November 03, 2022



In the beginning of the week, you might clash with a higher-up, requiring you to reflect on how to best handle power struggles. Later, you might crave time reconnecting with loved ones you haven’t had the opportunity to bond with recently. Whether you’re simply catching up over a quick call or enjoying one another’s company during a weekend walk around a favorite lake, fostering your nearest and dearest relationships can feel especially comforting during this time.  Think about ways you can shift your perspective and your lifestyle to better balance work and home. 




You might find yourself yearning to get out of your comfort zone and experience something out of the ordinary at the start of the week. Shaking things up by applying for new work, experimenting with your personal style, or sharing deep emotions with a loved one could feel liberating and empowering. Later, the cosmos potentially throws a wrench in short-distance travel, daily to-dos, and most of your interactions, especially those with siblings and neighbors. Take a deep breath and lean in to your signature long fuse. In most cases, all you can really do is laugh and strive to reiterate and clarify in your characteristic diplomatic, down-to-earth way.




Going back to the drawing board on a moneymaking idea might be a smart bet when the week begins. What’s old can be new again, and, once you pour newfound perspective and energy into it, can deliver well deserved rewards. Later, the cosmos amplifies your desire to share what’s in your heart with loved ones. You're also urged to clear out any cobwebs of old patterns or commitments in your daily work that no longer reflect your values. It’s time to shake off what’s no longer serving you and move forward in a self-compassionate way.




It could feel more challenging and slower going when you need to speak your truth at the start of the week. On the bright side, this is an opportunity to research, revise, and perfect how you present yourself in the world. It could be time to overhaul those business cards or your professional website or even your ideal career trajectory. Later, you’ll get a boost of confidence to get clear on what direction you’ll need to head in to make your long-term dreams real. 




You might feel like you need to go underground in a way in the beginning of the week. Spend time meditating, journaling, ahd talking through your goals with your closest friends and loved ones. Taking definitive action might feel tougher than usual, and your thinking could be murky. You’ll do well to allow yourself to just be and feel, giving your intuition the upper hand over your mind. Later, the cosmos potentially shifts your thinking or deepest feelings about a whole new chapter on the horizon. But instead of feeling like you have to jump into action, sitting with your revelations can be an even more powerful move now.




In the beginning of the week, the cosmos urges you to sign up for a class or jump into a project you might otherwise pass on. Give your gut the benefit of the doubt now. Later, if you feel like you’ve been giving your time and energy to friends or colleagues and not getting much back in return, you’ll have the perfect opportunity to reassess these situations. At the same time, you might find coworkers or platonic connections from the past popping up out of the blue. Try to keep your own goals and wishes top of mind while being aware of your tendency to want to be of service.




You can trust your heart to lead the way to a fulfilling, eye-opening moment with loved ones or a significant other as the week starts. A new way of seeing or experiencing the world together can serve to bolster your bonds all around. Later, you’ll have a bold, brilliant, exciting opportunity to shift your professional path or set a new game plan in motion. Being open to change and stepping into the spotlight can lay the groundwork for rewards and recognition, especially from higher-ups.  




Pinpointing existing skills you’d like to brush up on is among one of the best ways to take advantage of the beginning of the week. Whether they’re related to your personal aspirations or professional goals, you’ll want to give yourself the time and space to learn and grow in a way that serves your purpose and long-term aims. You might even gain clarity around your ultimate endgame. Later, you have a perfect opportunity to meditate on your ideal big-picture achievements and think about action steps you can take, even mental ones. Shifting your perspective in some way could be the key to success. 




You might find it more challenging to share deep-seated feelings and desires as the week begins. But this struggle might inspire you to work even harder to speak your truth in a genuine, heartfelt way. Prioritizing your physical needs while healing old emotional wounds can be truly transformative. Later, the cosmos brings a harmonious, lighthearted, beauty-loving vibe to your closest one-on-one bonds. Revel in the moment by enjoying a playful activity with your partner or flirting with someone new you’ve captivated. You’re especially magnetic now and could find that you have an easier time hitting it off! 




At the beginning of the week, you might be frustrated if it feels like you’re speaking a different language than your significant other, dearest friend, or closest colleague. Confusion reigns supreme. But so can opportunities to go back to previously unresolved business. Consider airing out that emotional issue you’ve had on the back burner or revising your game plan for hitting a shared goal. Later, you’ll get the green light to envision the best way forward with your significant other or a dear friend. You’ll be asking and getting clear on how you can find more balance and fulfillment within your bond. 




At the start of the week, you might be inspired to revise your approach to fitness and healthy eating or simply strike a better balance between work and personal life. Research and discussions with loved ones and friends might prove particularly useful as you suss out your options. Later, you have a powerful moment in which the Universe nudges you away from habits that are no longer serving you and toward a lifestyle that could bolster your vitality. You might find it’s especially helpful if these changes occur through small, sustainable steps and taking care of not just others around you but also yourself.




In the beginning of the week, the cosmos could possibly throw a wrench in or delay spontaneous, playful plans with loved ones and friends. Thankfully, remaining creative and open to last-minute changes can help you go with the flow and make room for plenty of joy. Later, you're urged to own your artistic voice and bring it to your relationships and work shamelessly and confidently. By doing so, you’ll be better able to step into your power and forge the path toward your ideal future.


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