July 28, 2022

By Betti Halsell

Assistant Managing Editor


The only way to describe the short film, “Scoring Artist,” is through the words of its creator. As an “immersive oasis experience merging art, basketball, and technology,” the movement hosted a premiere showing of the documentary at Sole Folks; a local hotspot for diverse-owned products, located at 44317 Degnan Blvd, Los Angeles, California, on July 21.

When viewers walked in, their senses were greeted with the hypnotic sounds created by DJ Freckles, which encouraged them to roam through the loft area of the store.

The Sole Folks space is adorned with Black-owned goods available for purchase. As the day melted into the evening, locals enjoyed the lingering warmth of the summer heat. They beamed with excitement from the buzz happening at Sole Folks.

Family, friends, and loved ones gathered to support a short, documentary style narrative, produced by the filmmaker and director known as Glen Angeleno.

The premiere showing was executed by multi-faceted curator, Melina Jones, the Wealthy Mules community, and supporting staff at Sole Folks. Indigo rap artist, Ayotemi, also performed before the viewing of the film.

The short narrative, “Scoring Artist,” is a short documentary “capturing the master chef’s first day back in the kitchen.”

The film opens to Angeleno handling the lens of his camera, like a fly on the wall, the viewers see the interior of where professional basketball players were practicing.

He follows legendary basketball player Baron Davis around different gym sessions.

The story begins to unfold after a hilarious coaching period with comedian Hannibal Buress and Davis.


Suddenly, the routine walkthrough takes an eventful turn as Davis joins other athletes practicing, one being Stephen Curry, the master chef.


The timing of this recording was significant because it captured a skilled artist back in his element, after recovering from a severe injury. It reflected the behavior and mindset of a champion.


The short documentary was made in 2020 and it featured close-up shots of Curry at his first basketball practice after breaking his hand.


After the premiere, viewers were raving about the film. “I thought the movie was excellent.

I really appreciated the artistry, and the expressionism—how he tied in technology, basketball, music, Blackness.

It just made me want to spread love, I love being Black,” stated a community member who attended the premiere.


Angeleno released the following statement, “I transitioned from basketball into other art forms that brought me joy - storytelling, filmmaking, visual and digital artistry."


The “Scoring Artist” creator continued, "This event combines genres in a way that has never been done before — it's just one example of the abundance and opportunities we can create when we all come together. This is how we live.


“By eliminating the middleman, we can connect athletes, businesspeople, and artists to advance ownership, equity, and accessibility in our own neighborhood.”


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