August 04, 2022

By Devyn Bakewell

Assistant Managing Editor


Comedian Earthquake’s new comedy show, LEGENDARY is said to be one of the best standups of the year and is coming to a city near you.

Not just a Comedian, but a well-known Actor and Voice-Artist, Earthquake (Quake) has been filling our homes and hearts with laughter for over twenty years and isn’t stopping anytime soon. His journey in comedy started in the early 90s during his time in the military.

“I was in the military for nine years, and started doing comedy once I got out,” said Earthquake in an interview with LAS.

The comedian/actor then went on to quote the newly appointed Supreme Court Judge Kentanji Brown Jackson’s words of “Persevere.” Earthquake stated that he owes a lot of his career to perseverance. With hit shows on networks like BET, HBO, Showtime, and Comedy Central, the urban comedian has taken many steps in setting his footsteps, showing how constant hard work directly results in achieving success.

While becoming one the hottest comedians on the comedy circuit, Earthquake has put out a ton of comedy specials including: “About Got Damn Time,” Walter Latham Presents “From the Outhouse to the Whitehouse,” and more recently “These Ain’t Jokes.” He also has an extensive cluster of comedy content collectors’ DVDs as well as the Shaq’s All-Star Comedy Jam DVD Collections.

Quake’s career in the comedy circuit is also leading him to become a regular on our TV screens.

He’s currently working recurring characts on CBS’s “The Nightborhood,” HBO Max’s “South Side,” Bounce TV’s “Johnson,” with an additional performance on the new HBO Max show “Winning Time: The Ride of the Laker’s Dynasty.”

His new show, LEGENDARY, Earthquake plans to bring laughter back to the comedy circuit.

“A lot of comedians have turned into poets and rappers just trying to make metaphors,” Quake explained, “But they miss an ingredient called laughter. The objective of a comedian is to be funny, and I just want to show people what funny is. The critics and the people will make that determination.”

Laughter is something the actor said is guaranteed at every one of his shows.

“I never left the basics [of comedy]. A lot of people call themselves comedians who don’t understand the basics. Because of social media, name recognition, or one time they were funny, they’re just able to use those instances and move further on.”`

In today’s times of constant uncertainty, civil injustice, inflation and more, Earthquake shared how “laughter Is the world’s best medicine and the number one cure for mental health.”

“You can’t have a great time without it including laughter. You’ve never had a great time that didn’t include laughter,” he said. “Comedians are important because we give a different perspective on things, and 9 times out of 10, it’s a humorous perspective.

If you can look at that view, and change your perspective, you’ll be able to laugh and see a different light.”

This is the reward, Earthquake shared, in doing what he does.

“Being able to help people who are going through suicidal thoughts or depression, giving them a different perspective, or making them laugh at their problems instead of dwell on them is the most rewarding part of what I do,” he said.

Earthquake continued with “There is no more beautiful sound on Earth than hearing people laugh.”

…and Quake plans on making people laugh for a long time! The comedic success is currently developing a television show and working on more movies. He’s looking to syndicate a bigger radio show, and come out with a clothing line.

While currently on tour with Donnell Rawlings, he’s working on writing a book about his life.

LEGENDARY is currently on tour with the next show coming August 2022. For more information on the tour and Earthquake visit: You can also follow him on Instagram (@therealearthquake).

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