August 04, 2022

By Devyn Bakewell

Assistant Managing Editor


Ania Sari is a singer, songwriter who is diving headfirst into the music industry with her new anthem dedicated to the Crypto community.

In her new single, “Crypto Mind,” which was released on July 1st, Sari used her knowledge and love of crypto currency investing to write the new R&B/Pop crossover single.

A 2021 mentee for Apple Music Studios, International Soho House, and Creative Futures Mentorship Program, Sari’s “Crypto Mind” comes after a year of focus.

Learning from some of the industry’s top leaders, Sari was able to hone in on her skills during these three intensive artist programs.

What does it mean to have a Crypto Mind?

Ania Sari related that “to have a Crypto Mind isn’t just about investing,” shared the singer.

“It’s a mindset that can be applied to love, friendship, and more. The main key is to think long-term. Everything’s a long-term investment, so have patience.”


Ania Sari is a Los Angeles native who has loved to sing even before she could talk—at nine-years-old.

Her raw musical talent and melodic pitch comes from years of development that began with school musicals, and even two award-winning high school show choirs.

“Music is my first love. I started singing competitively during middle school as a soloist, in an acapella group, and with my show choir,” shared Sari.


“[That] really gave me a love for performing as well as singing and writing songs.”


The single was created to explain investing to people in a way they could relate to.

Sari believes that investing is a long-term tool for building wealth for oneself and those around them.



“Building a financial foundation for your family takes time and commitment. The song says ‘say you’re here for the long run not short term fun, want to watch the growth see potential in the both of us’ signifying that people are too focused on fast money,” explained Ania.


The artists puts relationships and crypto hand-in-hand, saying that it’s important to go slow and take your time with both.


“Fast doesn’t last,” she said.



Even with the crypto market currently struggling, Ania Sari encourages all the heart-broken crypto enthusiast out there to hold on to hope.


“Hang in there,” encouraged the singer who began investing in crypto when she was eighteen years old.


“This is a long-term investment, and like any relationship there are highs and lows. If you’re going to see a return in your investment, you have to be patient.”

Sari continued with, “Crypto is clearing in a downtrend, right now, but I do believe it won’t stay this way for much longer. T

here’s an opportunity now for people who don’t know or are leery about investing to research and explore it! This is a great possibility of investing and building long-term wealth for oneself and future generations.”

Ania doesn’t plan on releasing her role as a crypto enthusiast, either.

In fact, she’s currently working on a music video for “Crypto Mind” as she works on releasing some new music soon.


You can listen to “Crypto Mind” on any streaming platform. For more information on Ania Sari, visit or check out her Instagram (@ania_sari).


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