June 30, 2022



You’ll be focused on finding a better way to balance your needs and wellness with your work early in the week. Having a powerful heart-to-heart talk with a colleague or friend could inspire a whole new game plan. Later, you’ll be fired up and ready to go to bat for a major professional passion project. You’re prepared for higher-ups to take note of your talents and drive and are willing to make bold moves to be noticed. Just make sure you don't dig your heels to the point where you lay the groundwork for a clash. 




You might have to face down a disagreement that crops up out of the blue at the beginning of the week. Good thing you’re known for your long fuse, because that’s exactly what’s required now to prevent a minor argument from exploding into a much bigger, more dramatic conflict. Later, the Universe urges you to reflect on and do psychological work to heal old emotional wounds. If you can tackle it now, you can move forward in a more centered way. At the end of the week, you're spurred on to make a bold move to hone your skill set. 




When the week starts, you’ll be craving connection with someone special, your significant other, or even your closest friends. This transit also urges you to face underlying tensions or imbalances in your relationships. Once you identify them, you’ll be able to work through them with a whole new energy. Later, the Universe potentially sets up misunderstandings and delays on the job. Do your best to navigate this rough patch with a sense of humor and vivid imagination, and you’ll come through even stronger and more focused than before. It’s also the perfect time to revisit a previously delayed project. 




At the outset of the week, you’ll do well to hit the books to sharpen your skill set. Refreshing your memory can have you feeling even more connected to and enthusiastic about your long-term goals, as well as prepared to advance your career down the road. Later, you’ll also get a burst of energy to put toward intentions you share with a close friend, significant other, or dear friend. Your ability to work as a one-on-one team is elevated now. This is not to say that you might not have a moment where you’re struggling to see eye to eye. But if that occurs, you can easily tackle the dispute.   




As the week starts, you’ll do well to open up about a creative project you’ve been wanting to pitch or a new way of infusing your regular schedule with more balance. Exuberant self-expression can lead to concrete, rewarding game plans that deliver fulfilling results, especially if you lean in to your intuition. Later, you're encouraged to revisit deep-rooted desires you’ve always wanted to satisfy. This could be a moment for true self-discovery.




At the beginning of the week, you have a lovely opportunity to feel more centered in your day-to-day work and long-term visions for your professional path. If there’s a special project you’ve been wanting to dive into, now is a fantastic moment for that. You might also do well to talk to higher-ups about new ways of tackling your work that can boost your productivity and passion. Later, you’ll be itching to express yourself creatively and spend time on pleasurable, fun-loving activities with your nearest and dearest. Just be sure to strive for balance between rest and play.  




When the week begins, you’ll be craving more one-on-one time with your significant other or a special someone. But this is also a moment when you might start to see the cracks in this relationship. You can use this clarity to fuel better understanding and healing moving forward. Later, you might do well to go back to the drawing board to learn more about a workout plan or health-boosting approach. Bolstering your spiritual, mental, and emotional well-being through physical activity, or even more reflective practices like meditation, can have you feeling more vital on a daily basis. 




You might have to contend with out-of-the-blue drama with a significant other or close friend when the week starts. It might have to do with one of you asserting your independence or someone feeling like they’re not getting enough attention. Later, the Universe makes it easy to put what’s in your heart into words. You’ll be able to talk through any ongoing emotional issue. At the end of the week, you’ll do well to let go of set plans and expectations. Letting playful, spontaneous moments play out organically makes for the most fulfilling result. 




When the week begins, working with colleagues or friends on a project can be a confidence-boosting and intellectually stimulating experience. Midweek, you’ll do well to reflect on the foundations of your life that make you feel secure. If a relationship or job feels like it’s not quite hitting the mark, especially in terms of reflecting your long-term goals, you might want to think about ways you can create positive change. Later, the cosmos gives you a blast of energy to pursue new avenues for making money. You’re bound to be more aggressive about how you approach possible collaborators. 




You’ll want to open up to loved ones and friends about your wanderlust and goals for broadening your horizons at the start of the week. Having these stimulating conversations can inspire you to take a step toward actually turning these dreams into a reality. Later, misunderstandings might start to feel like more of a rule than an exception. A sense of humor can help you power through. At the end of the week, you’ll have extra energy to pursue your wellness and professional goals. A laser focus on pragmatic aims can make for the most gratifying upshot.   




At the start of the week, go back to the drawing board to review your moneymaking and investment plans. Getting more organized and coming up with a refreshed, targeted game plan now can feel empowering and help you make your financial dreams real. Later, you’ll do well to spend quality time reflecting on your most heartfelt goals. Though you often thrive while collaborating with others, your energy is amplified when you’re able to put your head down and work and think on your own. Your heightened imagination can inspire exciting new ideas and proposals, which could lay the groundwork for a whole new chapter of your professional life. 




Warmhearted, jovial time shared with loved ones comes naturally early in the week. It might be a sweet time to host a family get-together or party with your significant other and friends. The mood is right for talking about your emotions and allowing that vulnerability to bolster your bonds. Later, you could be feeling more enthusiastic than usual about working with colleagues or friends on an ambitious group undertaking. In fact, you might find yourself itching to step into a leadership position. You’re feeling especially inclined to organize and move the ball forward on a shared vision. 




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