuition, because it’s your main gauge for telling you if you’re on the right track.




Early this week is the perfect time to enjoy a special date you’ve been daydreaming about or schedule a pampering beauty or self-care treatment. It’s almost as if anything other than following your heart feels unnatural at this moment, so allow yourself to key into that, then go for it. The sky’s the limit! Later, the cosmos urges you to shake up your typical approach to achieving a major professional goal. Managing to get out of your comfort zone could go a long way toward impressing the higher-ups. 




Sticking to the same old tried-and-true routine is bound to feel stale and stagnating early in the week. Instead, you’ll want to get out of your comfort zone and try a new workout class, travel for work, or meet up with people outside of your usual social circle. You’ll be drawn to any opportunities to broaden your horizons, especially if they pop up out of the blue! Later, you’ll be craving quiet time at home, surrounded by your loved ones and prioritizing your privacy and the activities that keep you grounded and secure. 




At the start of the week, confusion and technical difficulties related to your moneymaking endeavors should straighten out. You’ll get the green light to research and go after work you care about that could also increase your cash flow. Later, the cosmos bumps up your desire to share intellectually stimulating, vibrant conversation with your lover or friends. Set yourself up for satisfaction by making plans that are sure to spark an animated exchange of ideas and electric mental energy (like seeing a thought-provoking movie or visiting a museum). You’ll feel like you’re feeding your mind and soul as you enjoy bond-boosting as well! 




You’ll breathe a sigh of relief if it starts to feel like you can get back into a rhythm with any action plans for hitting big picture personal goals early in the week. Reflect on the past few months and consider ways you managed to improve how you see yourself and project yourself to others. These lessons can be particularly useful as you forge ahead in pursuit of your aspirations. Later, the cosmos powers up your intuition and appetite to have a deep, emotional, spiritually minded conversation with your colleagues and VIPs. You’ll elevate your connections! 




You might have more vivid, intense dreams (during the night and day) early in the week. Try to tap in to what your imagination is telling you, because it could shed light on deeply rooted, unconscious patterns that are influencing how you’re taking action in your life. In general, this marks a fruitful time for active self-reflection. Later, seeking pleasure and spending time with people who feel like home is your number-one priority. Thankfully, both of these desires should come without much effort at all. You’ll be feeling joyful and calm in a way that has you radiating from the inside out. Enjoy this blissful moment! 




As the week starts, your hunger for a transformative, emotional experience with someone special intensifies. The mood is right for making your desires known. Later, you’d do well to spend time reflecting on lessons you’ve learned about platonic relationships over the past few months. It could be that you’ve had friendships challenged or reconnected with a community that feels like a comforting support network. Either way, your renewed sense of who’s in your corner will be helpful as you try to gauge which group activities you want to devote your energies to in the weeks ahead.




Any longing to make an impression on higher-ups and take your professional dreams to the next level is sure to be magnified as the week starts. You have a burst of energy to put your nose to the grindstone and tackle tasks that could lead to career advancement. Putting in the work and believing in yourself should translate to rewards. Later, the cosmos boosts your interest in attending group events and spending quality time with friends and colleagues. The more you can devote your time to humanitarian projects, charitable causes, or community-oriented endeavors, the more fulfilled you’ll feel now. 




You’ll be even more intuitively in sync with your closest social circle in the beginning of the week. Take advantage of this by talking through causes that are near and dear to your heart. Connecting and then collaborating on this with others could be tremendously satisfying. Later, you could have an opportunity to step into the spotlight on the job, encouraged by higher-ups to pitch your most brilliant proposal, or take the reins on a high-stakes project. Zeroing in on what drives and motivates you and then sharing that in a public way can set you up for meaningful accolades. 

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