August 04, 2022



As the week begins, the cosmos gives you an opportunity to focus on “going underground” in whatever way serves you best. This might mean leaning into more mindful wellness practices like meditation or carving out solo time for working on a vision board. Either way, tuning into your intuition now and zeroing in on the dreams you most want to achieve will prepare you to take advantage of the upcoming months. Later, there's a go-getting tone that’s perfect for taking the initiative and pursuing big-picture, ambitious plans, particularly those related to your professional aspirations.




When the week starts, you're extra curious and reflective about your long-term goals and how you want to present them and your personal brand to the world. Downtime tends to be one of your greatest pleasures in life, so you’ll likely enjoy leaning into this quiet energy that lends itself to understanding where you are at this moment and where you want to go from here. Later, you need to face challenges related to your work. The silver lining is that by facing these uphill battles, you could enjoy professional growth, clarity, and greater recognition as you bolster the foundation of your public reputation and professional pursuits.




The beginning of the week gives you an opportunity to share long-term professional goals with higher-ups, do research, and map out your game plan for achieving them. You’ll do well to go big and be imaginative. The cosmos is supporting collaborative efforts with friends, neighbors, or colleagues. Dive into group activities, dates, or projects now. Later, the stars turn up the intensity of your sensitivity, empathy, and creativity. If you can channel these feelings into your work, you could enjoy accolades.




As the week starts, you’ll be fired up to step into the spotlight on the job. You'll be required to step up to the plate and take on challenging work that can ultimately help you better understand and secure your deepest, most intimate connections and financial agreements. Later, lead with your heart and explore spiritual pursuits (like attending a sound bath or Reiki session). You could enjoy connecting with a friend or lover over an eye-opening experience. Just make sure your natural empathy doesn’t lead you to take on another person’s distress as your own. 




At the start of the week, you have an opportunity to speak up about your deepest desires. Allow yourself to embrace your wildest fantasies. Later, you’ll slowly but steadily feel like it’s time to get more serious and commitment minded around your closest relationships. This could mean taking that leap of faith and going into business with a close colleague or taking a romantic bond to the next level. Ultimately, the stars support your ability to get clear-headed about what you can give and need to receive from a partner.




In the beginning of the week, the cosmos encourages you to clarify, research, and gain momentum on one-on-one endeavors. Being open to a free-flowing, imaginative approach over a more rational one will serve you well. Later, your sensitivity is enhanced, especially when you’re contending with any emotional issues with your significant other or a close colleague. Just bear in mind that the rational thought you tend to prefer leaning on might not be within reach, so clarity could evade you at the moment.




If you’ve been feeling a bit anxious about your schedule, you’ll be able to get a grip on it once more early in the week. Although you’re apt to put a great deal of pressure on yourself to hit the ground running, you’ll do well to give yourself a moment to get back into the swing of things. Later, if you’re attached, you can look forward to having greater self-assuredness around those one-on-one projects you’ve been wanting to tackle with your significant other. If you’re single, you might be reenergized about putting yourself out there and connecting with someone special.




When the week begins, embracing self-expression can be truly empowering. You’re generally not the first one to blurt out those warm, fuzzy, sentimental thoughts and emotions, but now is the ideal time to give in to any urges to do just that, and, in turn, set the stage for almost otherworldly chemistry and magic. Later, the stars breathe new life into your healthy habits and daily routine. Whether you’ve been batting around a plan for eating more veggies, meditating nightly, or trying a new fitness class, now is the time to take the bull by the horns. 




Early in the week, you’ll get a burst of energy and self-assuredness you can channel toward activities that bring you pleasure, joy, and creative fulfillment. Reminding yourself that you deserve just as much of those things as you put out into the world feels deeply empowering. This can help fuel any steps you choose to take to support your favorite forms of self-expression and your love life. Later, you’ll have a powerful opportunity to pursue new streams of cash or a bold investment strategy. Your fiery energy, long-term vision, and courage are all present and accounted for even more than usual, making it a moment to fully embrace.




As the week begins, your schedule is filled with to-dos and making artistic brainstorms more animated and productive. Midweek, your attention turns to family matters and domestic pursuits, such as redecorating your home office or celebrating milestones with loved ones. Later, think back to any foundations you laid related to moneymaking projects and investments a dozen years ago. Now is your opportunity to bolster your sense of self-worth and use that to attract and pursue the projects and income opportunities you deserve. Because you’re in tune with the steady, methodical vibe, you’ll certainly be able to make the most of this moment.




In the early part of the week, you have a chance to research and connect with friends and colleagues about intriguing moneymaking plans. Just note that you’ll do well to double-check all the details before diving in. Conversations with colleagues both old and new can prove downright inspiring and informative. Checking in with your intuition will be key as well. Later, your attention turns to self-improvement and ways you can perfect the conscious and unconscious messaging you’re putting out into the world. Taking steps to bolster your mental and physical wellness can lead to increased self-awareness and improved self-image. 




At the start of the week, you’re bound to be even more of a dreamer than usual. Just make sure to give credence to your dreams and meditations, writing down what you believe to be the key takeaways. The stars will be providing you with a chance to “go live” with your aspirations, sharing them with your closest confidants and figuring out the best strategy for transforming them into your reality. Later, you're motivated to chase down exciting new clients or projects. Just make sure that anything you’re saying yes to feels intuitively right, watching out for impulsive choices. You’ll do best to feel centered and informed when green-lighting any opportunity.

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