July 14, 2022

LAWT News Service


On July 11, California State Assemblymember and Chair of the Public Safety Committee Reggie Jones-Sawyer joined President Joe Biden at the White House for the signing of the bipartisan federal Safer Communities Act.

The newly signed legislation reinforces existing laws with added funding to help federal authorities seize illegally acquired firearms, as well as monitor, track, and regulate gun sales.

The law also denies any person charged with domestic violence possession of any firearm and reduces the ability of manufacturers to market or sell to minors.

"As Chair of the Assembly's Public Safety Committee, I focus on the safety of our neighborhoods across California. The threat of gun violence in our country, where weapons out number actual citizens, is significant,” said Jones-Sawyer.

"I applaud President Biden on his efforts to reduce the risk by taking this initial step to protect our citizens especially our children from gun violence."

Gathered at the ceremony were other state representatives, survivors or gun violence, family and friends of those lost to gun violence, and gun safety advocates.

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