May 12, 2022



The start of the week sets the stage to explore uncharted terrain in your relationships, likely in the form of discussing subjects you’ve put on the back burner. Speaking your truth is extra empowering now and can bolster understanding and harmony in your bond. Later, you’ll need to turn your attention to your public reputation and career path. If you feel like you’ve fallen off track somehow and could use more focus around your professional aspirations, now’s the time to assert your goals with higher-ups. Zeroing in on this part of your life could lead to major, rewarding change.




Although it’s your tendency to stay within your comfort zone, as the week begins you’ll feel stirred to shake things up and broaden your horizons by learning something new, traveling somewhere you’ve never been before, or meeting people who are unlike others you’ve connected with before. You need this out-of-the-ordinary stimulation to fuel a shifting approach to life. Later, you're motivated to meditate on deep, philosophical matters and bring them up in conversations with friends and colleagues. You won’t be content to stick to small talk. A global perspective is what you want to cover now. 




As the week begins, you’ll spend a day opening up about how you feel to your significant other or another loved one. Words and language matter more than ever now, and they have a direct line to your heart, so you can use the power of language (of which you have an innate grasp) to bolster bonds that are central to your life and emotional well-being. Later, your attention turns to deeper, more transformative communication. This period was made for discussing desires, verbalizing how you feel while showing physical affection, and talking over joint financial concerns with a significant other or close colleague. 




At the start of the week, your intuition and creative, quirky energy are firing on all cylinders, and you’ll be feeling self-assuredness around both intimate and platonic relationships. This sets the stage for good times with friends and loved ones, particularly if you can let your playful sense of humor shine. Later, you’ll be reflecting on ways you might need additional reciprocity in your closest relationships. You’ll ponder your needs as an individual and how you might be giving too much of yourself. Realizing you deserve to be met with equal effort by others, especially a dear friend or significant other, you’ll want to address and perhaps even overhaul imbalanced dynamics now. 




You’ll enjoy warm, loving communication with loved ones at the beginning of the week. It’s easy to share how you feel in a lighthearted way, so if you’ve been meaning to address a tense situation of any kind, this period might be the time to take aim at that ongoing relationship issue. Later, you might be compelled to take a microscope to your everyday routine and consider whether it’s serving your health and your goals around that. If you need to step up your self-care, some changes might be called for.




You might be feeling like you need more support from a significant other or friends at the week's start. You’ll also feel like it’s time to put work on the back burner so you can tend to your relationships overall. Instead of allowing your head to lead the way, tuning into your heart is key now. Later, you’ll be feeling more creative and inclined toward vibrant self-expression. The more you can allow your imagination and artistic impulses to fuel not just your work but also your personal relationships, the happier and healthier you’ll feel. Others might even take note of how your inner glow radiates through your words and actions.




You can tune into your intuition even more than usual in the beginning of the week. Do a gut check, then open up to a significant other or other loved one about what’s on your mind. Later, you’ll want to set a powerful intention related to improving your bonds with certain loved ones or making your home feel like even more of a sanctuary. The cosmos urges you to amplify your feeling of security and comfort through your closest relationships and your home base, so you’ll do well to be honest with yourself about what you need in order to do that.




You’ll be driven to express how you feel about issues that are impacting your immediate environment when the week starts. This could look like getting involved with a local political campaign, joining forces with your neighbors to put your energy toward a humanitarian cause, or finding a way you can make an even more powerful impact on your community through your work. Later, the cosmos offers you a burst of confidence and optimism related to the way you express your ideas and connect with friends and colleagues. You’ll want to put yourself out there in a dynamic way!




Your emotions are bound to be magnified by the early week vibe. You’ll feel extra enthusiastic about taking trips down memory lane, either with family or simply by getting lost in enthralling conversations with friends or loved ones. Let this fuel your soul! Later, it’s time to get serious about your moneymaking goals. And while they do matter, it’s about more than numbers and spreadsheets now. You’ll want to do a self-check to make sure that the work you’re focusing on truly reflects the path you want to be heading down.




You’ll be compelled to identify and express your truth, candidly and unapologetically, early in the week. This moment is all about pinpointing how you want to assert your individuality and reflecting on how doing that can add fire and passion to your life. Use this moment to feel proud of how far you’ve come, then envision your ideal future. Later, the cosmos gives you extra assuredness around the way you’re sharing your big ideas and initiating conversations with those who are in a position of power to greenlight your major proposals. Take advantage of this period by pitching projects that you’ve been keeping in your back pocket and feel driven to take on.




Lean into any urge to reflect on your insecurities and deepest-rooted fears as the week begins. If you’ve been mentally beating yourself up for not hitting certain goals or falling short in whatever way you wish you hadn’t, it’s time to clean house psychologically and start practicing more self-compassion. This can lead you down a happier, more centered healing path. Later, you’ll be drawn to researching new ways to expand and calm your mind. Using a meditation app, learning about a practice like Reiki, or working with a trusted expert on an intriguing mind-body practice can be gratifying. 




You’ll feel pumped up to collaborate with friends and loved ones on an exciting project when the week begins. Sure, it might just be in the brainstorming phase right now, but you won’t want to ignore that electric feeling that gets you charged up and ready to take on the world. Those in your circle will be impressed and entertained by your energy. Later, you’ll be drawn once more to group projects and feeling like part of a team. Finding and jumping on more opportunities to do this is integral to taking your success to the next level.

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