June 09, 2022



Early in the week, you’ll be even more ready than usual for taking the initiative with your partner or someone special. Sharing an out-of-the-ordinary experience makes the sparks fly. Later, if you’ve been feeling antsy about a professional project or restless about getting active in a community group, you’ll do well to channel that energy toward connecting and working with others. A sudden turn in the road could influence your cash flow. It also pairs up with an emphasis on clarity, rational thought, and a harmonious connection between head and heart when conversing with others. 




At the week's start, you’ll be focused on how you’re perceived by higher-ups and colleagues. Elevating your professional reputation is your main priority, and it’s natural for you to seek out and pursue new ways to be recognized for your hard work now. Later, you’ll get an extra fortuitous opportunity to enact any game plans you’ve been batting around. This could entail taking meetings with bosses to express your interest in taking on more responsibilities or presenting a major business proposal. Sharing your strategy will be key to getting the ball rolling, but steel yourself for unexpected twists and turns in the road.   




You’ll be fired up to act on your most passionate desires with your partner or a potential match early in the week. Later, you’ll want to shake up your usual routine and seek out eye-opening, intellectually stimulating, soul-fueling experiences. You’re usually full of curiosity, but now you can get even more active in your pursuit of extraordinary moments and opportunities that will allow you to continue to learn and grow. You could be surprised by a deep-rooted desire or dream that shapes your actions now.




You can look forward to being a part of intellectually stimulating, exciting brainstorms with your closest colleagues or dear friends early in the week. You might be caught off guard by the brilliant ideas you come up with as a result of your collaboration. Later, you’ll feel more empowered when you acknowledge and, ideally, speak up about your emotional and physical needs. Being more vulnerable might feel intimidating, but giving voice to your desires, particularly any that you might worry could be interpreted as unconventional, can bring you even closer to fulfillment now. 




At the beginning of the week, time spent one-on-one with your closest friend, a favorite colleague, or a significant other feels more satisfying than solo time or group activities. Together, you’ll have the wind in your sails when it comes to making progress on a project or shared goal. So, you’ll do well to get clear on what you both want to achieve and then dive in! Later, you’ll get the green light to set a powerful intention related to this joint aspiration or build an intimate bond in general. Speaking from the heart is a crucial part of making headway now.  




You’ll be feeling even more powered up than usual to take on your big-picture health and day-to-day housekeeping to-dos early in the week. Identifying and trying an innovative strategy, like using an app or another form of technology, could help you make even more progress than you imagined. Later, you’ll do well to pinpoint a specific routine you’d like to implement and get the wheels in motion. You have everything you need to make the endeavor a success, but you might find you need to hone certain skills or enhance your knowledge in order to make significant progress. 




You could be inspired to speak up about your ideas, motivations, and goals in a bolder, more direct way as the week starts. Your innate curiosity is amplified, and you’ll have an insatiable urge to connect with others. Later, you’ll want to put work aside and focus more on the aspects of life that feel pleasurable, playful, beautiful, and fun. Creative self-expression is magnified now as well, so if you’ve been wanting to send that flirtatious text or pitch that artistic idea to higher-ups, now’s the time.




At the week's start, you’ll be focusing on ways you can make your domestic sphere even more comforting, secure, beautiful, and a place where you can enjoy the company of loved ones and friends. In a way, this might feel a little bit like going into hibernation mode, but really, it’s a time for focusing on the relationships that feel truly supportive and emotionally satisfying. Later, you’ll be more inclined to share deep-rooted feelings and experiences with a dear friend or your significant other. The experience can get you even more in sync.  




You’ll get a burst of confidence that fuels your sexiest, most playful desires early in the week. This could mean sharing that seemingly wild fantasy you’ve been keeping under wraps or rewriting that dating app profile to more explicitly reflect what you want from a connection. Either way, you’re empowered to pursue the wants and needs that get your adrenaline pumping. Later, your schedule could be downright packed with to-dos and social events. You want to cross everything off the list, and you have the energy to, but you’ll also do well to identify the pursuits that resonate with your values because you’re setting the tone for a whole new cycle now.  




Your emotions are bound to be intensified and even weightier than usual early in the week. Instead of brushing them under the rug and proceeding with your work as you are often apt to do, you’ll do well to get curious. While it might be more of a time to reflect than take concrete action, you’ll learn quite a bit simply by giving yourself permission to look at the root of these uncomfortable feelings. Later, you’ll get the green light to explore and begin to pursue a new moneymaking plan, investment strategy, or business proposal. The more realistic and forward-thinking you can be in crafting your game plan, the better the results. 




As the week begins, you’ll have extra oomph to move into new territory when it comes to how you express and present yourself to the world. For that reason, if you’ve been wanting to pursue a new professional path or do self-exploration related to your mind and body wellness, it’s a beautiful time to let your intuition guide you. Later, the Universe will have your back when it comes to pursuing your goals in an even more powerful way, so you might also need to tackle issues related to security or loved ones along the way. 




Confusion could reign supreme when dealing with higher-ups or colleagues early in the week. It might be difficult for you to identify exactly how you feel at this moment as you try to get a grip on the facts. You might even question what’s real and what’s not. Wait until the dust has settled and you’ll gain clarity. Later, spend more time than usual meditating on your deepest-rooted aspirations and your most seemingly wild dreams. What you take away from the experience could help inform your next major moves.

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