June 23, 2022

By Kimberly Shelby

Contributing Writer


Resmaa Menakem is a writer who watches. He watched the attack on the Capitol on January 6, 2021 and knew that, instead of following up his New York Times bestselling book, “My Grandmother’s Hands” with a sequel focusing on the legacy we leave our children, he had to address the racial reckoning before us that brings as its accomplice a widespread attempt to overthrow democracy.

Thus, “The Quaking of America” was penned. Menakem says, “[This book] will help readers prepare for what is to come; to protect themselves and their families; to lean into the racial reckoning; and to begin to create a living, embodied antiracist culture.”

Resmaa Menakem is a writer who listens. In Chapter 39 of “The Quaking of America,” he lists 23 wise Black women whose words have inspired him throughout his life and remain in his consciousness today. In a sense, however metaphysical, with his study of the soul and a practice he calls “somatic abolitionism,” he hears messages from his ancestors.

“Every one of us has been epigenetically inspired by our Great Mother, a Black African woman from long ago with whom every one of us shares some of our mitochondria.”


Resmaa Menakem is a writer who feels. Among the many topics covered in this new book, including the essentials of White-body supremacy and what an imminent war may look like in this country, he explores our soul nerves and soul muscles, our bodies’ six intelligences, and the energies of race surging through our bodies.

“Through over 50 body practices, [the book] will help readers to heal, grow, and become more aware, both individually and communally.”

While “The Quaking of America” is not the book Menakem set about writing in 2020, prior to the harrowing events on January 6, a valuable text worthy of leaving our children seems to have been written after all.

On June 25  at 7 p.m., Menakem will appear at Hilltop Coffee + Kitchen for a special book talk alongside renowned political strategists and social change advocates Angela Rye and Devi Brown, who is chief impact officer at Chopra Global. The bookstore is located at 4427 W. Slauson Ave., in Los Angeles, CA.  Start time is 7 p.m.  The event is free to the public.

Learn more about “The Quaking of America,” Somatic Abolitionism, or Menakem’s earlier book, “My Grandmother's Hands,” by visiting his website at http://resmaa.com/.  There, interested readers can find his Somatic Abolitionism blog, links to a free online course, videos, interviews, and a wide range of other resources and information.

“The Quaking of America” may be purchased from any online bookseller or brick-and-mortar bookstore.

This coming January, Central Recover Press will publish Menakem’s next book, “Monsters in Love: Why Your Partner Sometimes Drives You Crazy—and What You Can Do About It.”

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