June 23, 2022



When the week begins, you’ll be focused on researching new ways to understand your psyche, innate wiring, and what will help you thrive emotionally and mentally. You’ll do well to spend time exploring these themes in therapy or on your own through journaling or meditation. Later, the Universe amplifies your desire to spend time on activities that feel pleasurable and make you feel attractive. Prioritize that massage or sexy date night and you’ll be glowing from the inside out. The stage is set for you to express your desires to someone special. Trusting your heart makes magic.




Early in the week, you might feel torn between what you’re being required to do to hit a certain milestone on the job and what you feel is right for you at this moment. It might also be challenging to explain this to higher-ups. Remaining patient while also being true to yourself is the best way forward. Later, you might need to turn your focus from work to a pressing family matter. Exerting your energy in this way might feel more draining than you anticipated, but it could also signal a need to strive toward even more balance between your professional pursuits and your personal life. 




Pitch a creative project to higher-ups at the beginning of the week. They’ll appreciate a desire to learn and grow. Midweek, you’ll be drawn to brainstorms and collaborative work with colleagues or friends. At times, all that socializing you’re apt to do might seem like it’s distracting from the task at hand, but the truth is that fostering these platonic and professional bonds is actually setting you up for even greater success now. Later, you might need to tackle a laundry list of to-dos that feel overwhelming. Do your best to handle them efficiently so you can concentrate on the projects that matter most.




At the beginning of the week, you’ll be reflecting on the many ways your work is fulfilling and eclipsing your needs and values. If it’s time to shift what’s on your plate and assert yourself in order to achieve more balance, this is a powerful moment to do just that. Later, the cosmos amps up your ability to charm higher-ups and bond with colleagues, especially over creative proposals. Take advantage of this energy by jumping on any opportunity to make new connections, discuss your most imaginative ideas with others, and take meetings that give you an opportunity to promote yourself. In turn, you could enjoy serious professional success! 




You’ll be craving extraordinary experiences, especially the type that could be shared with loved ones or a significant other, at the start of the week. Hitting the road together or even exploring your own town can feel thrilling and set off sexy fireworks. Later, feeling like your needs haven’t been met lately and like you’ve had to put your desires on the back burner could have you feeling frustrated. This could result in a particularly emotional time, but you can cope by devoting solid time to activities that promote self-reflection and self-awareness (think therapy, yoga, journaling). 




You’ll be focused on what you can do to connect with your significant other or someone else special in a physical but also deeply emotional way at the start of the week. Being vulnerable is a major part of this, and while you might initially be uncomfortable putting yourself out there, you’ll find that owning your needs in a bold way can be empowering and enlivening. Later, the cosmos urges you to carve out solo time to decompress, rest, and recharge. By doing this, you can set yourself up for even more clarity around your big-picture intentions and productivity down the road.




Although you tend to romanticize time with a significant other or someone special anyway, you’ll be even more focused on one-on-one bonding early this week. You’ll adore any activity—from the most whimsical date night to the most mundane household chores—that you’re able to do alongside your sweetheart. Later, you might be nearing the finish line on a team effort. Enjoy the fruits of your labor, but note that there’s also a crucial lesson to be learned. It’s fulfilling for you to collaborate with friends or colleagues not only for professional purposes but also to feel as though you’re a part of something bigger than yourself. 




You might be drawn to expressing how you feel more than usual and in an especially flirtatious, spontaneous, lighthearted way when the week starts. If you can initiate that hot date or open up to your significant other about that fantasy you’ve been musing about, you’ll set up some sexy fireworks. Later, you might be called on to step into the spotlight and take the reins on a significant undertaking on the job. Having faith in yourself and doing your best to go with the flow can make for a well-deserved and successful result. 




You’ll be drawn to pleasurable, playful activities and expressing your biggest, sweetest emotions in a grandiose way even more than usual at the start of the week. Being spontaneous is one thing, which could make for having an especially memorable, enjoyable time, but being impulsive is another and could get you into a dramatic situation if you’re not careful. Later, you’ll want to make a bold move to get out of your comfort zone. This could look like taking on work that’s outside your wheelhouse or planning a long-distance trip. Either way, know that you can trust your gut to lead the way.




You can look forward to having even more lively conversations with colleagues or friends and feeling psyched to dive into your pick of stimulating research projects as the week starts. When it comes to collaborations you want to get involved in, make sure to get your ducks in a row before you approach anyone with a plan. Later, the Universe is bumping up your desire to plan cozy nights in with your significant other, a special someone, or your loved ones. Whether you’re cooking, gardening, or simply catching up over heartfelt conversation, you’ll benefit from nurturing your closest bonds. 




At the beginning of the week, you’ll be more apt to speak openly with friends and colleagues about your big-picture moneymaking goals and strategies. You might also be inspired to do some research related to the potential game plan you’ve been batting around in your head. You’ll have an even easier time than usual tracking down and chatting with experts and looking up helpful data now. Later, you might need to take a closer look at how you’ve been balancing your needs with a loved one’s. If reciprocity has been lacking in your relationship, now is a key moment to recognize that and begin to take steps to rectify it.




When the week starts, the Universe is amplifying your ability to put what’s in your heart into words. You have the green light to talk about and better understand the details of any heartfelt pursuit now, whether that’s proposing a passion project, initiating an emotional conversation with a loved one, or researching a new way to tackle ongoing wellness concerns. Later, you’ll want to put your energy toward professional projects that reflect your values and what’s in your heart. Connecting and trading ideas with like-minded people can be an integral part of achieving this goal and boosting your returns.

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