October 13, 2022



Time spent enjoying peaceful activities like meditative walks or heart-to-heart talks can feel especially emotionally fulfilling early in the week. Sure, this could mean using a softer, quieter approach than you’re usually apt to, but it can benefit your mind, body, soul, and relationships. Later, your mental energy could be focused on issues of security, protecting loved ones, and researching ways to make your domestic life even more comfortable and gratifying. Just be sure to get the bulk of any information gathering or contract signing out of the way as soon as you can. 




You could be at risk of losing your signature patience, especially with loved ones, as the week begins. You might be feeling antsy, wanting to shake up your typical routine to experience something new and exciting. Do your best to explore while remaining understanding and loving toward family members who might not be entirely on the same page. Later, the cosmos cranks up the volume on your desire to learn, discuss, and multitask. Your mental energy is sure to be positively buzzing during this time.




Feeling like you’re unable to say how you feel or enjoy a pleasurable activity with loved ones could lead to frustration in the beginning of the week. You can best cope by recognizing that this moment is ultimately fleeting and by practicing self-care, which could be as simple as focusing on your breath or taking a time-out for a walk around the block. Later, the cosmos brings a certain level of seriousness to your closest bonds and wildest fantasies of travel and learning. Consider joining with a significant other or friend to see an artistic project through.




Your desire to research, connect, and trade notes with colleagues, friends, and loved ones is bound to be on fire when the week gets underway. And if there’s a proposal you’ve been chipping away at or musing about how to make ready for prime time, now is your opportunity to put it in writing or deliver it in a presentation. You’ll do well to initiate projects and take advantage of new opportunities in the next week or two. Later, having a deep, game-changing conversation with your significant other or a close friend could be integral to moving forward in your relationship. 




You might feel more comfortable being a bit less social, more private, and more selective in how you’re communicating with others at the start of the week. This is a time for you to focus on your inner growth, research new ways to foster your existing toolbox of stress management techniques, and tend to your own emotional needs. The more you can learn, the more prepared you’ll be. Later, the cosmos urges you to shake off tried-and-true ways of moving the ball forward on your professional dreams. Diving into a whole new approach could prove creatively revitalizing and set you up for even more success. 




As the week begins, you’ll be drawn to group projects and collaborative efforts, particularly if they’re tied to a humanitarian cause. You'll feel like you’re able to bring your skills to the table to contribute to the greater good, which can feel heartening and confidence boosting. Later, while you usually want to think through every move and research as much as possible, you might be uncharacteristically tempted to leap before you look all that hard into a horizon-broadening opportunity (like a new job or online course). You could pleasantly surprise yourself. 




You’ll be pumped up to take a bolder approach on the job at the start of the week. Calling meetings and pitching ambitious big-picture ideas comes naturally. Just be sure you kick off new projects and double-check all the details of any deals you’re striking within the next couple weeks. Later, you’ll be inspired to get out of your comfort zone in terms of how you’re relating to your significant other or someone else special. Embracing spontaneity while remaining centered could be the key to bliss.




You could find yourself butting heads with a higher-up or colleague out of the blue at the beginning of the week. Doing your best to slow down and lean into a pragmatic perspective can smooth over conflict. Later, explore different ways to satisfy your thirst for knowledge. Whether you spend a day soaking up new info about your favorite workout through an online workshop or try your hand at exotic recipes in the kitchen, you’ll do well to embrace that extra burst of curiosity and craving for an eye-opening experience. 




You could be very much in your feelings and driven to express yourself in a physical, deeply heartfelt way as the week gets underway. Speaking your truth can bring you even closer to your loved ones and feel incredibly satisfying on a variety of levels. Later, the cosmos causes you to be more sensitive than usual, especially if you feel like you’re facing restrictions of any kind. Seek out a healthy, grounding way to feed your need for excitement, like a new workout or stimulating professional project. 




Feeling more in touch with your intuition and your heart can be revitalizing and set you up for satisfying one-on-one time with a dear friend or loved one in the beginning of the week. Embrace direct, assertive, earnest communication and you’ll find that you’re even closer to fulfilling long-held desires. Later, it's a promising time to lock down a relationship with a new client or make a play for more responsibility on the job. Your ability to put your nose to the grindstone and see projects through can earn you accolades from higher-ups now. 




Read up on new ways to take your health, fitness, clean eating, and immunity boosting to the next level at the start of the week. What you learn could give you a renewed sense of confidence in your everyday self-care. Later, Then, you could find that you’re eager to hunker down and commit yourself to continuing education and honing key skills that fuel your passion for your work and ultimately help advance your career. Feeling like you have a set game plan can prove motivating and reassure you that you’re moving the ball forward on your goals.  




When the week starts, embracing playfulness and spontaneity is key to feeling over the moon joyful while spending time with loved ones (even if that’s through virtual means). You’ll also be feeling more assertive than usual, and speaking your emotional truth can feel liberating and bond-bolstering. Later, the cosmos encourages flirtatious, heartfelt communication. You might be compelled to share your dreams and desires in an imaginative way with someone special (think writing a poem or creating a piece of art). Reveling in this amplified need to express yourself artistically can be satisfying for you mentally and emotionally while helping to take your bonds to the next level. 


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