July 14, 2022



You’ll have a special opportunity to connect with your nearest and dearest early in the week. Even if you’re just hanging out close to home and catching one another up on your lives, you’ll feel warm and loving and be able to express how you feel in a direct, perhaps even impulsive way. Later, you might have to confront tensions that underlie your relationship with higher-ups or colleagues. There’s a power or control issue that you can’t shy away from any longer, and the sooner you take a look at the underpinnings of the issue, the faster you’ll be able to move past it.  




Prioritizing time spent on meditation, yoga, or therapy can feel incredibly heartwarming and centering when the week begins. Getting in tune with your deepest emotions at this moment makes you more conscious of them and, in turn, eager to share with those you care about the most. Later, you could feel like your intuition and psychic ability is functioning on a higher level. You’ll do well to put this energy toward research or talking to friends about possible classes or retreats that could help you advance your skill set. You’ll feel enlivened and on your way to becoming even more knowledgeable and self-aware. 




You might feel extra sensitive on the job at the beginning of the week. You’re uniquely aware of the feelings of colleagues and higher-ups, and you might even be apt to take them on as your own. But the fact is that there’s a lot of confusion in the air right now, so waiting to act (and to feel) until you have more clarity will serve you best. Later, you’ll have a special opportunity to spend quality time with friends, neighbors, and colleagues. Trading vibrant ideas back and forth feels even more inspiring than usual for you. In fact, these talks could inspire a creative, collaborative project. 




Your intuition is heightened and your heart is even more tender than usual in the beginning of the week. And it might be so much for you to take that you feel like plotting an escape like a weekend getaway or simply getting caught up in your own daydreams. Later, the cosmos amplifies your desire to share your most artistic ideas with higher-ups. You’ll feel more at ease than usual with your creative impulses, and this can lead to making quite the impression. You could be rewarded with more responsibility or a leadership role you’ve been vying for.   




It might be hard not to get swept up in steamy thoughts about someone special early in the week. Opening up about your desires is a must, because it lays the groundwork for sexy fireworks. Later, you’ll be fired up to go to bat for the sake of your work/life balance. Perhaps you have a game plan in mind that you want to share with higher-ups, or you’re ready to forge your own independent path as a small business owner. Either way, you’ll have the confidence and assertiveness to make strides you deserve to be proud of. 




Owning your most passionate emotional and physical desires can feel all sorts of liberating as the week starts. You’ll crave one-on-one time with your significant other or someone else special, wanting to be extra demonstrative about your deepest needs. This can tee up the opportunity for sparks to fly in a major way. Later, your wheels might start turning as you begin plotting a special getaway or date night with your lover or a dear friend. You’ll be feeling especially generous and might want to treat yourself and your companion to a memorable time.  




You might find yourself wanting to learn more about a possible new workout plan or clean eating regimen at the beginning of the week. The details you gather now can have you feeling even more vital. Later, you might have to contend with tough emotional issues that have been boiling under the surface. Jealousy, control issues, or power struggles could be at the root of this tension, but so could some level of sadness and insecurity. Though you’re prone to avoid conflict at all costs, facing this head-on can be a worthwhile effort to bolster your bonds. 




Your heart might go out to your partner or a dear friend who seems to be struggling early in the week. In fact, you’re so sensitive to their pain that you might start feeling gloomy yourself. Try to stay centered in your own emotions while being there for others. It will serve you best. Later, you’ll have a unique moment to tune into your heart and reflect on your daily routine and how it might be more conducive to self-care. Building in even brief moments to relax and catch up with friends and loved ones can feel rejuvenating and restful.  




Enjoying playful downtime with loved ones is a must in the beginning of the week. You’ll be feeling even more vivacious and expressive than usual, wanting to open up about your most heartfelt emotions to those who you love. And if you’re single, you’ll be even more magnetic than usual, so don’t hesitate to start swiping on those apps! Later, you’ll have a special opportunity to make a play for a new source of cash flow. Higher-ups will value how exuberant and open you are, seeing it as a sign that you’re truly devoted to the work. 




At the start of the week, you’ll be fired up to spend time learning and brainstorming on the job. Animated conversations with colleagues can set the stage for vibrant collaborations, and researching creative ways of handling ongoing issues can lead to stress-relieving solutions. Later, though you tend to be more comfortable with stoicism than bold displays of affection, you might be tempted to get out of your comfort zone when connecting with loved ones. Your heart is full, and you feel like you need to share that with those in your inner circle. The results can have your heart practically radiating.




You’ll do well to dive into the weeds to answer a question you’ve had related to your budget or investments at the start of the week. You have a knack for pinpointing important details now, as well as initiating conversations that can lead you to the most useful information. You’ll then be able to make more informed choices related to your portfolio. Later, you won’t want to shy away from sharing quirky fantasies and daydreams with your lover or a special someone. In fact, you’re downright impulsive when doing so, and it might actually lay the groundwork for a passionate moment. 




Your innate empathic side could cloud your thoughts at the start of the week. You might be so distracted by your nurturing, compassionate feelings that it’s hard for you to focus on the facts at hand. Make sure to check in with yourself and understand your own emotions before doing what you can to be there for others. Later, the stage is set for productive, jovial conversations with friends and colleagues about moneymaking projects. Finding common ground and bouncing creative ideas back and forth can make way for lucrative collaborations. The more you’re able to lean into your artistic impulses now, the more fulfilling the payoff.

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