October 20, 2022



Opening your heart to friends and loved ones comes even more naturally than usual at the start of the week. You’ll also feel stirred to broaden your horizons. Later, this could be a rather emotional time in which you feel like you need to take a time-out from the daily grind to tune in to what your soul needs. The cosmos could make it tough to pinpoint exactly where you go from here, but making the time to listen to and then trust your intuition can be a significant first step.




You’ll get the green light to confidently bring your creative impulses to your work when the week begins. You’ll enjoy sharing your vision with colleagues and friends who can weigh in with helpful commentary that could bring you even closer to a financial win. Later, the cosmos could signal the end of the road in a relationship that’s no longer serving you. Meditate on the bonds and circumstances that bring you the most comfort now. Consider the fact that groups and communities you’re a part of might come into question as well. You’ll soon know how to proceed. 




Love, peace, and joy are yours for the taking early in the week. You’ll feel more attractive and magnetic and might even want to experiment with a new look or wardrobe update. Expressing what’s in your heart to loved ones might be the best way to channel this buoyant, sweet energy. Later, the cosmos calls you to take a hard look at reciprocity in your closest one-on-one bonds, both personal and professional. If you’ve been giving more than taking, or vice versa, now is the moment when you’ll be called to find a better balance. 




At the start of the week, you’ll feel like it’s time to make significant changes to the way you’re tackling your regular to-dos and/or caring for your physical, emotional, and mental well-being. You could also feel like it’s necessary to prioritize higher learning and steer toward eye-opening experiences. Later, butting heads with your significant other or a close colleague might be inevitable. At the crux of the issue might be confusion, miscommunication, or an intense feeling that’s clouding rational thought. See if you can wait to feel a greater sense of clarity and centeredness before making any bold moves. 




You’ll crave connection with friends and colleagues as the week gets underway. Prioritize that DMing marathon with your best friend or host a happy hour with coworkers. Later, you could be fed up with the fact that you feel like you’ve had to put your creative, artistic impulses and playful, sparkly, outgoing energy on the back burner in order to hit your professional goals. Now is the time to bring your natural sunshine to whatever projects are on your plate. Tapping in to any lessons you’ve learned from your most intimate and platonic bonds could be helpful as well.




Getting into a creative flow and then sharing your vision with colleagues comes naturally as the week starts. Feeling motivated and inspired by social, aesthetic-minded activities that bring you pleasure, whether that’s brainstorming with coworkers or setting up a new organizational system on the job, can set you up for financial rewards now. Later, it might be time to deal with any family drama that’s been simmering in the background. Key will be making sure to strike a balance between your personal and professional endeavors. 




You feel like you have the wind in your sails to make your fantasies a reality in the beginning of the week. Even if you’re simply planning ahead for future travel or researching online classes that could help you hone your skill set, you’ll be heartened by the opportunity to tune in to your heart and play and dream. Later, there's the potential for a shake-up stemming from interactions with friends, neighbors, or siblings. Or you might have to deal with a major change around how you’ve been taking care of business on a daily basis. Either way, being open to a major shift serves you well now. 




You’ll be craving heartfelt, pleasurable experiences as the week starts. Speak your truth and you can make the most of the loving energy. Later, if you feel like it’s time to switch up your approach to work, make a play for more responsibility on the job, or rethink your long-term game plan for achieving financial success, you’ll get a nudge in the right direction. Spending time considering what brings you the most comfort and security, not to mention deeper transformations you want to manifest for yourself, will be crucial now.




You’ll be meditating on how you want to be seen in the world and perfecting long-term goals that are inextricably intertwined with your identity when the week gets underway. This could undoubtedly be an emotional time during which you might be resentful if it feels like your core needs have been neglected for a time. Conflicts with loved ones might crop up, but your chief purpose can serve as your guiding light. Later, changes in how you’re caring for your health and work might prove exciting and productive. 




When the week starts, you might feel utterly burned out, emotionally, mentally, and even physically. Taking time for yourself away from your typical daily grind is necessary to rest and rejuvenate your body and your soul. What’s more, allowing yourself this downtime can set you up for even greater success once you’re back on your A game. Later, you’ll do well to give in to that urge to bring a more playful, lighthearted vibe to your work. By tying your voice and creativity to your professional efforts, you could surprise yourself and others. 




At the start of the week, you could be driven to rethink the circles of friends or colleagues to whom you’ve been dedicating much of your time. Zero in on your values, which can help steer you toward the commitments worthy of your time and energy and also serve to bolster your moneymaking potential. Later, you might be caught off guard by an emotional surprise involving your home or loved ones. While change might feel daunting, it can also be enlivening.




When the week starts, the cosmos sets a pleasant, sweet tone that can bring you joy from bonds with loved ones. Spending time connecting over the phone or on a walk can prove restorative for your relationships. Later, your professional game plan might be primed for a makeover. It might be hard to pinpoint particulars while itching to fight in order to defend your position. Ultimately, you’ll be best served by getting clear on what you want to achieve in the long run and how you can best strike a balance between your career and personal goals. 

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