·    July 28, 2022 



You might feel like you’re at the end of your rope with yourself and want to kick some unhealthy habits once and for all as the week begins. Thankfully, the cosmos is all set to help your self-improvement kick. This means you’ll not only have a specific vision in mind but also the wind in your sails to take concrete steps toward achieving it. Just try not to be too hard on yourself as you head down this promising new route. Later, you can get back to work on group projects. 




At the start of the week, the cosmos offers you a green light to propose any large-scale projects or ambitious proposals you had previously put on the back burner. If you’ve been at a stalemate with higher-ups on any kind of negotiation, you’ll finally be able to gain traction. Also, if you feel like you’ve been putting your nose to the grindstone for too long, you’ll want to break free of monotonous routines and enjoy spontaneous, fun-loving activities with a significant other or close friend. Later, your desire for affection is amplified. Make your needs known! 




It’s all systems go for honing your skill set by taking an eye-opening class or booking a long-distance trip at the beginning of the week. You’ve likely been dealing with headaches galore, so don’t hesitate to devote your time and energy to activities that speak to your soul and bring you joy. Later, turn your attention to potentially sensitive issues related to money and family. If you’ve been butting heads with a loved one over your financial goals or how you can best address your needs and theirs, you’ll do well to sit down and hash it out now. 




You’ll enjoy a promising window for initiating a productive heart-to-heart talk with a significant other, dear friend, or close colleague in the beginning of the week. Your words go hand-in-hand with actions that support companionship and teamwork. Also, the cosmos gives you even more fuel for discussing your most intense desires and bolstering your connection to someone for whom you have deep feelings. Later, your need increases for attention and affection from people in your inner circle. You’ll be in your feelings and more apt to be flirtatious and playful. 




You’ll have a unique chance to zero in on your needs and values as they relate to your work early in the week. If a project you’ve been focused on doesn't reflect your long-term goals or feels at odds with your spirit in some way, you’ll be driven to reassess and reroute your efforts. Later, it’ll be easier to get on the same page as your significant other, dear friend, or colleague with whom you’ve wanted to hit a shared goal. 




If you’ve been contending with setbacks and delays related to your schedule or fitness plan, you’ll begin to see some light at the end of the tunnel at the start of the week. Later, you feel somewhat emotional and defensive of your needs, especially if you feel like you’ve been putting them on the back burner for too long. Thankfully, the cosmos amplifies your ability to express what’s in your heart and pursue the activities and relationships that bring you pleasure. Believing that you deserve all of your wildest fantasies is the first step.




Early in the week, the Universe brings clarity and light to the way you’ve been connecting with your nearest and dearest and sharing what’s in your heart. You might do well to have any heart-to-heart talks that you previously put off, because you’ll have a better shot at getting in sync now. Later, your head is in sync with your heart in a noticeable way. You can easily balance your need for rational thought with your sweetest daydreams and fantasies. Turns out you’ll be able to have it all, at least at this moment. 




When the week starts, you might feel drawn to work with colleagues or neighbors toward a shared endgame. Feeling integral to a cause that affects your community is empowering. Also, you can begin to make progress on a household project. Later, the Universe lights a match that sparks your imagination and inspires you to reflect on your most creative and passionate desires. You’ll do well to allow yourself to be vulnerable and sensitive now, because it could set you up for emotional fulfillment. 




When the week starts, you might be tapped by higher-ups to step into the spotlight. You’ll do well to take bold action. Embracing this as a moment to showcase your talents can pay off with recognition and returns. Later, the cosmos reins in all of those frustrating misunderstandings and technical glitches affecting your schedule. Take a deep breath and give yourself a pat on the back for navigating this challenging time. You’ll begin to smooth over any confusion and get back to checking those to-dos off your list.




You can look forward to more clarity around money matters early in the week. Whether you’ve been encountering technical issues at work or setbacks that have delayed income-related projects, you can see the light at the end of the tunnel now. Later, you're stirred to take action to get out of that monotonous rut and experience something stimulating. Whether that means taking a class that leads to honing professional skills or booking a long-distance trip on which you could make valuable new connections, you’ll do well to trust your gut and embrace the unknown now.




The beginning of the week is a time for soul-searching and getting comfortable with your inner compass and needs, then sharing that with your significant other or nearest and dearest loved ones. Being brutally honest with yourself and them can lead to finding more harmony and balance from your closest bonds, including the one you have with yourself. Later, you’ll find it gets easier to envision the best course of action for tackling major personal goals. And you'll be stirred to research and discuss whatever uncharted terrain you want to explore intellectually, spiritually, or literally. 




As the week starts, you’ll be reflecting on reciprocity in your closest one-on-one relationships and how you can give as much as you receive, and vice versa. You’ll be driven to share your experience with friends and take action that supports building your platonic bonds as well. Later, you might be able to better pinpoint key takeaways from your meditations, self-reflection, journaling, or daydreaming. Simply thinking about the best ways to apply these imaginative, dreamy reflections to your everyday life can set you up for a personal goal-related win down the road.

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