June 02, 2022

By Betti Halsell

Assistant Managing Editor


Schuyler Andrews, better known as Scorpio Sky, is currently the All-Elite Wrestling (AEW) Champion in his second reign.

However, he started out as an inspired fan from Southern California, in love with the physical art of pro-wrestling.

“Well, I I grew up in a really big wrestling fan,” the two-time champ explained.

“As far as I can remember, I've always watched wrestling.I can't remember the first time I ever watched it--It was just kind of always there.”

Sky shared that wrestling captured his attention at an early age and it became a dream career.


He started to take this dream seriously around 15 years old, Sky recalled a commercial he watched of a fellow pro-wrestler Frankie Kazarian, who would become Sky’s tag team partner approximately 20 years later, which adds additional level of shock to their current storyline in the ring.

Kazarian was there for Sky from the very beginning.


The “style icon” shared his journey, “I trained a little bit while I was still in high school and ultimately it was a little tough, because I was still in school. And then once I graduated from high school, I started training full time,” Sky said.

He reflected on his lifelong passion for the sport and entertainment blend of this industry.


The AEW wrestling champion shared his vulnerabilities that he went through at the start of his career in wrestling, “I believe I was a little naive when I was getting into the wrestling business because when I was growing up there were there was no one that looked like me on television,” Sky shared.


He continued to explain that there weren’t many people of color when he started to pursue his wrestling career full time, he recounted moments where it felt like upward climb felt extremely steep.


Sky described his persona in the ring to be that is still evolving, “I think I'm a little bit of a mixture of everything,” he continued, “it’s all the years, waves, and things, I've been through have all grown into who I am today.”


The AEW reigning champion has eyes on more titles.

He shared exclusively with the Los Angeles Sentinel that he was looking at another tag team belt, with is former tag team partner, Kazarian. 


But in an abrupt turn of events, headlines revealed that Sky turned on his old wrestling partner redefining his role as a solo champion, that will stop at nothing to be the reigning champ.

Sky provided a statement about recent headlines, “SCU [SoCal Uncensored] was a great time in my career but at some point, you have to move on.



LeBron left Cleveland, Brady left the Patriots, I left SCU. And just like them I became again.”

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