October 27, 2022



You could be putting deep, meditative thought toward your strategy for achieving professional recognition as the week gets underway. Believing in yourself now can help you prepare to step into the spotlight and earn well deserved accolades. Later, you might be prepared to take gung-ho action on long-term goals, or at least spend a decent amount of time reveling in them. You’ll do well to prioritize time to tune in to your intuition and revel in your dreams and desires. Journaling or mapping out a game plan for making your aspirations a reality could be a productive use of your time.




At the beginning of the week, it will be easy to get into a flow with your work. Proposing a major project that’s close to your heart or promoting your next venture comes naturally. Later, you’ll be inspired to work alongside colleagues and friends to elevate a spiritual pursuit or make a long-held fantasy a reality. Because it might be difficult to stay grounded in reality right now, lean in to more imaginative, humanitarian efforts. You’ll succeed while joining forces with others and daydreaming, brainstorming, or pouring your energy into causes that are dear to your heart, such as charity work. 




You’ll be fired up to soak up knowledge about uncharted territory, ideally alongside colleagues or friends, when the week starts. This could serve to inform big, bold moves on the job. Later, if you’re striving to hone your skill set, you might have the green light to pursue a new venture. The cosmos is urging you to carve out time, space, and energy to be aggressively imaginative. The more of your signature spirituality and inner voice you can bring to the table, the more rewards will come your way. 




You’ll feel more committed than ever to put in the work on an ongoing, intimate one-on-one bond as the week starts. Buoyant, joyful energy can fuel your efforts to work together toward a common goal. Just be sure not to bite off more than you can chew. Taking your efforts step by step is your best bet now even if it's slower than you’d ideally like. Later, you’ll have a burst of energy to put toward letting your imagination run wild. When it comes to sketching out the particulars of a road trip or thinking about how you might want to advance your skill set in the days ahead, the sky’s the limit!




Spending time with others, whether your significant other, loved ones, friends, or colleagues, will go hand-in-hand with your joy and productivity when the week starts. Consider brainstorming with coworkers or hopping on a conference call with neighbors to figure out a local charity event. No matter how you take advantage of this social vibe, you’ll be sure to enjoy yourself. Later, the cosmos amplifies your self-assuredness around group projects, bumping up your charisma and bringing an opportunity to make your plans a reality.




You’ll be eager to connect with loved ones, friends, or a significant other in a playful, lighthearted, loving way at the start of the week. Surprising yourself more than anyone, you might be motivated to put work on the back burner so you can let go and share the sweet, relaxing moment with those nearest and dearest to your heart. Later, the cosmos lays the groundwork for you to tweak how you’re approaching your everyday to-dos. A new desk setup or morning ritual could make a world of difference in your mental and physical health. 




Spend time reveling in and speaking truth to your wildest daydreams in the beginning of the week. Not only will your heart be especially sensitive and open to the world right now, but you’ll also be fired up to expand your horizons in pleasurable, artistic ways. Taking in a museum exhibit or toying with a new art form could prove truly fulfilling. Later, you could feel like your feelings are at odds with your thoughts around a professional move. Wait to make any bold steps until the dust has settled and you have more clarity.




Your schedule could be bursting at the seams with important meetings and exciting brainstorms at the start of the week. You can throw yourself into anything that feels right. Later, the cosmos supports your most heartfelt bonds. You’ll be energized to pursue your most rose-colored-glasses-fueled dreams. If you’re single, journaling about your ultimate relationship can be therapeutic and productive. If you’re attached, talk through the ultimate date night game plan with your partner. No matter what your heart wants, there’s plenty of sexy, magical energy to work with now.




As the week starts, the cosmos brings an exciting, expansive energy to your moneymaking efforts. You’ll be emotionally prepared to take on an ambitious project. Later, you can look forward to lively conversations and idea generation with your significant other, a dear friend, or a close colleague. What you come up with could serve to fuel a collaboration that sets you both up for success. At week's end, your mind could wander as you think of beautiful ways to elevate the comfort level of your sanctuary.




You’ll be prepared to dive into a major undertaking on the job or pursue your personal goals in an extra-ambitious way as the week gets started. Just make sure to be true to your heart and intuition as you reach for the stars. Later, the cosmos brings imaginative and energized energy to brainstorms with colleagues and interactions with friends, siblings, and neighbors. This is the perfect time to think about ways to give back alongside others in your community. Spend time tuning in to your intuition and let it lead the way, all while bringing your signature pragmatism to the table. 




In the beginning of the week, the cosmos sets the stage for sweet date nights, heartfelt text exchanges, and letting go of explicit plans in order to go with the flow and feel positively blissed out with someone dear. Later, you’ll have the wind in your sails to take on an ambitious moneymaking project that requires thinking beyond facts and figures on paper. Perhaps a creative hobby could easily be turned into a side hustle, or you’re considering sharing your knowledge around spiritual development, meditation, or another artistic practice. Let your mind run wild, then narrow down the best way to channel your gung-ho energy.




When the week starts, you might feel lethargic and prefer to keep to yourself versus spend time with loved ones. It might be a matter of needing to recharge, because you’ll otherwise feel as though you’re pouring from an empty cup. Later, your magnetism and organically magical, spiritual energy gets a boost. Others will gravitate to your ability to get swept up in the moment and take action on your most imaginative thoughts and daydreams. If you want to spearhead fundraising for a humanitarian cause or other charitable effort, now would be a wonderfully fruitful time to do so.

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