September 29, 2022



You’ll be a master of busywork and multitasking when the week begins. Whether you’re running errands, trading notes with colleagues over impromptu video meetings, plowing through endless emails, or diving into a variety of projects with your community, your mental energy is sure to be cranked up at this time. Just make sure to avoid burnout by taking well-deserved breaks. Later, the cosmos is urging you to find ways to slow down and focus on caring for your soul and heart. This is a prime time to reflect on the goals you’ve hit and what remains to be achieved. 




Sharing ideas and information can amplify your potential to boost cash flow at the beginning of the week. You’ll want to dive in to any type of research you believe can benefit your bottom line, such as new investments or opportunities. This could also be a fruitful time to tidy up your resume and read books or listen to podcasts about your field. Later, the cosmos is elevating your mood, optimism, and thirst to plan for the future. Your appetite for learning and exploring is amplified now as well, so you’ll do well to feed it by taking a class, honing new skills, or even trying your hand at an exotic new recipe. 




Although it might not feel possible, your craving for connection will be intensified at the start of the week. Finding new ways to share your thoughts, opinions, and social moments with loved ones and friends can be especially fulfilling. At the same time, you’ll be more inclined to go to bat for yourself verbally with higher-ups and loved ones. Speaking your mind in this way can have you feeling extra empowered. Later, you’ll be thinking about how you might want to revise your look and self-presentation. If you feel like the way others are seeing you doesn’t line up with your own self-image, you’ll want to tweak details (like your website design or wardrobe) to make the impression you have in mind.   




You’ll want to take a more cautious, private approach in how you open up and communicate when the week gets underwayy. Midweek, your one-on-one relationships could expand in a more spiritual, mental, and emotional way than by progressing in external ways (like moving in or going into business together). Later, the cosmos infuses both your platonic and most intimate bonds with enthusiasm and liveliness. You’ll feel confident expressing how you feel and certain that it’ll be easier than ever to get on the same page as your connections. 




Group projects can prove especially productive and animated early in the week. You’ll be trading ideas with friends and colleagues and brainstorming ways to collaborate, which can in turn fuel your long-term dreams and goals. Midweek, the cosmos turns up the volume on your sex drive and desire to connect on a deeper physical and soul level with your significant other or someone else special. Speaking from the heart, tapping into your creative impulses, and showing empathy are a few ways you’ll be able to make the most of this transit. Later, you could see better results with your daily health routine if it addresses factors like centeredness and emotional well-being.  




Research and communication that could allow you to advance your professional track will be bolstered in the beginning of the week. Not only will you have an advantage when it comes to pinpointing details that can inform your next move, but you’ll also be able to step into high-profile meetings or presentations with ease. Later, you’ll be pumped up to tackle one-on-one undertakings. This could mean reorganizing areas of your home with your significant other, figuring out a joint new business strategy with a colleague, or even working through a tough emotional issue with a loved one. Either way, you’ll have the internal fire to see it through.




You’ll have extra energy to apply to your fitness efforts and even just the simple routines of daily life at the start of the week. You’ll want to draw up or revise a schedule, making sure to squeeze in time for self-care efforts. Sticking to it should prove easier than usual, especially if you can practice self-compassion at the times you might fall short of your original expectations. Later, getting out and exploring the world as you usually love to do might not be as easy, but you’ll get a green light to go back to the drawing board on a previous effort to hone your skill set, particularly related to your most artistic impulses. 




When the week begins, you could find yourself spending more time reflecting on hard lessons you’ve had to learn around your daily interactions with others and the ability to tackle mounting errands and chores. Be honest with yourself about your ability to self-evaluate, self-regulate, and meet your responsibilities, and you’ll be primed for personal growth. Later, the cosmos bumps up your desire to play, express what’s in your heart, and find the magic in everyday interactions with the people you adore. But you might also have to contend with delays and setbacks in relationships. 




Connecting with your significant other or dear friends one-on-one comes even more organically early in the week. This could look like long talks over video chat or enjoying one another’s company in entirely different ways like doing a new online workout together. Being curious, flexible, and lighthearted can infuse your bond with a sweet, new vibe. Later, the cosmos could give you a leg up in terms of thinking in a big picture way about your moneymaking plans. This period will lend itself more to reflection, plotting, learning, and growing in a spiritual sense. 




Researching new ways to care for your health can prove satisfying early in the week. And you’ll be able to hit the ground running to check any chores and errands off your list. The cosmos is also amplifying your assertiveness, inspiring you to stand up for what you believe in with colleagues, friends, and neighbors. Later, you’ll be turning inward and reflecting on how you want to bolster your personal growth. Finding new ways to hone your spirituality and plan for the future can feel particularly fulfilling at this time.




You’ll want to be more assertive and take a bolder approach when it comes to pursuing your moneymaking goals early in the week. This could look like getting in touch with colleagues from the past to pitch yourself to a company you’ve been dreaming of working for or developing a new artistic approach to your current project roster. Either way, feeling like you’re being proactive can make your loftiest professional aspirations a reality. Later, it could be potentially more challenging to connect with your partner or loved ones in a lighthearted, spontaneous way. But it might be the ideal time to address old emotional wounds. 




A burst of gung-ho energy makes it easier to build on your existing progress when it comes to your wellness and personal goals in the beginning of the week. While you tend to be fairly flexible, you’ll be more apt to dig in your heels now on causes you feel passionate about and argue your positions in a way that could leave those around you applauding your passion. Later, the cosmos urges you to tie up loose ends related to your home life. You might refocus on a home decorating project that was put on the back burner or open your heart to addressing a trying situation with a relative. 


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