May 05, 2022

By Betti Halsell

Assistant Managing Editor


Where would the South Los Angeles be without the kindness of Mothers in Action? The celebration of maternal parents is recognized nationally as Mother’s Day. It is a moment to reflect and show gratitude for everything they do.


Mothers in Action (MIA) has done more for the collective community of Los Angeles than one can measure. They are there for the unsheltered, they are there for those in need of medical services, and they continue to bring hope to those in underserved communities.


MIA has their process down to a science, they make themselves available to the community in any way they can.


As a very well known nonprofit organization, MIA has aided underserved children, college students, and older residents for over 25 years. Providing the help that is needed, MIA  looks to embody mothers who care.



It’s monumental to perform one good deed, but it’s life changing when it’s done consistently.


MIA has provided school supplies to impacted communities for over 20 years.


Last year, they gave away roughly 1,000 backpacks that were fully stocked in school supplies.



During the holidays, The generosity of MIA supplied gifts and gift cards to more than 450 young people through its Angel Tree Christmas Project, throughout South Los Angeles.

When coronavirus was at its peak, MIA brought healthcare resources deep within local communities, providing vaccination and testing multiple times. They have provided protective masks and other PPE materials.





This maternally structured organization has often monitored women's health and brought specific services like mammograms into neighborhoods that are highly impacted.



“Black women disproportionately get and do not survive breast cancer because it is not discovered early enough," explained MIA President Tracy Mitchell, which is why her organization held its most recent mammogram event.

As the year unfolds, MIA will offer other health-related programs.


They are devoted to providing and advancing health education, screening, and other tools to help people live healthier lives.


Mothers In Action was founded in 1992, “to improve the quality of life for South L.A. children and families, sponsors a range of services including mentoring programs, financial literacy training, job placement and referrals.” 



MIA is devoted to providing and advancing health education, screening, and other tools to help people live healthier lives.



MIA provide a variety of services, including mentoring programs, financial literacy training, job placement, and referrals.




They are looking to improve the quality of life for children and families in South Los Angeles.



Without Mothers in Action's protection, where would South L.A?





Mother's Day is a national holiday focused to commemorating maternal parents.



It's a time to reflect and express gratitude for everything she's managed to accomplish.


There are not enough thank you’s, not enough hugs, to give the members of MIA.


Each of them have dedicated a colossal amount of time and energy to make sure that everyone felt their action in love.

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