June 02, 2022



When the week begins, you might find yourself craving more solo time or feeling more secretive than usual. You’ll be drawn to affairs or romantic moments that feel clandestine and understand the underlying psychological pull of a love interest. This might also be a time to put an end to relationships that are no longer serving you mentally and emotionally. Later, the cosmos sets the stage for lots of discourse and collaboration with colleagues and friends. If you’ve been wanting to get ahead on a professional or personal project, brainstorming with others and finding ways to support one another could be integral to your success.  




If you’re single, spending time with groups of friends and engaging with your community could lay the groundwork for you to connect with someone special early in the week. Another way this could play out is you’ll have the opportunity to make progress on a creative project with the help of colleagues or other people in your social circle. Later, you're inspired to open up about warm, loving emotions in a more spontaneous, showy way. Still, the way you feel is grounded and genuine, so they should come across as such and make quite the impression. 




At the beginning of the week, you’ll be especially charming to higher-ups. You can make the most of this by initiating team meetings, pitching creative business proposals, and spending more time connecting with colleagues on your common interests outside of work. These shared experiences can help you find common ground and help you take your professional game plan to the next level. Later, you’ll be inclined to dive into deep, philosophical conversations with friends. You want to better understand the world around you in a big-picture way, and connecting with others is one of the main ways you can do that always, but especially during this curiosity-bolstering transit. 




You won’t be satisfied with mundane, conventional experiences in love at the start of the week. Instead, you’ll be stirred to sign up for a class that bolsters your knowledge of a subject you’ve always been fascinated by (like art, music, or theater) or plan long-distance trips that can open the door to thrilling new experiences. Sharing these pursuits with a significant other could be fulfilling or, if you’re single, lead you to connect with someone wonderful. Later, the cosmos urges you to share your deepest-rooted physical and emotional desires with a partner or a potential significant other. Initiating this ongoing dialogue can bring you even closer and intensify your chemistry. 




You’ll have the energy and focus required to hit lofty fitness goals early in the week. Map out your vision and the action plan that can help you get there. Then taking even just the first step in that direction can have you feeling even more on track. Later, the cosmos magnifyies your desire to get on the same page with your significant other, your best friend, or a colleague with whom you work closely. You’ll want to talk through all of your team efforts and make sure that you both feel heard. This could go far to strengthening your bond. 




At the week's start, you’ll crave one-on-one time with your significant other or someone new who has the potential to become your partner. Give in to these urges, because fostering an even deeper mental and emotional connection with a special someone feels rejuvenating and enlivening. Later, the cosmos indicates a greater focus on general housekeeping related to your health. From scheduling medical appointments to researching new ways to get the most out of your fitness plan, you’ll have the drive and focus to check a lot of these to-dos off of your list, as well as gather research that informs a winning game plan.  




You might be very much in your feelings and wanting to share them with those closest to you when the week begins. You could have an epiphany about deep-rooted, psychological patterns or spiritual matters and feel that opening up to your loved ones will help you understand them even better, and it very well could. Feel free to speak from your heart and soul. Later, the cosmos brings a playful, sweet tone to the way you connect with others. You might be more inclined to send flirtatious texts to your crush or dive into an art project to express what’s in your heart. 




Prepare for a particularly sexy, fun time with your lover or a potential partner early in the week. You’re inclined to prioritize your pleasure and self-expression, which can lead to spontaneous, chemistry-boosting encounters. You’re often inclined to get swept up in deep emotion, but doing your best to keep your affairs light and dreamy now can be a refreshing change of pace. Later, the cosmos bumps up your interest in connecting with loved ones. Scheduling regular video-chat catch-up sessions, inviting relatives over for Sunday night dinners, or even planning a family reunion can strengthen your most intimate bonds all around. 




You might be focused on making your domestic world feel even more secure and aesthetically pleasing early in the week. Enlisting loved ones to support you in your efforts, perhaps by going with you to a nursery to pick out new plants or rearranging art, makes the experience even more gratifying emotionally. Later, you'll feel like your creative impulses and core passions are in sync with your professional path. Sharing your big-picture ideas with higher-ups and colleagues could prove stimulating and even lay the groundwork for you to get the green light on rewarding projects. 




If you’ve been willing to step up to the plate and do the challenging work required to hit your personal goals, you’ll feel like it’s finally time to claim your rewards when the week begins. But if you’ve been slacking, this period could be a reminder to put your nose to the grindstone and commit to the aspirations that truly matter to you. Later, the cosmos is stirring you to tap into your resources and social network to better understand details related to your big-picture business plan. The eye-opening information you cull together from various connections now could set you up for magnified cash flow later. 




Connecting with friends and colleagues on matters outside of the workplace can inspire even more collaboration as the week starts. By being even more personable than usual, you could land on new opportunities for earning. Just be sure that they align with your big-picture values before diving in. Later, opening up about a long-held fantasy can lead to fulfillment, and the cosmos can make it even easier to share your views with others at this time. The more willing you are to speak your mind, the greater the chance you’ll feel truly heard.  




You’ll be feeling especially dreamy, focused on relationship matters and self-pampering in the beginning of the week. If you’ve wanted to go on a vacation with your sweetheart or plan a relaxing weekend trip with friends, this period could set the tone for a beautiful, rejuvenating, bond-bolstering time. Later, it's a sweet time to connect with your significant other, loved ones, or dear friends about emotional matters. Set aside time to enjoy one another’s company and unwind from the daily grind. Then, by sharing what’s in your heart, you could find you’re even more in sync than you realized. 

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