May 26, 2022



You could find yourself reflecting on your roots and domestic sphere early in the week. Your idea of ideal roots and security, both professional and personal, might be evolving in some way that’s initially hard to pinpoint. Being open to the tide shifting is key to making the most of the moment. Later, if you’ve been feeling compelled to create change in your professional path, now is the time to start shaking things up. Applying for a new job or carving out a whole new path related to your current one could lead to more rewarding results. 




Whether you’ve been thinking about ways you can reshape your personal goals or how you can work on your self-image, it’s time to put the wheels in motion when the week begins. The cosmos can fuel your drive to create tangible changes and momentum in any part of your life you feel has stagnated. Later in the week is a time when hard work is not only encouraged and facilitated but rewarded with a feeling of empowerment. Put your nose to the grindstone in one particular area of your life where you’ll benefit from honing your skill set, and you’ll find you’re able to spur progress in an exciting way.




A horizon-broadening experience might be exactly what your heart is yearning for when the week begins. Plan a date night or simply spend time with a loved one getting out of your comfort zone, and you could feel swept up in something that feels magical and downright perspective shifting. Later, you might find you’ve reached a culmination in your professional path and you're itching to begin moving in a new direction. Now is the time to do a self-check and see if your values and long-term goals still align with your work. If it feels as though they’re out of sync, taking concrete action steps will help you center emotionally. 




As the week starts, it’s a time for change and, in turn, personal growth. Although you might be telling yourself that you’re content with the direction you’re heading in personally, in terms of your health, your career, your life goals, the eclipse is here to encourage you to reflect on that and consider tweaks or turns in the road that would make you feel even more fulfilled. Let your intuition guide you. Later, the groundwork is laid for serious conversations with a significant other, dear friend, or close colleague. Although you’d do well to stick to the facts, the cosmos can also amplify the tendency to be too cool and calculating, so striking a balance is key to progress. 




At the week's start, your mind is sure to be buzzing with ways you can take your current self-improvement strategy to the next level. Take advantage of the moment by doing research or having animated conversations with friends or experts. The information you gather now could amplify your confidence and help you soar. Later, it’s time to give more credence to your dreams and soul’s desires. Journaling or having a deep, heartfelt conversation with someone you trust (like a therapist or health coach) can lead to psychic breakthroughs. Applying these takeaways to your daily life could bolster your mental and emotional wellness. 




If you’ve been wanting to share how you feel with your significant other or another special someone, you’d do well to zero in on the early part of the week. Th cosmos boosts your confidence in sharing what’s in your heart in a way that feels right to you and can make a lasting, emotional impression. Later, a team project is coming to a close and you sense a stimulating change related to communities and groups you’ve become an integral part of. Now is the time to meditate on your personal relationship to this powerful, collaborative effort and pinpoint your next winning move. 




The start of the week is a gorgeous time to break free of your typical routine and connect with someone special in a spontaneous, flirtatious way. Allow yourself to get in touch with your inner playful, fairy tale-loving spirit, letting that energy guide your social plans. It’ll make sparks fly! Later, it’s time to get clear on what you want professionally. It’s quite possible that recognition is at the top of your list. Make your aims clear and you can begin to move in a more satisfying direction. 




Although you tend to be a creature of habit, you won’t be content to stay on the same old track, in your everyday environment early in the week. You want to travel, explore, experience new places, meet new people, and acquire knowledge that helps you feel as though you’re moving forward. Give in to your urge to move out of your comfort zone, and you’ll find transformation is within reach. Later, the stage is set for some eye-opening moments and twists and turns in the road with your significant other or a dear friend. If your progress on a team effort has stalled, you can use this energy to create change.  




You’ll be soul-searching and reflecting on your closest relationships early in the week. It’s time to take a hard look at reciprocity and the mental load that one of you might be carrying or the emotional labor that one of you is doing that the other is not. If you feel like any of this is out of whack, calling attention to it now is necessary to keep your bond healthy, thriving, and gratifying (emotionally, mentally, physically) for you both. Later, the cosmos supports your ability to present and discuss moneymaking strategies and business proposals. If you’ve been keeping a brilliant idea in your back pocket, now is the time to share it!    




At the week's start, you can anticipate major changes in a close bond that is inextricably tied to your self-image. Whether you’ve been putting too much energy in a toxic friendship or it’s time for you and your significant other to get serious about a future game plan, this could be an intense moment for identifying how you want to proceed in the relationship. Thinking about how this connection is affecting you as an individual isn’t only advisable, it’s necessary now. Later, the cosmos magnifies your desire to do challenging work and experience growth that stems from it. You’ll benefit from your commitment to seeing it through.  




Pleasurable, artistic, beauty-loving experiences with dear friends and a significant other come naturally early in the week. Whether you’re taking in art at a museum, seeing a play, or enjoying entertaining conversation at a party, the lighthearted moment can infuse your bond with a renewed sense of vitality and connection. Later, making significant changes to your routine in order to improve your work/life balance might be necessary. Although you tend to prioritize team, community, or humanitarian ideals ahead of your own needs, a turn of events could serve to remind you to take care of yourself on a regular basis. 




Your emotional intelligence and ability to apply that to your social and professional connections are elevated as the week begins. Take advantage by working with others on a team project or attending a class (like meditation or yoga) that allows you to share ideas, learn, and grow alongside others who are committed to holding space for one another. Later, you’ll be itching to put work on the back burner that feels stifling in lieu of projects that allow your passionate inner artist to come out and play. Embracing creativity and your unique voice feels satisfying to your soul.   


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