April 21, 2022



Early in the week, you’ll be inspired to enjoy an eye-opening experience with your partner. An unusual date night (think staying in and cooking an exotic recipe together or going on an impromptu weekend trip) has you feeling joyful and alive. Later, it’s possible you’ll feel like you’ve been overworked and have yet to receive the recognition you deserve for your efforts. In turn, you could feel grouchy and frustrated. The best fix: doing some soul-searching to recognize and accept why you’re feeling the way you are, then planning a restorative break doing something you deeply enjoy.




You’ll feel driven and powered up to succeed while working closely with colleagues on a high-stakes project when the week starts. Collaboration and playing to one another’s strengths can elevate your energy around your efforts, so do your best to be a team player! Later, you’ll do well to prioritize one-on-one time with your partner or someone special. The sweet, cherished time together amplifies your desire to have candid conversations, sharing what’s in your heart. This can feel truly empowering and bond bolstering.




You’ll be feeling self-assured and inspired to take on a major project related to your wellness and your community (like a charity walk or run) when the week starts. Your desire to support and work alongside others not only earns you a round of applause but might also boost your public profile among people you respect. Later, you’ll enjoy a burst of dreamy, creative energy. This moment is perfect for brainstorming and then proposing an imaginative idea. Given that your sensitivity is heightened now, you’ll do best to commit to a pitch that your heart is truly in.




At the beginning of the week, working toward shared aspirations and feeling in sync comes even more organically for you and your significant other, dearest friend, or closest colleague. Close collaborations that happen at a one-on-one level will allow you to hit your own goals and strengthen your bond as well. Later, you’ll want to let yourself spin down the rabbit hole daydreaming about long-distance travel or exciting ways to elevate your skill set. Focus on these opportunities, then make your move by booking a flight or signing up for a class. 




Bumping up your focus and commitment to your fitness and clean eating routines comes even more naturally starting early in the week. You’ll be inspired to try new workouts and experiment in the kitchen with delicious, healthy recipes or a meal delivery service. The more you can make it part of your everyday routine, the more vital and centered you’ll feel. Later, you’ll be stirred to open up about your fantasies with your partner or someone special you’ve had your eye on. Ensuring that you’re allowing yourself to be open and vulnerable emotionally with yourself and with others can take your connection to a whole new level. 




When the week starts, you can count on a bevy of opportunities to express yourself creatively while kicking back and having joyful, carefree fun with loved ones, friends, and romantic interests. Laying off the heavy-duty planning and work for a bit can infuse your love life and career track with joyful moments and artistic fulfillment. Later, you’ll be feeling extra imaginative and sensitive, wanting to prioritize the pursuit of your dreamiest and romantic desires with your partner or a potential match. Allow yourself to hit pause on the analytical monologue in your brain and get carried away.




You might be itching to pump yourself up and step up to the plate to share a major business proposal with higher-ups early in the week. They’ll applaud your passion, drive, and solid game plan, which can lead to a green light for bringing in the cash you’ve had your eye on. Later, you’ll be feeling more confident when it comes to an important conversation you’ve been wanting to have with your partner or a dear friend. Speak your truth and you can’t go wrong. 




You’ll crave joyful quality time with your partner or your nearest and dearest loved ones at the beginning of the week. Open up about your sweetest emotions in a physical, flirtatious way, if you feel so inspired. This can go far to amplifying your chemistry. Later, you might feel like you have no choice but to write up a list of errands and busywork that can end up feeling intensely overwhelming. The key to avoiding burnout: build in breaks as you go.




Early in the week, the cosmos is magnifying your potential to pinpoint and bring in new moneymaking opportunities. Thankfully, these won’t be just any gigs that you feel less than enthused about. Instead, this is a time when you can enjoy growth related to projects that really get you fired up and feel like they’re in line with your values. A slow and steady approach serves you best. Later, you’ll crave playful time with your significant other or a dear friend. Go with the flow and you’ll feel happy and at peace.




At the week's start, your enthusiasm and confidence are amplified. If you’ve been itching for a bit of a personal makeover or fresh fuel for your most pressing personal goals, you’ll have the power of the cosmos on your side. You can apply this expansive energy toward your fitness, professional, or relationship goals! Later, you might be frustrated if it feels like your work is taking far too much of your energy and infringing on the downtime you want to share with loved ones. Despite being perpetually industrious, you deserve to rest on occasion. 




It’s possible you’ll have to straighten out a confusing turn of events or miscommunication that crops up related to money matters at the beginning of the week. The cosmos could cloud rational thought, making it difficult to get a grip on solid facts. For that reason, make sure you double-check and question anything that seems off and perhaps hit pause on making any big moves now. Later, you’ll be craving vibrant, social time spent with colleagues and friends. Connections fuel your soul, in general, but right now they can go extra far to helping you feel supported and centered.




At the week's start, the cosmos is giving your team efforts and friendships a major boost. The magnifying, expansive energy can help make it possible for you to benefit from your various support networks and pinpoint ways to turn collaborations into reaching long-term goals. A feeling of community fuels your success. Later, you might be feeling especially sensitive. Putting work on the back burner temporarily and prioritizing self-care practices you enjoy (like getting a massage, meeting with your therapist, enjoying a hot yoga class, or going for a long meditative walk) supports that feeling of well-being you so crave and deserve.

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