April 28, 2022 



At the week's start, you’ll crave conversations with friends, colleagues, and loved ones that touch on themes of philosophy and big-picture ideas. Any project that requires you to focus on boring, everyday minutiae could feel especially frustrating or draining. See what you can do to check those tasks off your list quickly so you can move on to the subjects that feel more stimulating now. Later, the cosmos might cause you to feel pulled between a long list of to-dos and a desire to chill out and focus on self-care. Finding the balance serves you best now. 




It’s possible that over the past couple of weeks you’ve felt pulled and pushed on the job, torn between what you want to do and what you feel you need to do to bring in that paycheck and, in turn, promote your sense of security. But at the beginning of the week, you’ll be zeroed in on striking a balance and figuring out how you can prioritize the work that really feeds your soul. Later, the cosmos turns up the volume on your desire for getting out of your comfort zone, ideally with someone who makes your heart race. Speak up, then take action on your vision. 




When the week starts, one-on-one collaborations fuel your soul even more than usual. You might have a hunger to soak up viewpoints that both echo and conflict with your own, so make sure to trade plenty of ideas back and forth with your best friend, significant other, or a close colleague. These conversations might help you land on a joint effort that you’re both fired up about. Later, you could be feeling a bit fed up if you’ve been putting everyone else’s needs above your own. It’s time to reflect on your emotions and pinpoint what you need to do to take care of yourself and feel centered and well. Setting boundaries might be a winning way to do this.




As the week starts, you’ll have extra support for taking on all those major and minor tasks that you’ve been trying to squeeze into your day-to-day, week-to-week routine. Whether that means finally joining that gym and getting in your strength training or swimming on a regular basis, or packing healthy meals to bring to work, you’ll feel like you can tackle healthy changes with the wind in your sails. Later, the cosmos amplifyies your appetite for unique, eye-opening, magical-feeling moments with your significant other or another special someone. You’ll be extra alluring to others now as well. 




Expressing your most vivid, artistic thoughts and proposals comes even more organically early in the week. You’ll easily entertain your co-workers and significant other or friends with your quick wit and almost childlike playful energy. Take advantage of this vibe by teeing up an imaginative pitch you’ve been working on, or enjoying flirtation and intellectual banter as a way to set the stage for foreplay with someone special. Later, a team project or humanitarian cause might demand a great deal of your attention, energy, and focus. Thankfully, you’ll feel like pulling your weight as part of a greater community or group is stimulating and fueling your personal and professional goals, so it’ll be worth your effort.




You’ll find yourself itching for deep, emotional conversations with your loved ones as the week starts. It feels natural to reminisce about the past and your roots, as well as the dynamic among those you care about the most. These dialogues could lead to better understanding and even stronger bonds. Later, you could be tasked with stepping into the spotlight to make a major presentation, take on more responsibility on the job, or take the reins on a group effort. You can easily prove you have what it takes and approach these tasks with enthusiasm and focus. Fulfilling the needs of higher-ups can lead to career advancement. 




It might be more challenging than usual to connect with those you’re closest to at the week's start. You might feel like there’s a strange, inexplicable distance or coldness that’s standing in the way of your ability to find common ground. Keeping your cool and allowing the moment to pass makes it easier to cope. Later, you’ll feel like it’s time to put your most monotonous tasks on the back burner in order to shake things up in a way that fuels your mind and spirit. This could look like taking on a new fitness routine or planning a vacation or even playing hooky one afternoon so you can check out a cultural event. 




Taking a microscope to your cash flow, budget, and other financial plans can feel especially empowering and productive early in the week. You’ll have the focus and analytical energy to make a solid dent in any organizational tasks you’ve wanted to tackle and to set goals related to moneymaking and investments. Meeting with a financial adviser might be wise as well. Later, you feel stirred to consider your significant other or a loved one’s needs as well as your own. If you’ve been giving more than you’ve been offered, or vice versa, you’ll do well to take steps that bolster reciprocity now.




Finding common ground with a close colleague, dear friend, or significant other might be your main focus as the week starts. If it feels like your impulses and focus have been at odds with one another, or you’re simply not as in sync as you’d like to be, this is a moment to zero in on solutions. Later, an exciting moneymaking opportunity could crop up out of the blue. If you’re able to put your skills to use on a regular basis and bring in the income that you feel you deserve for your efforts, you’ll feel fortunate and stimulated.




Meditation and reflecting on deep, psychologically rooted issues might be particularly appealing and healing at the start of the week. You’ll do well to journal, express yourself through an art form that speaks to you, or even address old emotional wounds in therapy. The more you can give voice to the mental and emotional forces that underlie your everyday life, the more vital you’ll feel as a result. Later, you might be inspired to overhaul habits you know aren’t serving your health. A holistic game plan that aims to address and boost your mental, physical, and emotional wellness can feel not only necessary but doable and empowering.




You might be feeling like work has been your main focus for the past several weeks, and you need a break to spend downtime with the people close to your heart as the week gets underway. Without allowing yourself playful, unstructured time to connect with your VIPs and have lighthearted fun, you might risk burnout and resentment. Later, you’ll be feeling fired up to pitch your most imaginative ideas to higher-ups. As long as you feel especially confident that you have a winning plan, your heart is in it, and it’s supporting your creative energy, you’ll be sure to impress those with the power to greenlight your plan. 




Sitting down with higher-ups to go over your goals, both short term and long term, might be your main goal early in the week. You can use language and self-expression to drive home any powerful message you want them to hear, whether that’s related to taking on more responsibility or doing what you must to earn additional recognition. Later, you’ll feel driven to express yourself creatively and expand your horizons. Letting your imagination run wild and then actually acting on your daydreams might very well feel like the right way to make the most of this moment. If your intuition says yes, go for it! 

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