May 05, 2022



You’ll find you’re stirred to put your energy toward building and enjoying platonic relationships early this week. Intellectual conversations and brainstorming with friends and colleagues will be particularly satisfying, as will be working toward a common goal, like raising money for a favorite charity or submitting a proposal for a creative project. Later, if you’re single, romantic connections you make now could have solid friendship as a foundation. Then, your desire to earn recognition on the job is amplified. You’ll also have a more practical game plan for achieving these results, which is ideal for success. 




You’ll want to share what’s in your heart with your sweetheart or a potential match at the start of the week. At the same time, planning a weekend getaway or enjoying another pastime that allows you to learn and experience something new together can feel extra satisfying. Later, you could be craving more independence on the job and clash with higher-ups when you attempt to assert your needs. You might be surprised and frustrated by the way your appeal is received. Wait for the dust to settle and find an alternate plan that will satisfy your urge in the meantime. 




As the week begins, you’ll be focused on building your connection with your significant other or someone new. Even if social invitations are flooding in, you might prefer to share quiet nights at home exploring your emotions and then expressing how you feel verbally and physically. Later, your imagination will be firing on all cylinders, and your emotions, while sensitized, might be informing impromptu, brilliant brainstorms. Putting this burst of creative energy toward your work could earn you applause from higher-ups.




You’ll be exploring ways to transform yourself and experience personal growth, likely through a deep, powerful connection with a loved one or significant other early in the week. Allowing yourself to get carried away and curious about what you’re experiencing can make for fulfilling results. Later, you might feel like you’ll do your best work if you’re collaborating with your significant other, a dear friend, or a close colleague. There’s no shame in leaning on the strengths of one of these close confidants and finding your perfect yin/yang balance. Not only will you reach the finish line even faster as a team, but you could also learn a lot about yourselves in the process.




Although you’ll have your pick of gatherings, work happy hours, and other outings, you might gravitate to one-on-one time with a romantic interest or best friend as the week starts. You’ll find that working through any existing emotional issues together and then forging a new path, which feels productive for you both, occurs organically and is satisfying mentally and emotionally. Later, the cosmos amplifies your self-improvement efforts. If you’re hoping to get a head start on a makeover or take your current routine to the next level, you’ll have the self-assured energy to go for it! 




You might find you’re wearing your heart on your sleeve even more than usual when the week begins. But instead of feeling like it's nerve-wracking or worrisome, being vulnerable about your deepest emotions actually empowers you and infuses your connections with a magical vibe. Later, your day-to-day effort to hit the gym and make clean and delicious meals gets a boost in the form of support from friends and family. You’ll be trading notes about your favorite supplements and classes, then acting as one another’s biggest cheerleaders, which goes far to boost your motivation. 




When the week begins, your focus is on spending time with loved ones, ideally close to home. You’ll want to nurture the aspects of life that make you feel secure and comfortable, whether that’s relationships or routines that feel grounding and in line with who you are at your core. Later, you might find yourself wanting to express yourself creatively and connect in a flirtatious, fun-loving way with the people in your life. Whether you’re planning dinners and dates, or getting in touch with your inner kid by enjoying carefree, imaginative fun, you’ll be taking advantage of the sweet vibes. 




You might be steaming with frustration aimed at colleagues or higher-ups early in the week. Although you would prefer to repress it, dealing with your negative feelings in a measured, calculated way is your best bet. A confrontation needs to occur either way, so it’s better if you can get ahead of it now. Later, the cosmos amplifies your craving for gentle affection and warm words exchanged with loved ones. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable and honest when it comes to your most heartfelt emotions is key to making the most of this moment.




You might feel like you’re speaking a different language than a dear friend or loved one when the week starts. Instead of jumping to sweeping conclusions right away, do your best to clarify. If you’re still struggling to see eye to eye, you might do well to let the dust settle before attempting again. Later, you’ll be fired up to elevate your moneymaking efforts and spend time bringing in new sources of cash. Projects that feel like they speak to your interests and reflect your values are your priority now. Brainstorm additional ideas that feel equally in line with the causes you care most about and you’re sure to see returns on your efforts.




You might feel like you’re struggling to be recognized by those in a position of power, despite all your efforts at the start of the week. You might also feel more emotional and as though it’s time to make major changes to feel more centered. Later, you’ll have the green light to get after major personal goals. It’s your time to shine and claim the spotlight doing whatever it is you feel compelled to do to heighten your sense of self and success. A major piece of this is self-expression, so have those important talks with higher-ups and loved ones to either tie up lingering concerns or forge an exciting path moving forward. 




Feeling more magnetic and affectionate is just one of the sweet benefits early this week. You’re driven to pursue your favorite pleasurable activities, from having heartfelt, intellectually stimulating conversations to exploring and adventuring with friends, and if you’re attached, your significant other. Allowing yourself to follow your heart and enjoy the romantic, self-nurturing side of life is restorative now. Later, an unexpected, surprising turn of events might create friction with loved ones. You could feel like you need to strike out on your own versus make peace, but you’ll do well to reflect before making any bold moves. 




You’ll find it’s extra satisfying to spend time with friends and colleagues in the beginning of the week. The more group projects and community events you can involve yourself in, the more stimulated you’ll feel intellectually and emotionally. What’s more, working with others can help you reach personal goals during this period. Later, your emotions are cranked up a notch, and you’ll be fantasizing about getting out of your comfort zone with a friend or partner. An impromptu trip or out-of-the-ordinary date might be exactly what’s called for. 


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