September 15, 2022



Thanks to the cosmos, you should have an easier time talking through potential moneymaking projects and collaborations with friends and colleagues early in the week. You might also do well to spend time researching new ways to put your skills to use or step up the appeal of your resume or engagement of your social media presence. Later, the cosmos acts like an electric shock for your creativity and inspiration, which also amplifies your ability to elevate your cash flow and potentially makes it easier to maximize your efficiency on the job.




When the week begins, you might have more energy and motivation to not only speak openly about big picture goals but also to research ways to hit them efficiently. Midweek, you're required to put your nose to the grindstone to hit a deadline. Carving out space that allows you to focus will be essential to crossing the finish line. Later, the cosmos strengthens and supports your artistic impulses. You could feel compelled to pitch a creative project out of the blue or have an inspiring conversation with a higher-up that leads to a promising opportunity.




When the week begins, you could be claiming a bit more time for yourself to reflect on your desires and inner motivations and to take your generally frenzied pace of life down a notch. While this might feel out of character for you, you could find it serves as a time of rejuvenation so you can ultimately get back to your busy schedule and hit the ground running. Later, the cosmos helps to fuel your imagination. The more you can tap into your innermost feelings for inspiration on a project, the more applause and recognition you could receive from colleagues and higher-ups.




Collaborative efforts with friends or members of your community are emphasized early in the week. If you’ve been wanting to give back by getting involved in a volunteer effort or helping your neighborhood with a local cause, now is a brilliant time to do just that. Later, your mind is apt to wander and get wrapped up in fantasies of travel or other horizon-broadening moments. You might idealize plans you want to make in the future related to your love or professional life. Allow yourself to get carried away, and when you come back to the present moment, consider how you can infuse your everyday with a little bit of that magic. 




You can look forward to stepping up to the plate, giving an impressive presentation or taking crucial meetings with higher-ups at the start of the week. It’s generally easy for you to command a room or quickly establish rapport with colleagues, but you’ll have even more mojo in this regard. Take advantage of it by sharing your big picture ideas and blueprints for your passion projects. Later, you could get swept away in a steamy, dreamy moment with a lover. You’re sure to be wearing rose-colored glasses, but that might be exactly what you need to feel centered right now. 




Instead of focusing on the everyday details of life that tend to consume your attention, you’ll want to open the windows and think bigger in the beginning of the week. You could dive into the research you need to do to go back to school or travel in the near future. You could find yourself reveling in the many possibilities that the cosmic energy seems to lay the groundwork for. Later, your confidence and vitality get a boost, helping you feel optimistic about what’s to come. 




You could find yourself inspired on a whim to make your deepest desires abundantly clear to your partner or someone special at the start of the week. You’re also able to put your intuition to work in this situation, reading your lover’s cues more readily than usual. The end result could be deepening your connection in a way that’s simultaneously emotional and physical. Later, you could find yourself feeling a bit disappointed if your grand plan to have an eye-opening experience (think going out for a hike or taking a skill-boosting class) fall through. Take heart that this moment will pass.




Whether you’ve been wanting to cooperate with your significant other or a colleague on a long-term project or simply speak up about challenging feelings you’ve been grappling with, you’ll have the green light to share at the start of the week. Hold space for your significant other or coworker to share their truth, then offer your side of the story. By offering that for one another, you’ll manage to get on the same page. Later, the cosmos helps to make group projects even more productive. 




Working on advancing your wellness plan or professional path could prove frustrating early in the week. It might be particularly tough for you to zero in on details or have productive conversations with higher-ups. While it might not feel like it in the moment, these challenges are meant to help you hone your approach. Stick with it and you’ll get the results you seek! Later you're more sensitive and desiring of affection and attention from someone you care about deeply. 




Playful, lighthearted communication is favored in the beginning of the week. For that reason, you won’t want to hold back from expressing yourself to a loved one or partner, and you might even opt to do so in a creative way, such as by trying your hand at writing a poem. Later, you could get wrapped up in planning a heartfelt gesture for a potential significant other or trading sweet, flirtatious messages with your current love. Allowing yourself to get swept up in the magic of the moment can prove refreshing and joyful.




The energy could be ripe for butting heads with a loved one at the start of the week. Instead of digging in your heels and continuing to hash it out, you might do well to hit the pause button and take a break, during which you can prioritize solo time and self-care. Midweek, you’ll be able to come back to the table with a cooler, more rational perspective. Later, it could be tougher for you to share what’s in your heart with your significant other or loved ones. You’ll do well to take time for yourself but continue to communicate as best you can. 




Your in-box could be bursting at the seams with messages from friends and colleagues in the beginning of the week. Finding a way to tackle the to-dos that are most imperative while carving out necessary downtime can keep you from suffering unnecessary burnout. Later, your imagination and creativity could get a burst of fuel, and you’ll want to take advantage of it by creating a truly dreamy date night scenario for you and your partner or a potential lover. Getting carried away in the moment will be easy and pleasurable, and you deserve a chance to hit pause on reality. 

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