July 21, 2022



As the week begins, you're required to go back to the drawing board to revisit and revise group project details. You might also find it’s easier to reconnect with colleagues from the past. Later, you’ll be more focused on bolstering your financial security, charming higher-ups and colleagues, and possibly indulging in a bit of retail therapy. You’re driven to splurge on items that reflect your sense of self and add pleasure to your life. At the end of the week, the cosmos amplifies the intensity of your daydreams and intuition. Tap into this spiritually charged power to further your goals.  




At the start of the week, you’ll be compelled—and would do well—to take a second look at your big-picture professional projects and goals. Talking them over with higher-ups and tweaking your game plan for achieving them are also worthwhile moves. Later, prioritizing your comfort and pleasure comes even more naturally than usual. Book that spa trip with friends or share your favorite gourmet meals with your sweetheart. At the end of the week, the cosmos amplifyies your appetite for excitement and thrills when it comes to matters of the heart. Take a chance! 




You might find yourself seeing the value in new methods for honing your skill set when the week begins. Brushing up on knowledge that supports your career now can fuel your growth and progress in the weeks and months ahead. Later, you value solo time and self-care even more. You have the green light to be even more curious, imaginative, and artistic than usual. Tapping into your deepest emotions and most subconscious dreams can offer inspiration for professional projects.




Don’t be surprised if the invitations to friend hangouts, after-work happy hours, community events, and reunions start rolling in at the start of the week. Although your default mode might be to decompress at home solo or with loved ones, you’ll do well to pick and choose the social events that you would benefit the most from. Later, the cosmos lights up your intuition and imagination. You can channel this toward dreaming up and investigating new, eye-opening, horizon-broadening experiences. At the end of the week, be discriminating about the people you’re showering your overwhelming compassion and kindness on. 




Connecting with your colleagues and higher-ups on big-picture ideas comes even more naturally than usual at the beginning of the week. Take the reins on a major brainstorm or volunteer to step into the spotlight to run a key presentation. Showcasing your leadership skills with charm and confidence sets you up for rewards now. Later, the Universe lays fertile ground to pursue a colorful, whimsical romantic fantasy. If you’re partnered, set aside time to wind down and explore your desires with your better half. If you’re single, you’ll enjoy musing about the needs your next relationship will fulfill. 




You’ll do well to revisit a healthy habit or work/life balance-boosting approach you had previously put on the back burner as the week begins. Honing in on what might not have worked for you in the past and making even the subtlest tweaks now can set you up for even better results moving forward. Later, the Universe urges you to express your warmest emotions in a bolder way than usual, perhaps by planning and jumping into eye-opening experiences with a partner, friends, or loved ones. Check out that museum exhibit or go on a weekend getaway. As long as you’re getting out of your comfort zone, you’ll be setting the tone to bond on a whole new level. 




You can look forward to bolstered earnings or smart investment opportunities early in the week. It’s also a fruitful time for getting even closer to your significant other or opening yourself up energetically to a deep, meaningful connection. Later, whether you’ve been wanting to get back to work on a creative project that fires you up inside, or you’d like to revisit a beloved date spot with your partner, the Universe can support you. As the week ends, tune into your heart and let it guide the way to achieving greater day-to-day balance. 




Although you generally tend to gravitate to intimate one-on-one time over group events, you’ll be even more apt to prioritize plans with your sweetheart or a potential match as the week starts. Connecting through sensual, simple pleasures like a sumptuous meal or languorous lovemaking session feels especially satisfying. This period might also make you more prone to boosting your income by working alongside a close colleague or your partner. Later, you’ll do well to reconnect with loved ones you haven’t spoken to in some time. It might even be wise to address emotional issues that have been festering under the surface, with an eye toward finding a healing new path forward.  




Connecting with friends and colleagues can amplify results on the job and related to your wellness goals at the beginning of the week. You’ll come off as even more charming and engaging than usual, which elevates your spirits and can lead to others wanting to support your efforts. Later, you might be more inclined to open up to your significant other or another loved one about financial matters you’ve been keeping to yourself. Doing your best to stick to the facts instead of letting intense emotions take over can set you up for productivity and getting on the same page. 




At the beginning of the week, the cosmos is potentially setting up confusion and technical glitches that could affect your work. Deep breaths and time-outs are warranted, because this could quickly send you into a tailspin. It might also be an opportunity to reassess how you’re devoting your time and energy in order to ensure that you’re getting the biggest returns on your investment. Later, you might be inclined to have powerful, emotional conversations with your significant other or a close friend. The harmonious vibe between you is enhanced now.  




At the start of the week, beautifying your home and fostering your closest bonds will be at the top of your mind. Letting your wall down and finding quiet, heartwarming moments to connect with your nearest and dearest can actually feel quite centering now. Later, the Universe causes you to reflect on the way you’ve been presenting yourself and your goals to others. If something stands out as outdated (maybe your social media or website could use a refresh), now’s a perfect chance to set aside time to tackle that project. Dream big about your professional path.




You’ll be especially curious and drawn to having intellectually stimulating conversations with friends or your significant other at the beginning of the week. Sharing your ideas, finding common ground, and exploring your differences can prove inspiring and even fire you up to take action together down the road. Volunteering or canvassing, anyone? Later, you’ll be drawn to self-reflection and tuning in to your intuition even more than usual. Try to use this period for listening to your inner voice and planning accordingly. At the end of the week, the Universe cranks up the intensity of your fantasies and desire to embrace escapism.


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